Daddy Takes My Virgin Pussy - Reya Reign

Daddy Takes My Virgin Pussy – Reya Reign

You know how special you are to me, daddy. So special that I want to give you my virginity. I want you to be the first cock inside of my pussy. I just want to make daddy happy, and I know being inside of me would make daddy feel so good. Spread my legs and ruin my tight, virgin pussy! I’ve never felt this way before, it feels so fucking good daddy! Flip me on my side and take me from behind, thrusting your cock into me as you pump me full of cum! Doesn’t cumming in my virgin pussy feel so good daddy?

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Pillow Humping While Daddy Strokes - Reya Reign

Pillow Humping While Daddy Strokes – Reya Reign

Every time you and mommy have caught me humping my pillows, you’ve told me to stop. But you and I both know it feels too good to stop daddy! If mommy wasn’t around, you’d want me to keep going, wouldn’t you? I see how hard your cock is getting as I hump my pillow. You imagine yourself in place of my pillow, my hips swirling around on top of you as my warm pussy grinds on you through my panties. It’s okay to stroke to me daddy, I won’t tell mommy as long as you don’t tell her you caught me humping my pillows again…

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Daddy Daughter JOI - Daddy Daycare

Daddy Daughter JOI – Daddy Daycare

I am use to you being in control but today I want to try something different. I tease you to start, making sure your nice and hard before letting you take your cock out. I then tell you to start slowly jerking, up and down. Think about your dick sliding in and out of my throat, how good does that feel daddy? I let you speed up, dirty talking to you. I watch pre cum drip from the tip of your cock and make you slow down again. I tell you to think about slowly teasing my ass hole with your cock. I dirty talk and guide you until I think you’re ready to cum. I then dirty talk to build the intensity, after you are ready to explode, I count down from 10-0 and beg for your cum on my face!

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Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina & Anastasia Rose - Daughter Gets Pregnant for Mom & Dad - Dad Impregnates Daughter, POV - HD 1080p

Daughter Gets Pregnant for Mom & Dad – Dad Impregnates Daughter, POV – HD 1080p – Carmen Valentina & Anastasia Rose

“So, me and your father have something to talk to you about,” Carmen started to tell your daughter. “Well…we just got back from the doctor and the doctor said I’m infertile. We’ve been trying to give you a brother or sister – I’ve always wanted two k!ds…”
It was an awkward situation to have. Although Mom was infertile, you still had good, strong sperm. “Wow, I don’t even know…what could you do?” Anastasia asked with wide, concerned eyes. She felt bad for you and Mom. Carmen proceeded to tell how expensive it would be to get a surrogate, or to get donor eggs. “So, we were wondering if you could help us out with a baby,” she finally told your daughter.
“Well, you’re fertile, you’re young, and you have the same genes as me and your father do, since you know, you’re our daughter,” Carmen explained. “And I was wondering if Daddy could…put his sperm in you and you could carry our baby.”
Anastasia had so many questions. How would she tells her friends she was carrying her parents’ baby? How would she go to school? “You just don’t say anything,” your wife told her. “And you don’t have to worry about raising the baby, you don’t have to worry about waking up early to feed it – I’ll do all the work, I’ll still be the mom.”
“Dad, I mean, seriously, could you even do that to me?” Anastasia asked. It didn’t matter what it came down to – your wife wanted a bigger family and you were willing to do whatever it took, even if it meant impregnating your own daughter. Anastasia sympathized with your situation, and she finally reluctantly agreed to help out.
“I’m going to help Daddy out,” Carmen replied to your daughter’s concerns, “and you just have to finish him off and make sure all of it is in you. You don’t even have to think of Daddy, just think of the boy you like at school – there’s gotta be a guy you like at school.”
After some hesitation and nervousness, Anastasia was ready. Your wife started off things by stroking your cock. “You can join in if you want and help Daddy out,” Carmen told her, and Anastasia jerked you while your wife stripped down. “I never thought I’d be doing this…” Anastasia said with an awkward smile on her face.
“Here, I’m going to go down and you tease your dad a little bit…” Carmen said, then put your cock in her warm, wet mouth while Anastasia played with her young tits. They switched, and Anastasia took over, putting your throbbing, hard cock in her mouth.
Once Carmen thought you were getting close, she had Anastasia lie back to be penetrated. “You have nothing to worry about,” she comforted your daughter. “I know, your dad has a big one…”
“Fill her up,” your wife encouraged you as you fucked your daughter. Once you finally did, Carmen made sure to get every last drop of your cum deep inside your daughter. “Stay in that position while he pulls out, okay?” she told her. “We don’t want it spilling out. Oh wow, looks like Daddy gave you a lot of cum. Before it spills out, lift your legs, I’ll hold it. I wanna make sure you get pregnant.”

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Wasted Daughter Seduces & Fucks Daddy to Get out of Trouble, POV - HD 1080p - Akira Shell

Wasted Daughter Seduces & Fucks Daddy to Get out of Trouble, POV – HD 1080p – Akira Shell

“Daddy!” your daughter, Akira, blurted out drunkenly, a broken high heel in her hand. “Hi, I wasn’t doing anything.” It was late and past her curfew, so you had been waiting up for her to get home.
“Mm…were you waiting for me?” she laid down. “That’s-that’s…sweet.” It was obvious that she had been out all night partying. Her breath reeked of alcohol and she smelled like w33d. “No, I wasn’t anywhere,” she slurred, “I wasn’t doing anything…”
“So, have you been waiting for me a long time?” Akira struggled to get the sentence out as she unfastened her dress and kicked off her heels. “I’m just…happy to see you.” She crawled towards you, giggling, and got right underneath your cock.
“How are you doing down here…” she caressed your cock, and you quickly pushed her away. “What? I just…wanted to say hi to the HEAD of the house! Get it? Head?” She busted out in laughter and told you sweetly not to push her away.
“What? Am I in trouble? I don’t wanna in trouble,” she pretended to pout. “I wanna get out of it…I think I can get out of being in trouble with you. Shh, it’s okay, I just wanna try something, okay?”
“See, Daddy? It feels good…” she attempted to stroke your cock, but you pushed her away again, and her tits spilled out of her dress. “Just forget about all the trouble…just come here, Daddy.”
Eventually she was able to wrap her warm, wet mouth around your cock, and even though you scolded her for it, your cock was starting to stiffen. “You were checking them out, I saw,” she slurred, then shoved them in your face. “Boobies in your face!”
Akira struggled to get undressed, her young body sloppily twisting and turning on the bed. She spread her legs and slid her fingers against her pink pussy. “You know you want to…” she smiled, teasing you. “Get comfortable, I have a surprise for you. I promise I won’t tell Mom…or myself, I won’t even remember.”
She masturbated in front of you, begging for your cock, and it was becoming much harder to resist her. She pushed you back, hopped on top of your cock, and started riding you. “Oh Daddy,” she moaned, then covered her mouth. “Fuck, your cock feels so good in me…it’s so deep in my pussy. Oh, shh…”
“Daddy, did you cum inside me?” a huge smile ran across her face. “I’m going to go play with your cum inside my pussy now. Remember, Daddy, shhh…I know, don’t tell Mommy…”
“Nighty night,” she slurred. “I’m not in any trouble, remember…”

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Cum In My Mouth Daddy 1080p - Legendary Lootz

Cum In My Mouth Daddy 1080p – Legendary Lootz

I’m tied up and blindfolded for you daddy. You have a surprise for me? What is it? Of course I love your cock, is that the surprise? 🙂 Oh my god I love sucking your dick it’s so nice and it gets me sooo turned on. I give you a sloppy blowjob with lots of spit and you cum hard in the back of my throat. I spill it out my mouth all over my lips and chin and then give your dick some more kisses. Have I been a good girl daddy?


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