Daughters New Pet Horse 1080p - Kalliya Rose

Daughters New Pet Horse 1080p – Kalliya Rose

Daddy gets me a new horse and teaches me how to take care of him properly. He says that i need to learn to make him feel good so i put his big cock in my mouth and then let my new pet fuck my tight pussy. Daddy is so proud when daughters new pet cums all over her pretty young face.

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Paying for Your Slutty Daughter - Lil Olivia

Paying for Your Slutty Daughter – Lil Olivia

part 2 to daddys little whore – you tell me to come talk to you when mom leaves… you let me know you want my “services” again but I tell you that it was a one time thing so I woudn’t get in trouble & so you wouldn;t tell mom…. but then i think about it and tell you I’ll do it but you have to pay up like the rest of the boys. I suck and fuck daddy in different positions until he cums… maybe next time you’ll have enough cash to cum in your daughters pussy 🙂

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Daddy Please Get Me Pregnant - Cara Day

Daddy Please Get Me Pregnant – Cara Day

Daddy, Im so horny, I need you to play with me and stretch out my tight little pussy again! But this time… I want you to cum inside me, I want you to fill me up with your hot thick load, I want you to put a baby in me! I know you may think Im too young, but Im ready! I want you to fuck me as my body changes, as my belly and tits swell up, fucking me till milk squirts from my big preggo tits! Wont you please fuck me Daddy? Fuck me till I get pregnant??

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Perverted Daughter - Sydney Harwin

Perverted Daughter – Sydney Harwin

You have been taking photos of your daughters friends and masturbating over them. The other day you took things a step further and decided to fuck two of your daughters friends. You didn’t know but your daughter was watching in the door, masturbating as she saw you taking her friends virginity. She’s feeling pretty left out, so sits on your cock so you can fuck her too. You are such a lucky daddy, you’ve wanted to fuck your little girl for so long and now shes practically begging you to cum inside of her.

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Daddy Gets The Best Gift Ever 1080p - Davina Davis

Daddy Gets The Best Gift Ever 1080p – Davina Davis

Ugh. I am SOOOO disappointed with Amazon. They are ALWAYS delivering my packages late. I made sure to order my daddy’s gift extra early this year, so that he would have something special to open on Fathers Day. Daddy has given me EVERYTHING I wanted this year, so Its only fair to return the favor… Right? I planned on making this the best day ever! BUUUTTTTTTT, Fathers day is today and my package still isn’t in! What am I going to do???? I don’t want Daddy to be disappointed in me, especially after everything he’s done for me. I didn’t have time to go to the store, so I began thinking of what I could possibly do to make daddy feel extra special today. Suddenly It hit me! I knew just what to give Daddy to make him feel loved 😉 And I know he’s going to enjoy it! I put on a sexy outfit and when daddy got home I started dancing in front of him, and teasing him. He couldn’t’ resist watching me. I know just what daddy likes, thanks to mommy. I started unzipping his pants, and told him that I was going to give him the best Fathers Day gift ever! He said it was wrong, but he didn’t refuse my mouth as I started sucking on his huge cock. Mhmmmmmm I sucked Daddy sooo good and took his cock deep down my throat. He was loving it! I wanted to please him even more, so I told daddy to fuck me. I spread my tight little pussy and let him fill me up with his Nice big cock. It felt so good, I thought I was the one getting a present! After daddy was done fucking my, I got on my knees and started sucking him again. I could feel him throbbing as he pulled his cock out and suddenly came all over me! As I sat there playing with his cum, I knew daddy would never forget this Fathers Day gift. Maybe next year I’ll give him a double BJ;)

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Daddy Takes My Anal Virginity - Mystie Mae

Daddy Takes My Anal Virginity – Mystie Mae

I wanted to make a really sexy video for my boyfriend who I haven’t seen in awhile. I have to go into my bathroom though because my daddy is in the other room and I don’t want him to hear me. I undress for you and masturbate standing up, I want to be more comfortable so I sit down and continue to masturbate. I want something that feels more like you so I get my dildo, suction it to the toilet and start riding it. As I’m riding it I don’t realize my daddy comes in and knocks on the door and surprises me. I’m so nervous because I know he’s going to tell my mom what I’m doing and I’m going to be in so much trouble. I beg him not to tell mom but he will only keep my secret if I please him the way he wants me to. I get on my knees and suck his dick for a few minutes. He then asked to be taken to my bedroom for more fun, I think he’s about to have sex with me when I realize he wants to go in my ass. I’m shocked, I’ve never had anal before and I don’t think it will fit inside of me. He assures me it will and shoves his dick and my ass. He fucks my ass in doggystyle, off the bed, and then I ride him in reverse cowgirl where he cums in my ass.

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