Your Daughter Begs for Help - BJ 1080p - Astrid Jolie

Your Daughter Begs for Help – BJ 1080p – Astrid Jolie

You come home and walk into your daughter studying her least favorite subject, Astrophysics. She doesn’t understand anything and begs for you to help her, but you don’t have much time and hesitate… what would make this worth it? What can she do for you that you need… that you crave? You realize that this is the perfect the opportunity to get her on her knees. Convincing her isn’t that easy, your daughter is hesitant and worries about Mommy coming home and seeing the both of you. You finally convince her to get on her knees, and she takes your cock out of your pants and gasps. She never knew how big Daddy’s cock was. You promise to help her with her homework after she takes your cock in her mouth. Your daughter is shocked at the sight of your big cock and tries to fit it into her mouth, but she has trouble. She looks up at you and begs for you to stop, but you want her to keep her lips around your thick cock for while before your wife gets home. Your daughter gags on your cock, her eyes watering, but ultimately she does want to please you. You slap her face a few times with your cock afterwards, and your wife comes home at the perfect time. It looks like you’ve just been helping your daughter with her homework, and the secret is safe between the both of you.

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Wanting to Share my Friends With Daddy - Sub Princess

Wanting to Share my Friends With Daddy – Sub Princess

My friends at school are telling me that their jealous of our relationship Daddy! I love pleasuring you Daddy so imagine what two or three more Little Girls could do for you. They’re my best friends and you’re my Daddy. I want you both to be happy. Listen to my sleepover idea Daddy and let me know what you think.

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Telling Daddy My Naughty Dream - Sub Princess

Telling Daddy My Naughty Dream – Sub Princess

Daddy I know I told you and Mommy that I was scared, and I needed Daddy to help me back to bed. But I really just needed to be alone with you Daddy. I had a naughty dream about you Daddy. I need to tell you about it, badly. And Daddy I want it to happen. I can’t wait any longer. Please Daddy.

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Spoil Me & I'll Spoil You Daddy - Sub Princess

Spoil Me & I’ll Spoil You Daddy – Sub Princess

Daddy since I’m your Princess don’t you think I should be treated as such? Princess’s deserve gifts and attention. But don’t worry Daddy when you spoil me I won’t be able to hold myself back from spoiling you in my own way. I love the relationship we have but Princess’s don’t work so that’s your job Daddy

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