Daddy Daughter JOI - Daddy Daycare

Daddy Daughter JOI – Daddy Daycare

I am use to you being in control but today I want to try something different. I tease you to start, making sure your nice and hard before letting you take your cock out. I then tell you to start slowly jerking, up and down. Think about your dick sliding in and out of my throat, how good does that feel daddy? I let you speed up, dirty talking to you. I watch pre cum drip from the tip of your cock and make you slow down again. I tell you to think about slowly teasing my ass hole with your cock. I dirty talk and guide you until I think you’re ready to cum. I then dirty talk to build the intensity, after you are ready to explode, I count down from 10-0 and beg for your cum on my face!

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Cum In My Mouth Daddy 1080p - Legendary Lootz

Cum In My Mouth Daddy 1080p – Legendary Lootz

I’m tied up and blindfolded for you daddy. You have a surprise for me? What is it? Of course I love your cock, is that the surprise? 🙂 Oh my god I love sucking your dick it’s so nice and it gets me sooo turned on. I give you a sloppy blowjob with lots of spit and you cum hard in the back of my throat. I spill it out my mouth all over my lips and chin and then give your dick some more kisses. Have I been a good girl daddy?


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HolliesPanties - Daddy Daddy Daddy! Daddy Chat & Fun

Daddy Daddy Daddy! Daddy Chat & Fun – Hollies Panties

Nearly 12 minutes of non-stop Daddy talk, telling Daddy what a dirty little girl he has, showing off to him my changing body and JOI for Daddy to cum all over my face and mouth. So much Daddy talk and taboo whilst dressed in long white socks, school shirt and skirt and cute pigtails for Daddy. If you love Daddy dirty talk you will truly love this video and watching your daughter get naughty for you too. Love Hollie xx

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Filthy Daughter - Sydney Harwin

Filthy Daughter – Sydney Harwin

Your girlfriend has a confession to make. She tells you her darkest secret about how she used to watch her mom and dad have sex through a crack in their bedroom door, and her first orgasm was experienced as she watched one night. She tells you that she became obsessed with watching her daddy fuck her momma, and even once found a sex tape of her parents fucking. She watched the tape every night and cum over the same scene of her father cumming on her moms face. She is very sexually turned on as she recalls these events to you and starts to masturbate as she carries on talking about what she would like to happen with her dad. She admits that she has always been jealous and has always wanted her dad to fuck her. She joined an adult entertainment site just incase one day her daddy would see her, because what she wants more than anything is for her dad to see her get fucked, and show him just how good she is in the bedroom. She dreams of the day her father is sitting behind his computer screen and stumbles across his perfect daughter using her body to make money online. She comes up with an idea… she wants to fuck YOU in front of her daddy, so he can see how tight she is, how good she can fuck, how good she can please a man… Her daddy would be sat jerking off as he watched his special little daughter showing off her body for her boyfriend and her daddy at the same time…

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Daughters New Pet Horse 1080p - Kalliya Rose

Daughters New Pet Horse 1080p – Kalliya Rose

Daddy gets me a new horse and teaches me how to take care of him properly. He says that i need to learn to make him feel good so i put his big cock in my mouth and then let my new pet fuck my tight pussy. Daddy is so proud when daughters new pet cums all over her pretty young face.

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Paying for Your Slutty Daughter - Lil Olivia

Paying for Your Slutty Daughter – Lil Olivia

part 2 to daddys little whore – you tell me to come talk to you when mom leaves… you let me know you want my “services” again but I tell you that it was a one time thing so I woudn’t get in trouble & so you wouldn;t tell mom…. but then i think about it and tell you I’ll do it but you have to pay up like the rest of the boys. I suck and fuck daddy in different positions until he cums… maybe next time you’ll have enough cash to cum in your daughters pussy 🙂

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Daddy Please Get Me Pregnant - Cara Day

Daddy Please Get Me Pregnant – Cara Day

Daddy, Im so horny, I need you to play with me and stretch out my tight little pussy again! But this time… I want you to cum inside me, I want you to fill me up with your hot thick load, I want you to put a baby in me! I know you may think Im too young, but Im ready! I want you to fuck me as my body changes, as my belly and tits swell up, fucking me till milk squirts from my big preggo tits! Wont you please fuck me Daddy? Fuck me till I get pregnant??

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