Mom-Son Roleplay - Sofi Mora

Mom-Son Roleplay – Sofi Mora

You arrive home earlier than what your mom thought and you realize that she is so exited about going out with her friends. She is wearing fancy outfit and make up and she wants you to help her relax before she go party. Your mom is gonna worship your dick and she is gonna tell you how proud she is about how much your cock grew up last years. She wants to get impregnate by her son’s sperm and she dont mind to beg for it.

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Cum in Mommy's Pussy - Mila Joyce

Cum in Mommy’s Pussy – Mila Joyce

I’m taking a bath and notice that you’re spying on know you shouldn’t come into the bathroom while mommy’s bathing. But maybe it’s okay..just this once. I continue my bath and begin to tease you with my soapy body. I shake my ass for you and give you a nice view of mommy’s pussy(and her cute feet) Your cock is getting hard for mommy and I like that…pull it out I can’t take it anymore I need to suck your cock. I give you a nice sloppy blowjob while telling you how much mommy loves your cock. All of this is making mommy nice and wet so we continue things in my bedroom. Mommy opens her legs wide for you to fill her pussy with you cock. You fuck mommy’s pussy so good she moans in pleasure and can’t help but tell you how good her son feels inside of her. Mommy starts begging for you to fill her with your cum and you give her a nice creampie!

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Daddy Makes Me A Mommy - Princess Mia

Daddy Makes Me A Mommy – Princess Mia

Daddy’s home from work early and he wants to play! He asks if I want a baby, and of course I do! But someone at school told me only Mommies can have babies. So Daddy offers to help make me a Mommy! First he has me show him my breasts and give him my panties to sniff. Then he takes out his big thing and tells me to lick and suck it. I even get it all the way down my throat! Finally he lays me on my back and puts his thing in my little girl hole while I beg him to shoot his sperms in me and make me a Mommy!

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Slutty Rave Sister 1080p – lilcanadiangirl

You wake up to your bratty Sister, complaining how your’e supposed to drive her and her friends to the rave today. They’ve already given you money to drive them and you forgot. Now you have to deal with her attitude. You’re so tired you keep dozing off.. She takes the blanket off you and sees your boner. Her outfit is so slutty you can’t help but get aroused. She’s embarrassed and tells you to get rid of it before her friends come over. You want her to touch it, but she says no. You tell her if she wants a ride, she has to touch it. Reluctantly she agrees, she just wants you to hurry up. She still acts like a brat while jerking your dick off. Now you want it in her mouth. She licks and sucks it, but you quickly decide you want it in her pussy! She knows you are taking advantage of the situation but goes along with it. It seems like your Sister is enjoying your cock now. She likes the way it feels inside her. You cum in missionary and then she turns around doggystyle. She rides your cock and you unload all your cum, filling her entire pussy with your cream pie.

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Coach Does My Mom POV - Katie71

Coach Does My Mom POV – Katie71

My son has one hot coach and i seen him limping the other day so i decided to swing by his house and bring him a bottle of wine. Well soon as I got there I turned up the heat and got him all hot and bothered to where he was super horny and wanted me really bad. I could tell cause his cock was huge and bulging out of his shorts. Once I got him in the living room i went down on him and started sucking him for awhile and then I started stripping and making him lick my pussy. We were both just overwhelmed with sexual energy and i couldn’t wait to feel him inside me. I rode him from the front until he busted his nut the first time then I turned around and rode him reverse cowgirl and got him cumming again. After that I got down on my knees and started sucking him until I was gagging and cleaned all our mixed cum off of his cock and balls. I love fucking this young coach, he is amazing in bed.

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Fill all the holes of mommy - Nicole Belle

Fill all the holes of mommy – Nicole Belle

Mom was taking a shower and then comes to you.. she is soooo horny.. “You know son.. your dad doesn’t fuck me anymore.. so many years of relationship, things aren’t the same.. i was hoping you can help me tonight..I have seen you touching yourself so many times i was hoping this time i can help you and you help Mommy.. you want to touch Mommys body? you wanna fuck me son? you want to feel Mommys pussy? “. First virtual ride.. mmmm Mommy loves feeling her son.. Suck my tits son.. Then, Mommy rides you reverse and you cum inside her!! But Mommy knows her son has more cum to give her.. Give Mommy all your cum son!!! i want you to fill my mouth with your white cum!! and while she is sucking you.. you do it.. you cum several times on her mouth and tits.. Such a good boy! mmmm i love my boys cum!! so yummy!! My boy always makes Mommy happy!!

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Stepson Impregnates Stepmom - Sunny Zass

Stepson Impregnates Stepmom – Sunny Zass

I approach my stepson angrily after finding out i’m pregnant with his baby. But then I realize that he looks a lot like his dad so this could all work out! we celebrate by fucking with a big creampie.


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