My Son Has A Jerking Off Problem 1080p - Julianna Vega

My Son Has A Jerking Off Problem 1080p – Julianna Vega

I was so embarrased that mom found out about what happened at school. I thought she’d be mad, but she actually wanted to help.. And not in the way I had expected either… My mom pulls down my towel and teases my slightly hard cock. She wraps her lips around me and sucks me off until I’m rock hard, throbbing even. I couldn’t wait to stretch out my sexy mother’s tight cunt. Watch as she bounces her fat ass up and down on me, begging me to fuck her harder. I pound my mom’s pussy until I pull out and blow my load all over her perfect pussy lips.

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Dating Mom 1080p - Eva Long

Dating Mom 1080p – Eva Long

Eva really loves nights home with her son. She doesn’t get to see him as much as she wants and one night as they watch tv together she starts talking about how boring th men her age are. As they talk Eva realizes that she would date someone just like her son. And she also realizes that she subconsciously wears clothes she hopes will get his attention. Will she act on the feelings she has discovered?
Later in the week Nathan plans to go on a date. He is sure what happened was a one time thing, until Eva explains how she feels and what she wants.

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Shaylynn’s husband isn’t interested in sex anymore… Shaylynn has turned her ravenous sexual appetite towards……her very own Son!!! Shaylynn fucks her baby boy Peter over and over and over again!!! This Motherly Family Album includes full HD versions of : “Mom’s Topless Bedtime Story” “Punished For Promiscuity” “Motherly Favours” & “Mommy Made Me Fuck Her”.

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Don't Worry, Son.. Mommy Sniffs Your Undies Too!! - Taboo Fucking with Selah Rain and Conor Coxxx

Don’t Worry, Son.. Mommy Sniffs Your Undies Too!! – Taboo Fucking with Selah Rain and Conor Coxxx

Blonde beauty and MILF, Selah Rain, walks in exhausted from work. She takes off her jacket, and shoes..and gets comfortable on the couch. “I need some water.. Or a drink.” Selah gets up and struts off to the kitchen to pour a glass of water for herself. She walks in the bedroom to find her son Conor sniffing her panties, and stroking his cock through this boxers! Conor tries to quickly explain to his mother that he thinks something is seriously wrong with him. Selah opens the drawer of her bedside table.. and pulls out a pair of Conor’s boxers!! “I think we have the same fetish… We need to talk.” Blown away, but slightly relieved, Conor agrees. Conor’s mom tells him that they have to keep this a little secret between them, because general society wouldn’t accept it. Selah slowly starts to stroke Conor’s cock through his pants, and tells her son how she knows he has wanted to fuck her for a while. Selah pulls out her son’s cock, and makes him promise he won’t say anything to anyone about it. She wraps her mouth around his cock, “You like it when Mommy does that?” Conor moans in pleasure to agree. Selah starts to strip off her clothes, and is left completely naked. She continues to suck the tip of Conor’s cock, and sucks every inch of it. “You know, no-one will fuck you like Mommy does.” Selah straddles Conor’s cock, and shoves it inside of her pussy. She bounces her ass up and down on Conor’s cock. “You have such a big cock! I didn’t realize it was so big..” Selah lays back, and Conor fucks her on top. Selah spreads her legs wide open as her son thrusts in and out of her. Conor fucks Selah from behind before cumming all over her pussy. “ As long as you don’t tell anybody, I won’t tell anybody…I love you, but this has to be our secret. Now go fetch the coconut oil, and let Mommy teach you how to fuck her in the ass.”

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Mom Meets The Boyfriend - Brianna Beach

Mom Meets The Boyfriend – Brianna Beach

Oh please.. You can call me mom. I think Ashley just got out of the shower, so we have some time to get to know each other a little. I’m just so excited to meet you, my daughter doesn’t normally bring her boyfriends over… Actually, since we have some time, I’d like to get your opinion on something…

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Dara and Carol Cox Fuck The Curious Step-Son - Daras Daily Taboo

Dara and Carol Cox Fuck The Curious Step-Son – Daras Daily Taboo

Dara’s friend Carol is over for the evening. Together, they get up to all kinds of mischief. They are lounging around, almost naked on the bed. Dara is wearing red lace lingerie, and Carol is wearing her converse shoes and nothing but a white tank top. Dara tells Carol that she has a curious step-son, and asks her if she would like to invite him to join them. Dara has already fooled around with him in the past, and knows he would just love to see two hot blonde milfs suck his dick at the same time.
Carol, being the gorgeous cougar that she is, eagerly agrees. They invite him in, and giggle because he is walking around in his underwear. Before he can say anything, Carol grabs for his dick. She is smiling so wide, and so is Dara. The curious step-son will have the time of his life. They each take one side of his underwear and pull it down. Carol immediately puts his dick in her mouth, and it goes from half-hard to rock solid in a matter of seconds.
From here, the fun goes on. Carol starts giving him an extraordinary, experienced Milf blowjob while Dara licks and kisses Carol’s ass and pussy. Not many words are exchanged as everyone’s mouth is full. They both take their time, they have all night together and he isn’t going anywhere now. They both give him a toe-curling double blowjob, kissing each other and his dick at once. Two gorgeous blonde Milfs on his dick, looking him in the eyes. These experienced cougars make sure there is almost always a mouth around his dick.
After an intimate introduction, they lie him down, and Dara proceeds to sit on his face. Carol of course keeps sucking, up until the point where she sits on it. She slides his throbbing dick into her pussy and sits down firmly on it. She is gentle and sensual, this is after all, extremely hot – and he’s just young and needs to be able to last through it all. Dara rides his face, while Carol rides his dick. They kiss, and touch each other, both moaning and squirming. Carol pushes her pussy hard against his cock while Dara pushes her pussy hard against his face. They do this for some time before switching roles. Dara keeps his dick in her mouth while Carol moves onto his face. She sucks and jerks him for a bit before sitting on it herself.
Carol pleasures herself on his face and tongue, and Dara moans and bounces on his hard young cock. They kiss and touch each other all the while. Soon, Dara goes on her hands and knees, and Carol lies on her back with her legs spread. Dara eats Carol’s pussy while her step-son fucks her from behind. He is fucking her nice and hard, pushing and pushing deep while her face is pressed against Carol’s pussy. She is moaning and so is Carol. He can’t believe his eyes, looking down at his gorgeous step-mom’s ass and pussy and another hot mature babe spread eagle, all for him!
Dara turns onto her back, and carol then sits on her face. Carol sucks on his curious hard dick while she rubs Dara’s pussy, preparing it for more. He continues to fuck her like this while Carol has her pussy licked. Carol leans forward and they embrace in a sexy kiss while he continues to pump into Dara. Everyone is having such a lovely time together.
Carol and Dara stand him up and get on their knees in front of him. They once again, give him a double blowjob. What an extraordinary sight! Two beautiful milfs looking up at him, kissing his dick together, giggling, having fun like a pair of school girls. They suck, and jerk him, they encourage him to cum. They take turns sucking and passing his dick back and forth. Then, Dara, being the loving step-mother that she is, jerks him just right while they both sit back with their mouths eagerly open. As she pumps his dick, cum shoots towards her face, and then again, and then again. She keeps pumping cum out and then aims it at Carol so she can have some too. Cum shoots again towards carol, and then on her cheeks and in her mouth. He has just been spoiled to bits by the two sexiest blonde Milfs he has ever seen! They kiss his dick, both with faces covered in cum. They seem to like having it on them. They lick and sooth his throbbing dick, and then kiss each other too.

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Stepmom Pimps Son to the Women at the WI - Tammie Madison

Stepmom Pimps Son to the Women at the WI – Tammie Madison

The local WI is holding a silent auction for charity and your mom has offered you as one of the prizes. The local cougars and MILFs have gone crazy bidding on you. Tammie cannot quite believe her luck when she finds out she has made the winning bid. She has been craving a young buck with your skill set to come satisfy her and fill her with cum.

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Nighttime Quickie - Diane Andrews

Nighttime Quickie – Diane Andrews

I bought one of your clips Morning Quickie. I absolutely love it! I have been looking for a clip like this for a long time. I love everything about the clip. The sweet talking, and the use of the fake dildo that squirts cum and the sounds you made when it was cumming. I even like the wet sounds it made as you stroked the dildo and it squirted out. I went everywhere. Lol. I was wondering if you could do one where you come in at night and pretend your my auntie. You can wear the same slip night gown (which is also sexy) and come in to see how was but realize I could not sleep. You can see I’m getting really hard and stroke my cock to help me. When you notice I’m getting ready to come you can pull down the top part of your night gown and stroke my cock faster, and pretend to rub my nipple. Then when about to cum you can say in a nice soft caring voice, “Don’t worry the door is locked and no one is going to cum in.

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Training My Young Son To Please Mommy - Noelle Easton

Training My Young Son To Please Mommy – Noelle Easton

Sorry for leaving you in your sisters room while we were busy, little boy! She was learning something very important, and I want you to learn too. Teaching her how to suck cock made me want to suck a young cock, and who better than my own son! I want to wrap my lips around it, you can squirm all you want, but I’m going to hold you down! You’re no match for mommy’s power! You’re so small and soft, you’re my youngest yet! Your twin sister was so good, I wonder if you’ll catch on as quickly! Determined to find out, I strip your little boy underwear off and slowly push my body down onto your smooth young dick. You stare up at mommy’s tits bouncing in your face as I grind and bounce on you. Squirming as I slams my ass down on your sensitive, developing cock, your body fills with a strange feeling. Telling you about all the dirty things we did to your twin sister with your young dick inside of me makes me cum so hard! You’re going to be a perfect good little boy for mommy. I might even let you join in next time with your sister or some of my young dick loving MILF friends!

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Sadistic Stepmom - Noelle Easton

Sadistic Stepmom – Noelle Easton

Sheer stockings and lace lingerie appear, your barely dressed stepmom is sneaking into your bed! She closes the curtains and gives you a naughty smirk. You listen as she tells you her master plan of seducing your dad. Her story has a sadistic twist and intrigue turns to fear as she tells you that you’re an orphan now. “Don’t worry about your mommy and daddy anymore, little boy. I’M your mommy now” she says as she starts to touch and kiss your little body all over. You tremble with fear and confusion as she tells you her darkest secrets and all your bodily control seems to slip away as she takes over. Helpless, you lie there as she pulls off your little boy underwear and wraps her motherly lips and tits around it. She tells you that she loves your young, smooth, developing body and cock and that she’s going to play with you every night. She’s your new mommy now and she’s going to use you to make herself cum anytime she wants.

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