Man Maker: Mom's Friend's Weekend Fucktoy - 1080pHD - Sarah DiAvola

Man Maker: Mom’s Friend’s Weekend Fucktoy – 1080pHD – Sarah DiAvola

It makes you nervous that your mom left you alone with me while she’s away for the weekend. You should be nervous – and you’re not going anywhere, mister. I’m going to make you stay here, all weekend, giving me pleasure and doing every single thing I say.
Before we get started, I want you to make you tremble. Fear and arousal. I love to watch you shiver.
I’ve enjoyed watching you grow up. Get bigger. Stronger. Harder. It’s not my fault that your cock has grown bigger than your little mind can keep up with. I simply have a craving for young, timid dick.
There won’t be a moment where you’re not looking over your shoulders for me. I’ll wake you up and put you to bed. Feed you. Disrobe you.
I will teach you what to do with that hard penis you’ve got there, young man.
First, I’ll hold you down and give you a lesson in pussy worship.
Let me describe that, in detail.
Then, I will be so horny and wet that I can’t help but spread your legs – with my knees, because my hands will still be clasped around your little wrists, holding you down. Even as you struggle. The more afraid you get, the more your voice cracks! That turns me on even more – your squealing, begging, pleading – and then I remember.
you’re still a virgin, aren’t you?
Hmm. Do I want to fuck up your sexuality for the rest of your life? Do I want to be the reason you need years of therapy to untangle the mess I’ve made of your little brain?
Yeah. I do.
I slide My soaking wet, tight and hungry pussy……………………..
I will take your virginity and continue to abuse you over 3 days. I will fuck you while you cry. And each time, I’ll make you cum, which makes it all the more sexually degrading.
Let’s start our weekend fun, shall we sweetie?

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1st Day of School - Ashley Mason and Scarlett

1st Day of School – Ashley Mason and Scarlett

So my Son would not come down to breakfast on the first day of School. I went up to check on him and see if he was ok. He told me he was really anxious and nervous about the first day and meeting new people. I called my sister Scarlett to come by and talk to him with me. We went into his room to see him sitting there with his cock in his hands. We saw that he really had a lot of tension built up and he needed a release. We both sucked his balls and his cock until he was ready to blow. We then took turns massaging the cum out of his cock. His first day of school was a success!

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Mommy takes your virginity - XxNaughtyGirlxX

Mommy takes your virginity – XxNaughtyGirlxX

You come home and mommy finds out that you have a girlfriend. She’s kind of jealous and asks whether you have fucked her yet. She wants to know if you have lost her virginity. If not, mommy wants it. She seduces you and strips and shows you what you’ve been waiting to see. She then sucks you off and fucks you. She wants you to fill her with cum.

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fuck your friends mom - Lissie Belle

fuck your friends mom – Lissie Belle

You always had an eye on her, your the best friend she could ever ask for her son, and now she needs your help, shes desperate broke and way behind on her mortgage, and she knows how wealthy you and your family are, so she asks for a favor if you can please bail her out and pay her mortgage in return she tells you she has no money but that she knows exactly what 17 year olds want! she rides you and dirty talks in spanish, you fuck her ending with a facial!

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Stepmom seduction - Cruel Alice

Stepmom seduction – Cruel Alice

I’m lying in my sexy lingerie in the bedroom and read a book when you step into the room. You’re watching me and then I get shocked cause I noticed you. I know this wasn’t your first time watching your stepmom and it’s arousing you. Watch me masturbating my dripping wet milf pussy. Your cock is so hard that I finally can do what I was waiting for since the day I got married to your father, son. I give you a deep and sloppy blowjob, drooling insanely and I want all of you.

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Syren de Mer Giving Her Son Confidence After Losing his Job 1080p

Syren de Mer Giving Her Son Confidence After Losing his Job 1080p

Part One:
Syren is worried about her son. Ever since he got laid off from his job he has been depressed. He’s been working since he was in HS and it’s not his fault half the people at the shop got let go. Syren knows he just needs confidence and he can go right back out and get another, a better, job. She remembers how she used to give his dad the boost he needs, and Tommy is the man of the house now so…

Part Two:
Syren’s son is back from the first day at his new job and she is SO proud of him! She knew that all he needed was for her to build up his confidence a some extra encouragement and look- he did great! She has never lost faith in him. Now, it’s time for his special reward so that she can show him just how proud she really is.

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MILF vs Wife - Amy Paige

MILF vs Wife – Amy Paige

Guess who wins? Mother is always your first love, and now that your…wife has gone to work we can finally have some time alone. Why am I wearing this push-up bra? Oh sweetie, we both know you have always been obsessed with Mommy’s breasts. Its just the two of us here, want to see them? Oh silly don’t get embarrassed. I can see that bulge in your pants growing, it must be uncomfortable. Come on here and give Mommy a kiss…

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Son's Crush - Diamond Foxxx

Son’s Crush – Diamond Foxxx

Part One:
Diamond has been noticing her son looking at her very strangely. Then, as she is exercising in her room she feels his eyes on her. She starts to scold him but realizes it is natural for sons to have…feelings, especially at his age. She is his first crush and she wants to handle it the right way.

Part Two:
Diamond is having trouble keeping up with her son’s sexual appetite. She forgot just how insatiable boys can be at his age. He has been learning to make it really good for her, but she is getting worn out. Still, she has to show him that there is nothing wrong with how he feels.

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My Son Has A Jerking Off Problem 1080p - Julianna Vega

My Son Has A Jerking Off Problem 1080p – Julianna Vega

I was so embarrased that mom found out about what happened at school. I thought she’d be mad, but she actually wanted to help.. And not in the way I had expected either… My mom pulls down my towel and teases my slightly hard cock. She wraps her lips around me and sucks me off until I’m rock hard, throbbing even. I couldn’t wait to stretch out my sexy mother’s tight cunt. Watch as she bounces her fat ass up and down on me, begging me to fuck her harder. I pound my mom’s pussy until I pull out and blow my load all over her perfect pussy lips.

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