Moms Confession to Son - Payton Hall

Moms Confession to Son – Payton Hall

Basically I am a mom whose family are all grown up and she really misses her one son. She reminisces about all the times she spent with him and how she felt and how she really loved him, loved him.
In some crazy taboo ways. She ends up making a video about it for him to express her undying love and passion for him. She talks about various times and how she felt and then shows him with her toys and pleasuring herself. It is heartfelt but tender and sexy and the young man who wrote it I think put a lot of imagination into the script. I had fun acting it and of course am flattered by the love of all my “Son’s” They keep up with me on my cam show and it’s some naughty sexy fun!

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Mom's High School Reputation - Bettie Bondage

Mom’s High School Reputation – Bettie Bondage

Your mother’s high school reputation has come back to haunt her.
Turns out your new friend’s father went to school with your mom…and boy, did he have stories to tell you! He wasn’t shy about the dirty ones either. In fact, he even showed you a few photos he’d kept. Imagine that, after all these years, this guy is still jerking it to your mom! But you can see why. God, she was hot. Slutty. She still is hot. And you bet she still is slutty, deep down. She’s just waiting for someone to set it free, let her get loose and dirty and be herself. You know your father doesn’t.
So when you get home, you tell your mom who you met. She blushes, and you can tell she enjoys the memories. Her smile says it all! You tell her that he told you everything, which she doubts, but you push it, reminding her of her glory days in explicit detail. And you’re right, you can tell she really misses it. She wants it, still. You tell her its ok to want it, that it doesn’t make her a bad mother. In fact, you tell her, you think its hot. You can tell its working, your little plan. She’s smirking, and her hand is slinking down between her legs. You push further, talking about how hot it was to hear all the stories, to see the pictures. Even how hot you thought it was that all these guys – your friend’s dad, your friend, all the guys, got to see the pictures. Like a good slut, she likes hearing that. Of course she does….what happens next, though…well, even you didn’t expect that…

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Mom Creampie Gangbanged by All the Boys - Bettie Bondage

Mom Creampie Gangbanged by All the Boys – Bettie Bondage

You come home from school one day and you hear it – those sounds. Your mother is always making those sounds! Loud moans, low grunts, giggles…it’s time you figured out what this was all about. You barge into her room just in time to see a boy from your school squirting his load into your mother’s fertile pussy! You can’t believe what you’re seeing, or what your mother does next! She turns to you, smiling, playing with her cum filled cunt. She tells you all about her afternoon, about all the boys who’ve come into her bedroom and fucked her. Boy and young boy, fucking and filling her with their hot, young seed, until she couldn’t take it anymore, cumming on their cocks with the wild abandon of a wanton slut…which is, really, exactly what she is. So much so that she beckons you forward, implores you to come play, to fuck her like all the boys in town did…to fuck your own mother until you cum inside her!

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Your Ex-Wife is Fucking Your Daughter! - Bettie Bondage

Your Ex-Wife is Fucking Your Daughter! – Bettie Bondage

Your wife asks you to come inside when you come to pick up your daughter. She’s turned into such a lovely young woman…and your wife and her husband have noticed. And she has something to confess. Something very, very dirty. Something she knows you’ve fantasized about for a long, long time…something you wanted to do, too. But your wife has beat you to it. Your daughter’s sweet pussy and ass. All her holes. She’s explored them in filthy detail, and now she’s going to tell you all about it. And don’t pretend you aren’t hard. She can see your cock pushing through your pants. Might as well use that, right? C’mon, you know you missed that slut’s lips. Let her suck you off while she tells you everything!

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Your Girlfriend Jerks You Off to Her Daughter - Bettie Bondage

Your Girlfriend Jerks You Off to Her Daughter – Bettie Bondage

You girlfriend’s daughter has been such a tease lately: bending over in front of you, always smiling and teasing, sitting on your lap even though she’s way too old for that…but you’d never do anything. You just look. Harmless, right? You didn’t think you were being too obvious, but your girlfriend’s asked you to sit down and talk. She tells you that she knows you want her daughter. You figure you’re totally busted, but she tells you its ok. She understands, and she’s here to help! She tells you she took the liberty of buying a fleshlight and getting a pair of her daughter’s panties…and she’s going to drain you into “her daughter!”
You can’t believe what a naughty mom your girlfriend is being as your cock rises in your pants. She smirks, telling you to take it out and stroke while she gets her daughter’s tight little pussy ready, licking, sucking, and fingering the fleshlight until you’re oozing precum. She slides the fleshlight down onto your cock, telling you what a slut her daughter is. How she’s your cumdump now. A total whore for you to use. You watch her mother slide the smooth pussy down your cock, urging you to fill her daughter with cum, stroking you while she licks at your cock, running her tongue over “her daughter” and begging you to use that little whore-hole. You fill the toy with cum and watch as your dirty girlfriend pulls the toy off, shoving her tongue deep inside to extract your load

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Mother and Son Therapy - Jackie Synn

Mother and Son Therapy – Jackie Synn

“My mom moved in with me about a year ago and started wearing pantyhose daily about three months in. After a few of my girlfriends were talking about how I had a nine inch cock. My mom casually said I can confirm. I was simultaneously aroused and ashamed. We were going to watch a movie and I wanted to rub my mom’s feet because I thought it would give me “masturbation material” later. Just asking lol. She actually said yes because the movie was Cleopatra (over 5 hours!), After an hour she let me off and simply rested her ethereal pantyhose clad feet on my inner left thigh. The side I hang my cock. In slow motion I saw her feet come closer and my cock expanded to feel her feet come to rest on it. After about another 15 minutes my mom was so into the movie she started rubbing her feet together on my thigh more precisely my throbbing cock. I got a world class view of her pantyhose covered legs and ass. Even some up-skirt of her gusset. I was staring at her feet the mostly her feet seemed to be caressing my cock. She caught me looking and said “NO!!! my feet stay there for the entire movie!” Her toes twitched and pinched the head of my cock and I came one of the hardest times I ever had. I came at least five times by the end of the movie. I felt a lot of shame when her feet moved away and I saw a string of cum from the cock head in my jeans going to the bottom of her pantyhose encased foot.
I kinda want to watch Cleopatra again lol. I wanted to get a custom where I can basically get a little — during the movie and after “cast” said custom to the screen and have you tell my mom about that and say I masturbate with her worn panties and pantyhose. Confessional and that I want footjobs from my mommy and for her to suck me off as she does the footjob. Also that I want to go balls deep and hit the back of her uterus and paint it white with steamy jizz ropes.*
I want you in pantyhose and wear them throughout even if it ends with you just in pantyhose lol. Maybe therapist like clothes to start.
I just imagine you starting seriously slowly revealing the fucked up nature of my feelings and what happened (5 minutes or so.) revealing how bad I want to get a footjob from my mommies pantyhose clad feet while she simultaneously leans over and sucks my cock. How I jerk off in her pantyhose and panties. Sometimes sucking her cum/discharge out of the pantyhose and panties first after I massaged her pantyhose covered feet for multiple hours. Presumably making her wet or actually coming. What happened watching Cleopatra… and why I wanted to watch it again. How fucking her through her pantyhose would be a great bonding experience! Nothing better than going balls deep in your own mother hitting the back of her uterus and eventually erupting a massive load of millions of sperm frantic to impregnate mommy… if she can even get pregnant. According to our deal I have to get her pregnant and if she can’t well… I have to keep trying a few times a day anyway.”

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Your Loving Mother - Xev Bellringer

Your Loving Mother – Xev Bellringer

You watched your mother through the door pulling her white, lace stockings up over her big ass as she talked to herself. You couldn’t believe it. Your own mother… was giving her body over to your bully every week to keep him from picking on you. To use however he wanted. She slipped into a loose blouse, her massive breasts bouncing against the lace. You could even see her big nipples through the fabric. Did he make her wear that??
You demanded she tell you everything – no matter how much she squirmed in reluctance, trying to keep her son from knowing the dirty, desperate things she did with her body… for you. But you deserved to know. You needed to hear your mother describe exactly what he did to her… how she let him use her. And how much she LIKED it.
You deserved more… it was only fair. You were her son. She loved you more than anything… and wanted you to know it. To feel it. All of her sweet love wrapped around your cock… deep in her pussy.

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Family Taboo 2: MILF & son 1st gangbang - Ani Erotika

Family Taboo 2: MILF & son 1st gangbang – Ani Erotika

Michelle Cox is back for another round of confession, and it is even nastier than ever. This is part 2 to Michelle Cox’s confession series… now that you have seen part one and know how she and her son began fucking she feels the need to disclose even more secrets to you.
After a year of fucking like rabbits, sex kind of calms down you know. Not that it gets bad, it just fizzles a bit. Tones down. This was happening to Michelle and her son, so they decide to spice things up. What better way to get it poppin’ again than a good ol’ fashioned gang bang? Delve into Michelle’s perverse secret world of mother and son taboo gone mega overdrive nasty in this follow up addition to the Michelle Cox Confession series (part of the Keep It In The Family Mega Series).

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Fulfilling Your Hottest Fantasy on Cam - Tara Tainton

Fulfilling Your Hottest Fantasy on Cam – Tara Tainton

Mmmm, there’s nothing like a hot cam session with a sexy woman. And that ability to be anonymous as you like, indulge in all your fantasies, confess all your dirty thoughts… how fulfilling. You’ve selected a sexy MILF to play with tonight. She’s an extremely hot older woman and doesn’t even mind that you’re too shy to turn your cam on. With voice only, you ask her to describe herself to you. You love the tease, the build up, the sound of her sensual tone. She even encourages you to tell your favorite fantasy of all: how you actually fantasize about your own mother. And your chat partner says she’s actually fantasized about her own son as well. How perfect. You’re both excited, all worked up, and you’re ready to turn your webcams on to see each other and discover… she IS your mother! But you’ve just heard her confess; the secret’s out now, that secret you BOTH have. Now, the REAL fun begins…


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Young Step Mom & Step Sons Friend - AniErotika

Young Step Mom & Step Sons Friend – AniErotika

It is time, nasty boys, for another session of Fetish Fantasy Story Time. This tale tantalizes with Ani’s spin on a beloved classic… The Step Mom & Step Son’s Friend get freaky. Ani is a very very young wife of a man twice her age who was married previously. He has a son from his 1st wife, Kevin, who has a very cute friend named Jacob, who thinks Kevin’s step mom is super hot, and you know where this is going lol. Another fabulous delight of Ani’s top flight narrative porn/smut brought to you filthy fellows with inappropriate love and a little more than a hug. Enjoy!


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