Mommy's Costume Party - Clubdinasky

Mommy’s Costume Party – Clubdinasky

Mommy is hosting a very big Halloween Party and this is the first year without your father around, and she’s got some people she wants to impress while of course having a good time. She wants everything perfect, dressed in her robe before getting ready she notices you didn’t do the one thing she asked was to fill the punch bowl, she asks you nicely to please do it while she goes and finishes getting ready and then you head out to stay with your friends tonight, right? What mom doesn’t know is you have every attention of hanging out with your friends but not actually leaving. You already have your own costume picked out and you plan to trick mommy tonight. Your going to disguise yourself with something so she won’t suspect anything and as mask to cover your face and distort your voice. The party has started and mom is out there saying hello to all the guests and socializing, she’s dressed as Princess Peach, however its quite a revealing costume, showing off a lot of skin -she’s got this insane amount of cleavage, white fishnets on, and her booty is exposed, you can’t help to think that this version of your mom is turning you on. Mommy never dressed like this before, or on any Halloween before, and you want to to the unthinkable…you want to fuck mommy. You catch her eye and she’s finds you intriguing with that mask on, getting you a cup and making some small chat, she’s trying to figure out who you are, but your not giving her any of those hints, the subtle things is making her eye fuck you like crazy and somehow either the punch is getting mommy all worked up, because she is hitting on you now… the party has calmed down some and most people have moved outside to balcony or have left, and coincidently enough its you and her sitting on the couch, she’s already gotten a bit crazy exposing her tits quickly to you and now she wants your cock in her mouth. It doesn’t take much for you to say do it, because in the heat of the moment you two both want each other, and she hasn’t had cock in awhile and she’s ready to do whatever she can to make sure that changes. She starts sucking your cock, the feeling of her lips on your dick is making it throb even more, glimpses of her ass in the back, the way she’s moving, her big tits, you just want her so bad, she keeps asking to take the mask off, but you can’t let that happen, and at this point she gives up and just climbs on top of your dick. Sliding you into her tight wet pussy, she rides you and moans in pleasure on how good It feels, big tits bouncing in your face your in lust for your mommy and finally you let her take your mask off, mom shocked sits back and quickly covers up, what are you doing, this can’t be happening, you tricked mommy, how could you do this….but as the questions unfold the truth is she still has your hard cock inside of her, and she doesn’t seem to be quick to take you out…could mommy really want to keep going? Upset, and shocked it feels to good for her to say stop, so she’s decides she still wants it, she had no idea it was you, but she wants to cum and at this point she’s going to cum all over your cock. Do you want to give mommy a big load? You like fucking mommy don’t you? Mommy cums all over your cock, pauses make sure no one is coming and says she’s gonna make you cum now son. She turns around rides you with her pretty peach in your face, until you ready to unload, urging you to tell her when so she can take your load on her face…heat of moment you cum inside of her…she’s hoping you still have some cum for her face…taking out your dick and showing the cum drip from her pussy, she gets on her knees for the rest of the cum she knows you have…give it to mommy.

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Mommy Bowsette 1080p - clubdinasky

Mommy Bowsette 1080p – clubdinasky

This is Bowsette your mommy. You were brought into your mommy’s room because your having issues going to bed and its getting later, and mommy is delighted to hear this because she knows exactly what to do, and since its only you and her right now, this is what she wants, she wants to take care of her son. Mommy will take care of you, you watch your mommy take out her big tits, and you are already feeling a boner, mommy sees it and tells you to take your cock out. She says just do what mommy tells you, so were both enjoying each other my boy. You’ve always wanted your mommy, she has such perfect big breasts you want to suck on, her booty is so nice a round and big, everything about her, but your still nervous because your lack of experience, but mommy is so loving, nurturing, she’s making you feel so good. She wraps her lips around your already aching cock, and sucks you and talks about how impressed she is with your size, she tells you she’s going to climb on top of you and slide you inside her pretty pussy, but must be quick, just in case anyone comes by, we have to keep this a very hidden secret son. She’s right no one can no about this, but your already so hard you feel like you could explode mommy realizes it and tells you don’t you dare right now son, want you to hold it in so mommy can enjoy you too my son. Mommy bounces up and down your young hard cock, and she makes you feel so good how tight and wet she is, she shakes those big tits in your face, and continues to moan in pleasure, and soaks your cock, mommy decides to give you a nice view of her booty too before you can spunk, she turns over and lets you slide In as she tells you what to do, give it to mommy good, and you do, your even closer now and its the perfect time for mommy to turn over and spread so you can give it to her till you cum inside of her. Wait what mommy wants you to fill her up? So taboo, but you want to pump her full of your cum, and you do just that, watching her big tits sway, and her eyes locked in on you, begging for you to cum inside mommy, cum son, fill mommy up, and that just puts you over and you fill her up. Mommy Bowsette is very satisfied, as you take out, she shows you the mess you just created as it drips out her wet tight pussy, and mommy spreads her lips to feel all that cum. Now you should have no problem getting to bed son.

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Mommy's Bedtime Solution 2 1080p - Clubdinasky

Mommy’s Bedtime Solution 2 1080p – Clubdinasky

This is a revisit and a part 2 of a classic video of mine, Mommy’s Bedtime Solution. Years later you’ve grown up some and we had put a stop to our taboo enjoyments but this night you can’t get to bed and just have to have your mommy. You come into my room as I lay there, waking up to see you, my breast exposed from my rather small pajama top, I begin to tell you we can’t do that anymore, I know we did it for many years and it was enjoyable son, and you’ll always be my baby boy, we just can’t. However you aren’t taking that as a final answer and take your hard cock out for me, I throw the covers over my head trying not to look and give in to temptation but its rather hard to look away, your father is gone till the morning and now that I am awake myself, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to maybe stroke you until you cum, I’ll even take my breasts out but as I continue to stroke you my mind wanders to other forbidden fantasies and reminiscing of our hot and intimate “bedtime solution” that I decide that maybe we should do little more, mommy has missed you, and I am feeling rather worked up now maybe one more time wouldn’t hurt right? I wrap my lips around you and suck you some (POV and virtual) you’ve quite a nice view on mommy’s booty and then her deep cleavage as I look up at you, that its time for me to get these off and let you give it too mommy like a good boy. I show you how wet I am before telling you to slide between my pussy lips and go inside mommy. The invitation is so inviting and you’ve wanted this for so long, your so hard, and so ready. You give it to me good, making those big tits of mommy’s bounce all over the place, as I encourage you to fuck mommy, such a good boy, always be my son, lot of loving and encourage mommy talk, I can feel you throbbing so hard inside of me but I don’t want you to explode just yet, I tell you to thrust inside of me slower before I tell you to fuck me harder when I am near cumming, making mommy cum again like you once did, I soak your cock and it feels so good, not even your daddy or anyone else could ever make me feel as good like you my baby boy, my son. I want to make you cum but its time to give you a nice view of my booty as you give it to mommy some more, turning around and letting you slide back in, your hard and throbbing as you push deeper into me, I look back and tell you to keep going, and ask where you want to come my son? You know the answer and you know exactly what you want, you want to cum deep inside of mommy’s pussy coating my pussy with your big load of cum. At first I am not sure that’s a great idea, but as the fucking continues, I realize that is exactly what mommy wants, I do want to feel your cum deep inside of me my boy, I encourage you to give it to me, cum inside of me, cum inside of mommy son, give me the biggest load like it’s our last time fucking. You explode with cum inside of me, I can feel you pulsing and filling me up good. Happy and relived, and rather tired now, I try to cup it before turning over as you watch all your cum drip down mommy’s pussy, so much cum, I am so surprised not wanting to make such a mess I tell you to give me my shorts, you tease, playfully, and then after a few more drops of cum drip out, I lay back on my side, and tell you to come lay next to mommy, just make sure were up before dad gets home at 9, leaving the possibility that you might just awake with a hard on for mommy again…. This video is all virtual sex, no dildo is physically shown. The first few mins of the video was shot with a different camera to get the initial part, then it was shot with a pov angle the remaining of the video with my current camera.

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Son Gets Mom Pregnant 1080p - Clubdinasky

Son Gets Mom Pregnant 1080p – Clubdinasky

This was a custom video, into two parts. The first part starts off with mom (me) calling you (my son) into my bedroom to talk about your father leaving us. I ask how you are taking it and explain to you, a bit emotional filled, I tried everything to keep him, I don’t know what more I could have done, he just walked up and abandoned us with no care, you cheer me up and tell me everything is going to be okay and you right everything will be okay, we don’t need your father, I tell you you always be my baby boy, and ill always luv you. A idea sorta whirls in my head and I decide to ask if you have thought of your mom more, have you ever fantasized about me, are you attracted to me…I mean like sexually son? You nod you head, and I decide that this would be perfectly opportunity for us to start our own family son, you could be the daddy, the man of the house, why don’t you get your mommy pregnant? I start to undress my clothes, revealing my big tits, my belly, and talking about wouldn’t it be nice seeing mommy all filled out, and pregnant? You don’t hesitate the mere thought of seeing mommy’s belly big and pregnant, the thought of cumming deep inside of mom’s pussy makes you so hard, you can’t control it. I tell you to come put your cock inside mommy and fill me up son, you fuck me pov virtual style missionary, making my big tits bounce, and the pleasure of hearing me moan with so much love for my son and his hard cock inside of me. I continue to encourage you fuck me good, I want to make you coat the walls of my pussy and plant your seed my son. I decide to climb on top of you after a bit and ride that load out of you, playing with my big tits, encouraging you to suck on them like you once did when you were younger, and telling you to explode deep inside of me, you blow and I feel you pulsing inside of me filling me up with a huge load of cum, climbing off, my pussy drips out some of your cum and quickly try to push it back in, I want to be pregnant. The second part picks up where I am 7-8 months pregnant, you have knocked me up, and my belly has grown so much, you walk in and I sit myself down on the couch rubbing my belly in my cute little dress, talking about how its finally happening, your going to by the new daddy in the family, but reminding you that you will always be my baby boy, and that can never be replaced. I am getting you all hard and horny looking at me, that I decide to take my dress off and show off my rounded belly, and my big tits, touching it, and letting you admire it and enjoy the view, before I get on my knees and start sucking your cock (pov) being pregnant makes me so horny, and I love the way you look at me son. I suck you some, and then lay back trying to maneuver around with my belly so you can get a beautiful view of it as you slide your hard cock back inside mommy, just like the time you fucked me and got my pregnant, You thrust yourself inside of me, I moan in pleasure, and smile, holding my belly, letting my big tits swings, and begging for more of your cum, you know you won’t pull out, and you know your going to fill me up so good, and you do just that, you blow deep inside of my pregnant pussy, and I am elated with the amount of cum dripping out of it, were going to be such a hot family together, I am so happy my son got me pregnant and replaced his father. This video includes impregnation fantasy, big tits, big bouncing boobs, rounded belly, tummy, bbw, curvy, pregnant, taboo, milf, blonde, long hair, mommy roleplay, encouragement, roleplay, creampies, nipple sucking, riding, missionary, pov, and some virtual sex, pov bj with toy, fetish, cum play. Note: I am not pregnant lol, this is a fantasy, and there was no prop used, I pushed/extended my belly out in angles to make It appear more rounded for the purpose of the custom. First part is roleplay/sex/creampie impregnantion fantasy- second part is pregnant/showing off/ bj/ missionary/ creampie. There are a few moments where lighting is a bit overexposed in second part, but doesn’t take away from the roleplay/video.

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Mom Takes Son's Virginity 1080p - Clubdinasky

Mom Takes Son’s Virginity 1080p – Clubdinasky

You are in the laundry room, sniffing through mom’s dirty panties, you weren’t suppose to be home but you just couldn’t help yourself, you didn’t want to go out with your friends because you’d feel like the third wheel, still no girlfriend and horny as ever, your turned on by your mother and the smell of her makes you instantly hard. I, you mom, walk in, (nothing but a black silk robe on & panties) to do a load of laundry, dropping the basket instantly seeing you with your hand around your cock and my panties in the other. I turn away and tell you to cover up, momma isn’t suppose to see that. Dad’s having a small party and bunch of his friends are going to be here soon, you shouldn’t be here, nor should you be doing that, grabbing my panties from your hand, at first rather upset I confront you about it but you eventually admit to me everything and that your still a virgin and inexperienced. I switch gears and become the loving mommy and realize that maybe I should be the one taking care of that for you, originally only intending on showing you my big beautiful breasts and jerking you off, wouldn’t want you to go out with a raging hard on, but you ask for more, you ask for a blowjob, I couldn’t do that that is forbidden and so taboo, but something has come over me and I just can’t help myself I suddenly feel the urge to wrap my lips around your cock. I get on my knees and suck you sensually and sexy, looking up at you, and tell you I want you to fuck mommy before you cum, I want to take your virginity. I am so worked up myself I just have to have it. I guide you into what to do, turning over and lifting my robe for you to slide right it (POV), first from behind trying to keep quiet and then I tell you to let me climb on top bouncing those big tits in your face, dad’s home, I hear the water running, we have to be quiet and quick. I climb onto the washer and spread and let you slide back into my mommy’s warm wet pussy, my tits swaying and my head back, mommy feels so good as you fuck me, I convince you to just keep going and just cum inside of momma that’s right my son, cum inside of me, you can’t hold it much longer and do as I ask, blowing your thick load of cum deep inside of me. I let it drip out some and show you what you did to mommy, feeling satisfied and happy, I throw you the panties as a souvenir. We come up with a plan so your dad doesn’t know we were in here together, you go out first, and then ill clean up and leave after, we were close to getting caught a few times, such a small room, hard for me to keep quiet, but mom’s gotta take care of her son. Maybe there will be more to come ;). This video includes a lot of mommy talk, mom son, momma’s boy, taboo, fetish, roleplay, creampie, pov, virtual sex, milf, big tits, bouncing tits, dirty talk, blowjob, eye contact, laundry room (I apologize for the dirty walls lol), dirty panties, virgin fantasy, desperation, etc. This Virtual Pov Style Sex Video is all shot In the small laundry closet. There is a use of a dildo for the blowjob portion. Note: The lightning when riding was a little hard to do so its a bit darker then other parts of the video, also did a romantic filter to help focus more on me and not the walls in a few scenes. Note: I’ve been told the video doesn’t stream in full but downloadable it works perfectly fine, if you would prefer a Link for the video to make it easier, let me know upon purchase.

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BBC Bukkake Farting Bimbo Mom - Clubdinasky

BBC Bukkake Farting Bimbo Mom – Clubdinasky

This was a custom video request that included farting, bimbo twerking mom, and multiple bbc’s and bukkake. Son is having a party with friends over and Bimbo Mom with her big short skimpy black dress and big tits popping out of her bra comes in and here’s one of her favorite songs and not even thinking about it starts breaking out dancing, twerking her ass, as her dress slips up revealing her panties, all attentions is on her and its embarrassing her son he tells her to stop, she insists its not embarrassing, three of his friends (all bbc) start touching her and flirting with her, but as she notices her son getting more and more upset about it, she excuses herself and says she’s going to use the restroom. The three friends all insist on chaperoning her, even though she doesn’t need them to come, they seem to persistent so she lets them come into the bathroom. AS mom sits on the toilet shes trying so hard to hold in the farts, while they all stand around her, insisting on them leaving, but its too late she ends up letting out some farts and feels totally embarrassed and quickly apologizes. But she notices they all seemed to like it, asking if they do, shes sorta of like in awe they liked her farting, in fact their all starting to touch themselves and eventually take there bbc cocks out and I am in shock on how big they all are, I mean I have never really seen such big cocks, even white cocks, I mean even my son’s isn’t even close to their sizes. I explain how hot I think it is that their turned on by my farting and insist on them to jerk off as I fart some more, even letting one of them smell and have my dirty panties until he cums all over them and hands them back to me. I bend over and fart some more, blowing out some nice loud ones, long ones, and talk about how I used to steal my son’s girlfriends panties and smell them and how turned on I would be by it, and I know its naughty and filthy but I love it, even my son would smell my panties and jerk off with them. Talking dirty I beg for cum, beg for all of them to cover me in cum make me their fart cow, make me drenched in cum, and let me be their submissive dirty slut, there so naughty but I love they like my farting so much. Eventually one by one they blow their big loads on me after I’ve begged for it enough, couple more farts, and then I’m drenched in cum my face being covered, my hair, my eyes, can’t even open my eyes there’s so much cum and I love it, I fart one more time as I am in the the tub with all the cum on me.


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Trying Not To Get Caught w/ Step Son - Clubdinasky

Trying Not To Get Caught w/ Step Son – Clubdinasky

This is the 4th installment to the series of sneaking around with my Step Son’s Big Dick. This video contains several scenes, a mini movie shall we say. It first starts off with me in the shower I turn around thinking it’s my husband but no, its you my step son, I quickly shut you down and tell you no, we can’t do it anymore we promised we wouldn’t mess around after the last time we got caught, and he’s going to be in here any minute. You are persistent and take your big cock out, naturally I can’t help myself I want that cock again so bad, I long for it in my mouth, I decide to suck you and deep throat you in the shower, trying to detour your father before he comes back in and catches us. I think I hear him coming and I turn only to get hit with a load of cum from you unexpectedly, but I love it. I quickly usher you out of the shower licking up your cum. The next scene happens a day later, I am walking into the kitchen to prepare dinner, and you are standing there with your hand on your pants, I tell you absolutely not, we cannot do this your father is home. You Never want to take no as a answer, and when you take our your cock and I wrap my hand around it I can’t help but get back down on my knees to suck you off, your father calls out to me about something and I try my hardest to talk without stuttering my words, making him leave for a short bit, I suck you off some more, but then he’s on his way up, and you blow a surprise load all over my shirt/bra, a bit upset because now I have to somehow get out of this and into the shower to clean up, I mistakenly slip a few times, asking your father if he wants a shot of cum… I mean rum.. and misc. sayings because well I got your BIG cock on my mind & your CUM. I had to the bathroom to clean up and you managed to make yourself in there just as I walked in to put my shirt in the laundry, telling you this is crazy were sneaking around too much do you know what your father is going to do if he catches us again in the act… I can’t im your step mom, your my step son, that’s it…..or wait oh gosh maybe just a little more of it I know you have more cum, but your father yet again has come to interrupt us I quickly have you go into the shower while I let him in the bathroom, (this part is on purpose-) you can see me jerking “him” off in the shower while trying to talk my husband about how I just need to clean up and ill be right out for dinner, while I am doing this I am a bit flustered and I can feel your cock dripping cum into my hand, and it’s make me more and more insanely hot for you again, and I want you so bad, but we just don’t get a opportunity, later that evening its movie night, and were all together on the couch in the living room, however your father has taking a nap and you are looking at me with that intent to take your big cock out, and I know I just want to do it, I pull over the covers and start jerking you, sucking you, and every so often looking over to make sure he doesn’t awake, a few times I get nervous and cover your cock up waiting, and then I decide to get even more riskier and jump on top of your hard big dick and ride it, letting you enjoy that ass view as I take you, feeling so good, you father is restless and waking up, I jump off covering your cock some with my knee up, telling your father he missed a lot of BIG stuff, it’s been a wild RIDE, its a great movie, etc, and still rubbing on your cock feeling some cum drip out, I make your father go upstairs giving us some time before he comes back down. I suck you and you cum on my face as your father is coming downstairs, quickly I clean up what I can, and we resume like nothing happened. The final scene, I beg for you to come in the room and let me lock us in so I can suck you some more, ride you, and make you cum again. This time though your father knows something is up, I try to tell him to wait a minute, and you fucking cum massive all over my face, my mouth full I can’t even come up with words as I have cum dripping out my mouth and my face, he has a key, unlocks it, and were back to I can’t help myself I just love my step son’s big dick….we will try harder…maybe this will be the last time?


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