Stuck Mom - Taboo Saga - Cleo

Stuck Mom – Taboo Saga – Cleo

Hot MILF, Sexy Cleo, gets her hand stuck down the back of the sofa. She calls out for her son to come and free her. Her hot MILF body is all on show as her tight dress rides up over her gorgeous ass. Her son strikes a deal, he’ll rescue her if he can have some fun first.

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Mom's WhatsApp Fail - Cleo

Mom’s WhatsApp Fail – Cleo

Hot MILF, Sexy Cleo tries to send nudes to her fuck buddy. By mistake she sends them to her son. When she catches him masturbating to her pictures, she figures she’s added another fuck buddy to her roster.

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Undercover Mom - Cleo

Undercover Mom – Cleo

What would you do if you were cat-fished by your mom?
You’ve booked a session with a new escort. She’s mysterious and alluring. She has conditions to the meet. You are to wait in your room with a blindfold on. She wants to arouse your senses and ignite your imagination. She works you up into a frenzy, sexily and sweetly caressing your body until you are rock hard. She climbs on top and grinds on your cock, keeping you on the edge. Her body feels amazing. You are longing to see her, to look into her eyes as you explode. She commands you to take off the blindfold – Holy cow! It’s your mom!
“Come inside mommy. Go on darling, explode for me!”
What do you do? Do you resist and pull away? Or has you mom brought you to the point of no return?

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Mom Fucks to get you a College Scholarship - Cleo

Mom Fucks to get you a College Scholarship – Cleo

Mom: Hey son. So I know you’re disappointed that you didn’t get your scholarship to the Ivy League school and I want to help. You’ll have heard all that stuff in the news about the celebrities paying all that money to get their loved ones onto a sports scholarship. Well, sweetie, I’m sorry to say that mom just doesn’t have that kind of money. But not to worry. You know I have other skills. I’ve invited over the soccer coach of the college team. We’ve made a deal. If I offer myself to him, he’ll offer you a scholarship. Mommy loves you baby. I’ll do anything so that you can succeed.

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Caught Staring At Teacher Mom And Teacher Friend Grading Papers Footjob HD - Jamie Valentine and Cleo

Caught Staring At Teacher Mom And Teacher Friend Grading Papers Footjob HD – Jamie Valentine and Cleo

Jamie Valentine and Cleo are teacher friends that work at the same school together. Jamie has invited Cleo to her house to help her grade papers. Cleo is happy to help her good friend Jamie burn the midnight oil grading papers. Cleo and Jamie are both in there school attire with heels and nylons. Cleo and Jamie cant help but to dangle there heels off there nylon clad soles especially after a long day at school. Cleo notices something and its Jamie’s son peeping under the table staring at both there feet. Jamie is so embarrassed and apologizes to Cleo. Cleo being the good friend that she is lets Jamie know its perfectly OK. Jamie can tell Cleo is cooler then she thought and tells Cleo she has a way to get him to go to bed. Jamie tells Cleo that normally what she does is give her son a footjob so he goes away and if she would like to help her. Cleo is happy to help and moves with Jamie to the living room. Jamie wraps her nylon clad soles around her sons cock and Cleo joins in. Cleo and Jamie stroke his cock together and stroke his cock till he cums all over Cleo and Jamie’s sheer nylon clad soles. Cleo and Jamie cant help but to laugh as they show off there sticky cummy soles and order him to bed.

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