School Girl Spanking - PrettyAndSmol

School Girl Spanking – PrettyAndSmol

I’m sorry I failed my test… I stayed up SO late studying, too. I’ll do better next time, I promise. Please don’t tell Mom. You’re the parent now, too… why can’t you just punish me? Huh? You want me to spank myself? …Yeah, I guess it would be weird if you spanked me… you’re my step-dad now after all…. Okay, I’ll learn my lesson!

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Limp Huge Boobs Mommy Gets Fingered - Codi Vore

Limp Huge Boobs Mommy Gets Fingered – Codi Vore

Your mom is PISSED after she finds your naughty magazine… “Big boobs? How disgusting, your mom has big boobs too!” You fetch her a night time tea and before you know it, your huge breasted mother is totally unaware of your eager hands. You undress her, grope her and manipulate her body, eventually plunging your fingers into her wet pussy. You finger her hole until you see her start to stir, and you run away as quickly as you can! *Please remember that porn reflects fantasy, not reality. Make sure your role plays are safe and with another consenting adult*

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