Naughty Christmas Dinner - Sub Princess

Naughty Christmas Dinner – Sub Princess

(8 Days of Sub-Mas part.5) Daddy pulls me into the bathroom during our Christmas Dinner. He has been looking at me all night and has gotten too excited looking at his Princess. We have to be quite so no one knows what we’re doing since it’s so naughty. Mommy can’t find out because she wants me to help clean-up from dinner after this. It’s so big in my tiny mouth Daddy.

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Ice My Boobies Daddy - Sub Princess

Ice My Boobies Daddy – Sub Princess

8 Days of Sub-Mas! (Part One). I want to help Daddy decorate Christmas cookies! But Princess wants to be able to eat some cookies before Christmas day too! Daddy says I can have a cookie or two if I let him Ice my cute little boobies like a cookie. I want to be a good girl for Christmas so I can get my presents. Mommy is jealous how excited I get you Daddy! She’s jealous of my perfect body, so we can’t let her know that I helped you out Daddy!

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Fucking My Candy Cane - Sub Princess

Fucking My Candy Cane – Sub Princess

(8 Days of Sub-Mas part. 4) Daddy decides to give me an early Christmas Gift dressed as Santa. Daddy wants me to use the present for him while he rubs his cock and cums on my ass. My Candy Cane feels so good in my tight little pussy. Squirting all over my bed.

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Cumming for Toys - Sub Princess

Cumming for Toys – Sub Princess

8 Days of Sub-Mas! (Part 2). Daddy there is this one toy I really want from the store! I don’t want to seem needy before Christmas though. Oh you got me an early Christmas present? Am I really allowed to have it before Christmas? I don’t know if I can handle it Daddy. But you tell me that if I don’t keep the toy on my cute little clit I won’t get my toys! I’ll listen Daddy I promise. But I don’t want to be a naughty girl before Christmas, but if it means I get my toys then I will, just for you. You promise I won’t make a mess all over my bed?

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Kiki Cali - Elf on the Shelf Self Fuck

Elf on the Shelf Self Fuck – Kiki Cali

This year, Santa asked me for help hehe help with watching over my big brother and reporting back to Santa! And oh gosh, big brother, I’ve seen that you’ve been naughty. While watching over you from high up on my little shelf, this little elf has caught you jerking your big cock to thinking of your little sister! So naughty! You can’t even lie to me big brother, because I’ve watched that cock of yours get hard after saying goodnight before bed to me. And since you’ve been a naughty big brother, I think its only right to tease your cock a bit before I decide wether or not I’m gona actually tell Santa on you hehe. Its been such a long time since you’ve actually gotten to see my princess parts brother, does my pussy look as little and pink and tight as it you used to? Let me show you just how tight it is hehe with my glass candycane dildo. hehe. Oh big brother, how much do you wish it was your big cock throbbing inside my tight little pussy while I cream all over you, instead of this candy cane hehe.

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Naughty Mommy Christmas Wish - Luscious Rose

Naughty Mommy Christmas Wish – Luscious Rose

Naughty Mommy Christmas Wish Naughty Mommy Has a Special present for you this Christmas a Magical Snowglobe, Shake it Make a wish and whatever it is it will come true. What Mommy Does not know is that your Secret wish is to see your Mommy Transform Into a Naughty Mommy that’s So Horny For her Little Boy, and will do whatever it takes to drain her good boys balls. Mommy Knows the house is full of people for the Holiday but she doesn’t care she pulls out her huge mommy tits and tells you how horny she is then mommy starts to play with her fat wet mommy pussy fucking it hard until its creamy wet and you love it the sound of mommys wet pussy drives you crazy and you give into her demands and start stroking your cock for her eager to be mommys good boy and give her every drop of hot young cum. mommy wants you to cum so hard for her so she can lick up every drop. mommy cums so hard her whole body quivers and you cant help it you cum at the same time. Mommy loves it and eagerly licks the cum of of your cock.

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Mother's Christmas Gift - Miss Behavin 26

Mother’s Christmas Gift – Miss Behavin 26

Son from college visits mom for christmas and stays on her couch. Father is not brought up and assumed to be out of the picture. On christmas eve night mom and her son are having some whiskey and coke and she confronts him about pictures of her she found in his luggage. A lot of pictures from her younger years in sexy dresses or bikinis out at the lake. It’s obvious her son jacks off to pictures of his mom and has a huge crush on her. She tries not to embarrass him and let him know everything is okay. She knows you were always a good little mommys boy that enjoyed cuddling with mom on the couch laying in her arms with her big beautiful boobs in your face. It’s clear he has always thought she was beautiful. They have always been very close. She is secretly excited about this partly due to she being a little buzzed from the whiskey. She tells him she found the pictures earlier and that’s why she wore such a sexy outfit that night – she knew he would be checking her out and taking mental images to jack off to that night on her couch. Well because he’s always been such a good boy she has a special gift for him in her bedroom. She sends him to her bedroom and she secretly goes to change clothes. Cut scene to the bedroom. Son is on the bed and mom enters the room in lingerie (black satin robe?? lingerie underneath?) and proceeds to seduce him. Sex positions – mom rides on top followed by missionary – encourages him to cum in her pussy. preferred clothing (I’ll eventually look through your video previews for clothing ideas) First part of the scene I was thinking something like a sexy, tight fitting turtleneck sweater. When the scene goes to the bedroom she is wearing a black satin robe with lingerie underneath. Requests – most important part is the dirty talk. The phrase “fuck your mother” could not be said enough. Staring into the camera and saying it for 5 minutes would literally make me the happiest man ever however I realize that may not be fun for you! “fuck your mother” and any variant “fuck mommy” “Keep fucking your mother son” etc mommy loves you – you love your mother – you’re such good boy – mommy’s boy – darling – honey – baby Here’s a quick sample dialogue for the finale. Doesn’t have to be word for word but if it is or anything close I’ll be to the moon! Look into my eyes baby. Tell me you’re mommy’s boy. Tell me, say it. Tell me you love me. That’s it good boy. Mommy loves you too. fuck your mother. that’s it, mommy loves your cock in her sweet wet pussy. Keep fucking mommy. you ready son? fuck your mother hard and give mommy all your cum. Cum in mommy’s pussy. Cum for mommy, cum in your mother baby. Good boy.


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All Mommy Wants for Christmas is Cum - Penelope Peach

All Mommy Wants for Christmas is Cum – Penelope Peach

Its Christmas morning and Mommy knows how excited you are but your father isn’t awake yet so you’ll just have to wait to open gifts. She suggests you play a game where you guess what the other person wants most for Christmas. She says she’ll go first and what happens next makes your cock harden and throb. She says she’s seen you looking at her tits but assures you its completely natural for a growing boy like yourself. She even takes them out and sucks her pink nipples for you. She can tell you’re getting excited and the sight of your bulge makes her wet. She shows you, siding her fingers in and out, coating them in her wetness before slipping them in her mouth to taste. She can tell you want to taste too so she slides those two fingers in your mouth and your cock twitches, aching for her. Lucky for you he wants to see how her little boy has grown. She takes your dick in her hands and moans and how hard she’s made you. She confesses that you she wants a little something from you for Christmas and as you slide your cock deep in her tight pussy you realize she wants your cum! She talks dirty to her little boy as you fuck her deep and hard. Finally she gets her wish and you blow a huge load inside her. As it drips out she tells you what a good job you’ve done. Better clean up quick. Wouldn’t want your father to catch you with your cum seeping out of Mommy’s pussy.


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