Keeping Mommy Warm: Mom & Son Cuddle, Accidental Erection, Mom Helps Son, POV - HD 1080p - Christina Sapphire

Keeping Mommy Warm: Mom & Son Cuddle, Accidental Erection, Mom Helps Son, POV – HD 1080p – Christina Sapphire

“It’s so cold tonight!” Mom rushed into your bedroom. “I need to get in…I need to get in with somebody warm! It’s so cold, I just need to borrow your warmth.” She got underneath the covers with you and snuggled her body against yours.
“Oh, my feet are cold, can I put them up against your leg?” she shivered. “Oh my god…you are so warm. Can you roll over and put your arms around me? That feels so good.” Her butt accidentally grinded against your cock, and she let out soft, satisfied moans from the warmth. “Oh wait, what’s that hard thing?” she felt something stiff against her body. “Did you go to sleep with a toy in your bed?”
But then a sweet, warm smile ran across her face. “Did Mommy give you that?” she asked. “Did Mommy make you hard? I bet it feels good for Mommy to rub it, doesn’t it?” She first stroked your hard cock, then put her mouth around it. “That feels so good…you’re so warm. Keeping Mommy warm is such an important job,” she told you.
She laid back, her silky nightgown pulled up now, and told you to slide your cock inside of her. “Oh god, that’s so warm…” she moaned. “This is such a nice way to warm on a frigid night.” After penetrating her wet pussy, you finally filled it with your cum. “That’s the best love making I’ve had in a long time…” she said. “I’m not cold anymore. Thank you, honey. Can you cuddle with me now…keep me warm for the rest of the night? Just like that…your arms feel perfect around Mommy….”

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Making Mom Feel Beautiful Again - Son Gives Mom the Special Attention She Needs, POV - HD 1080p - Christina Sapphire

Making Mom Feel Beautiful Again – Son Gives Mom the Special Attention She Needs, POV – HD 1080p – Christina Sapphire

Mom examined her body in the new, lacy lingerie she had purchased and let out a sad sigh. “Oh hi,” she looked up to see you. “Yeah, Mommy’s not feeling too good right now.” It was obvious that something was wrong, and she hesitated to tell you what it was.
Mom had lost her confidence a while ago. Because Dad hadn’t paid any special attention to her for a while, she didn’t feel attractive anymore. So, she went out to buy some sexy lingerie, but he didn’t notice that either. “I’m…I’m trying not to be upset by it, but I really am,” she struggled to say. “I shouldn’t be talking to you about this.”
“Why?” her eyes widened. “Well, because I’m your mom and you’re not supposed to have to worry about this…but you’re such a good listener, and you always have been, and I love that about you.” You could tell Mom needed someone to talk to. But more importantly, she needed someone to tell her she was beautiful, and someone to show her that she was loved and appreciated.
“And I went out and bought pretty underwear, and I thought it looked good…” she confided in you, “but he didn’t even notice. And now I’m sitting here crying to my son in my lingerie that nobody’s gonna see, nobody’s ever going to take off of me.”
“You think I’m pretty?” Mom was shocked by the compliment. “Do you still think Mommy looks good? I know there are such pretty girls your age…and they’ve got such gorgeous bodies, and well…I’ve had babies.” She explained that she used to have such perky, firm tits, but over the years, her once fit, tight body had disappeared.
You complimented her tits, even asking to touch them, and she was flattered. You knew what you’d do to cheer her up, to make her feel more beautiful than ever. “You wanna see the underwear?” she replied. She stood up and stripped out of her lingerie, then showed off her mature body in her sexy panties. “Thank you, honey…” she said softly, “do you wanna see what a real woman’s private parts look like? Have you ever seen a woman’s private parts before? No?”
You had only see girls in videos online. But now Mom had spread her legs and exposed her bare, pink pussy to you. “I even shaved for Daddy and he didn’t notice,” she said, her fingers rubbing softly against her lips. “Do you wanna kiss it?”
Mom desperately needed to be touched – she needed to feel good again. Soon, she was absorbed in pleasure as the two of you shared your bodies with one another. “It feels so good,” she moaned. “Do you think you can cum in Mommy? Okay, fuck me hard and cum for me…”
“It’s been so long…” Mom purred. “Thank you. Give Mommy a kiss.” She finally felt like herself again, and she was glowing with a natural, undeniable beauty.

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Mom & Son Share a Bed - Mom Wakes Up to Son Masturbating Beside Her & Helps Him Get off, POV - HD 1080p - Christina Sapphire - Fifi Foxx Fantasies

Mom & Son Share a Bed – Mom Wakes Up to Son Masturbating Beside Her & Helps Him Get off, POV – HD 1080p – Christina Sapphire – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

“I did not want to share a bed this trip,” Mom mumbled as she shifted her body between the blankets. You tried to be quiet while you jerked off beside her underneath the covers, but Mom could feel the bed moving.
“Wait…what are you doing?” her tired, blurry eyes looked at you, then closed again. “I’m going back to sleep.” It’s not like you wanted to share a bed with her either, but your aunt only had one guest bedroom, and you jerked off every night before going to sleep.
“God, are you masturbating with your mother in the bed?” she asked bluntly, turning towards you. “Really? You couldn’t let it wait? Look, I know you’re a growing boy, I know you have needs, but you couldn’t just wait…or use the bathroom like a normal person? No, you have to masturbate in bed with your mother. Are you done?”
Of course you weren’t done – Mom knew that, but she wanted to ignore it. She turned back over, closed her eyes, and soon after that, she was awake again to you masturbating. “I can not sleep with you doing that,” she opened her eyes. “Fine, you need some help? I will help you. Ugh, I can’t believe I’m doing this…”
Mom wrapped her hand around your hard cock and started stroking. “How long does it take you to cum?” she asked switching between hands and eventually wearing herself out. “How about you just cum inside Mommy’s pussy,” she said defeated. “Cause that way it’ll be less mess to clean up and my arms can rest…are you okay with that? I want to go back to sleep.”
She slipped off her white panties, spread her legs, and allowed you to penetrate her tight, warm pussy. As you fucked her, she let out soft moans, and you finally filled her with your big load. “Doesn’t it feel good to cum in Mommy’s pussy?” she asked. “Better than your hands? Think you can go to sleep now? Okay good, where’s that towel? I need it.”


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That's My Mom! Wait, That's Me?! - Son Discovers He's Inside His Mom's Body - HD 1080p - Christina Sapphire - Fifi Foxx Fantasies

That’s My Mom! Wait, That’s Me?! – Son Discovers He’s Inside His Mom’s Body – HD 1080p – Christina Sapphire – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

He woke up in an unfamiliar room. His blurry, tired eyes looked down to see painted fingernails and smooth, shaven legs. “I don’t remember this happening at the party last night,” he mumbled to himself. “This is a little weird. And my toenails, too?”
His fingers pressed against his throat. “My voice is lower than this…” he said confused. “I mean…I think it is. Everything sounds funny.” He quickly realized he was wearing lingerie, and underneath that, he had female body parts in place of his usual male parts. “Uh…dude, what the hell happened?” he asked examining his feminine figure. “These are not mine.”
His fingers ran through the long, straight, dark hair that fell past his shoulders. “Smells good, too. Girls use nice shampoo,” he said smelling its pretty scent. “And the ears are pierced….and a wedding ring? What the hell is going on?”
He walked off to find a mirror to see what he looked like. “Glasses? Well, I wear glasses so that’s okay. Lipstick? Am I wearing eyeliner?” he said with his face pressed up against the glass. But then it hit him. “Wait…” He pulled back from the mirror and stared at his reflection. “That’s my mom! That’s…that’s…my mom. That’s…I’m not supposed to look like that,” he said in shock. “Oh my god…”
Although he was surprised, he couldn’t help but continue examining his new, beautiful, mature body. He had never seen Mom in this way before, and being inside of her made it that much more interesting. He walked back out to the bedroom and began to strip off his lingerie. He fondled, groped, grabbed, and licked his new female body parts. Everything felt so good…so different from his own male body.
He would eventually learn how to masturbate as a woman, rubbing his fingers against his clit, and then penetrating himself. There were so many exciting things to explore – even Mom’s tight, little asshole.
He wasn’t sure how this happened…why it happened. All he knew was that he loved being inside a woman’s body and all the pleasures that came with it – even if it was his mom’s.


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Mom's Confesses Her Perverted, Immoral Fantasies to a Stranger - HD 1080p - Christina Sapphire - Fifi Foxx Fantasies

Mom’s Confesses Her Perverted, Immoral Fantasies to a Stranger – HD 1080p – Christina Sapphire – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

Mom struggles to admit her perverted, immoral, disgusting fantasies to a stranger about her own son. An extreme experience with a brand new sinful Mom.
“Hi. Um…I just need someone to talk to tonight,” Mom struggled to say. After debating it in her head, she finally had enough courage to dial the number to the hotline. “I…you’re gonna listen to me, right? I keep having these feelings about somebody that I’m really not supposed to have sexual feelings about. No, no…not my boss, someone a little closer to home.”
She didn’t want to confess that her perverted fantasies where about her own son. “And I just keep getting so wet…and it’s not right, I shouldn’t think this thing about him, but he’s so good-looking and strong, and he’s got a big, hard cock when he needs it…” She felt ashamed to let the words out from her lips – she knew how disgusting she truly was.
“I know it’s okay to have sexual feelings, I know that…yeah, but…I…I can’t tell you who it is,” Mom stammered. “You have to know? It’s my son.” Her stomach sank, her heart sped up – she wasn’t sure what the person on the other line would think. But the idea of admitting something so taboo, so immoral…began to turn her on, and her hand caressed her big tits, ran down her legs, and gently brushed up against her inner thigh.
“Of course I’m not touching myself. Why would I do that? That’s wrong,” she lied to the man on the phone. The more she confessed her shameful, wrongful fantasies, the more she got turned on, and her fingers slid against her wet, bare, mature pussy. She couldn’t control herself, and she couldn’t control her feelings…and soon, even the man on the other line was intrigued by her perverted, obscene, pornographic images.
“Tell me I’m a bad Mommy,” she begged, “tell me you want more from your Mommy…” Her legs quivered as she came, and once she realized what had happened, she quickly closed her legs, embarrassed by her sinful desires. But she knew, no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t stop herself from fantasizing about her son.


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