No Stepson of Mine - Harlyn P. Rose

No Stepson of Mine – Harlyn P. Rose

It has recently come to my attention that my stepson—MY stepson—jerks off. I’m appalled. Such a disgusting, unnatural thing for any man to do, but my stepson? No.
I won’t stand for it. That sort of wanton pleasure makes men selfish, gives them silly delusions about the importance of their cocks. No stepson of mine will grow up thinking that male desire matters. He needs to learn the way the world works, and I suppose it’s my job to teach him.

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Mummy Fucks You - Lady Nera

Mummy Fucks You – Lady Nera

It looks like Mummy is going to have to teach you a lesson about filling your nappies correctly isn’t she? She’s tried all manner of ways to make you fill your pampers uncontrollably but you always resist and hold on to your mess.
Until Mummy has a light bulb moment…Maybe a good ass fucking will teach you how to fill your pampers like a good little boy should.
Mummy is going to take down that diaper and have her fat cock get roughly accomodated in your tight little boy pussy if you like it or not. Not to mention that Mummy’s big dick doesn’t cum so she can fuck you as hard and for as long as she likes, or at least until Mummy thinks you’ve learnt your lesson. Maybe you’ll think twice about being a good diaper boy for Mummy.
Now come on little boy make that big stink in the seat of your diaper like a good little pampers bitch!

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Caged Up By Mommy POV - Tall Goddess Gia

Caged Up By Mommy POV – Tall Goddess Gia

You keep getting a boner whenever your around your mommy. Looking at her luscious long legs and feet in sexy heels you just can’y help it! But Mommy thinks it’s very inappropriate and she want to have a talk with you. You keep looking at her feet and getting erect! Mom has had enough and pulls out a nice little cage for you, she locks you up and keeps the key extra close to her. Now you have to wear this until Mommy let’s you out!

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Mean Mommy - Roxana Rae

Mean Mommy – Roxana Rae

I just married your dad and moved into your house and now there are going to be some changes. I know right now you think I’m being a mean mommy but in the long run I’m really just helping you. See I know about that tiny little useless dick of yours and if you follow my rules I will help mold you into a useful man instead of a loser with a useless unfuckable beta dick.


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