Mom's CEI Punishment - Jackie Synn

Mom’s CEI Punishment – Jackie Synn

Mom is so tired of you not being able to control yourself, all you do is masturbate! You’ve gotten in trouble for it at school, the gym, and you’re always blowing your load all over the house & never cleaning it up. Mom calls the doctor for his recommendation, she’s willing to try ANYTHING to help you with your condition.; After mom’s off the phone, she realizes you’ve been wanking under the covers while sitting across from her the whole time. Mom decides to put the doctors recommendation in play – you’re going to cum in front of your mother, but you’re damn sure going to clean it up! Mom makes you eat your load several times, even teasing you with her big tits to aid you along. I hope you’re hungry son!

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Mommy Says CEI - Tammie Madison

Mommy Says CEI – Tammie Madison

You have stroked with the intention to swallow your cum so many times. Yet, something always stops you just at the final moment. You hesitate and hold back. But, your inability to follow through is all down to not having the right motivation. That is why I am here. You would never disobey or say no to Mommy and Mommy wants you to stroke for her. I know what you like and what you need. You will follow every single one of Mommy’s instructions. You always do what Mommy says and Mommy says you will eat your cum for her. Clip contains: Mommy Domme gives you a sensual jerk off and cum eating instruction making it impossible to resist swallowing your cum for her – joi games – taboo – cei

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Mommy's Cum Eating Bitch - Brittany Marie

Mommy’s Cum Eating Bitch – Brittany Marie

Come here! Mommy is very upset with you. I allow you the privilege to jerk, but you haven’t been eating your cum! This is your last chance to avoid punishment. You are going to jerk, you are going to suck, and you are going to be fucked to ensure you cum. And you will eat it you little bitch!

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Taboo Stepmom JOI CEI - Hentai Dream Girl

Taboo Stepmom JOI CEI – Hentai Dream Girl

Well.. as soon as I entered the bathroom I see that you masturbating ! That’s why you get bad grades at school, because you do this instead of learning ! Well, I’ll train you fucking idiot ! Grab your fucking horny stupid little dick and stroke it, till you cum ! But cum into your palm bitch, and lick your hand clean, little scum ! Get out of the tub and clean out the fucking bathroom as well, then go back to study you stupid little dick!

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Eat Cummies for Stepommy - Mistress Bijoux

Eat Cummies for Stepommy – Mistress Bijoux

Just in time for Stepmother’s Day! you do want to make sure Stepmommy is happy, right? There is one thing you must do… after stepmommy discovered that you have been touching yourself, it’s the only way. Don’t worry, Stepommy will explain everything. This video is discounted because Stepmommy got lipstick on Her chin trying to demonstrate your new task for Her – oops!

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Mommy & Aunty Make You Clean Up Cum - Molly Majesty

Mommy & Aunty Make You Clean Up Cum – Molly Majesty

Mommy is so tired of cleaning up after you. I know you have urges and needs and that’s ok but for the love of God stop cumming all over everything! Clean up after yourself! Since you can’t listen to mommy I have called over your Aunt to help. We tell you to jerk off and count you down to cuming into Mommy’s hand but when you’re done…we show you how to clean it all up. Good boy. (ft. FapcakeSenpai) tags- taboo, family, CEI, cum eating, mom fantasy, girl/girl, double domme, aunt, cousin, jerk off encouragement, JOI, watching you, cum countdown


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Mommy Punishes You for Watching Porn - Jessica Starling

Mommy Punishes You for Watching Porn – Jessica Starling

Mommy knows you’ve been a dirty little boy. Mommy knows what you’re doing with her laptop at night. You’ve been stroking your little cock to porn — MILF and taboo porn no less, you filthy pervert. Have you been thinking about mommy when you touch yourself? You need to be punished. If you like touching yourself so much, why don’t you do it in front of mommy? What, are you embarrassed? Stop snivelling and do what I say. My boy needs to listen to mommy and touch his cock exactly like how I say. Mommy owns you and that cock.


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Mommy's P1ss Perv Gets CEI Punishment - Penelope Peach Fetish

Mommy’s P1ss Perv Gets CEI Punishment – Penelope Peach

You’ve always been obsessed with following Mommy into the bathroom and shes puts up with it until the day she finds her dirty underwear in your drawer. You’ve clearly been using them for some type of perverted reason. Well now Mommy is going to make your dreams come true. She has you come into the bathroom where she stands in the shower and teases you, noticing that you’re getting hard and giving you some JOI. Soon all your biggest fantasies are coming true as she gives you the panties right off her body and tells you to sniff deep as you jerk your cock to her. She even gives you a cum countdown as she puts her leg on the shower wall and pisses right in front of you. You blow a huge load and can’t believe your luck until She reveals this has been for punishment all along. She instructs you to lick all that cum up off your hand while she tells you what a sick freak you are. As you finally lick up the last drops she barks to get out. Little does she know that this has only strengthened your obsession…


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The Widow Maker - Goddess Stella Sol

The Widow Maker – Goddess Stella Sol

It was a beautiful ceremony but it’s time to face that fact that she’s gone. Your mommy is no longer with us and now your father and I are free to marry. I shock you with this news and then let you in on a little secret. Much like your mommy, now you and your daddy are My next targets. You see, your father is filthy and he’s rich, and we’ve been having an affair for years. I’ve watched you grow and mature into an adult too and realize you pose a threat to My inheritance. However, much like you’re father, you’re helplessly infatuated with Me, and I have you eating right out of My hands. You’d would rather than give up the feelings I give you. Not to mention you want Me to be your Step Mother more than anything. It’s true. I have you strip down to nothing and command that you stroke under pressure while I confess to you about all of the very embarassing footage I have of you masturbating to gay and MILF porn. I even have footage of you jerking off while spying on Me. Ahh, you thought I didn’t know about that. HA! You and your father are much alike and so stupid. It’s just a matter of time before he and I marry, and you and he are no longer in the way of what I truly want. I count you down, make you cum on the floor and lick it up, and then reinterate that you will not say one word or things will end very badly for you sooner than not.


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