Daddy Is Out On Business And Mommy Is Horny - Butt3rflyforU

Daddy Is Out On Business And Mommy Is Horny – Butt3rflyforU

Daddy is out on business for 3 weeks and mommy is alone and horny. I woke up from a d ead sleep to find myself rubbing my pussy and getting very wet all alone!!! I try to satisfy my craving for a hard cock but to no avail! I keep trying to make myself cum but I finally give in and call you to come in my bedroom! You haven’t left for the day yet, and you come into my room. You see mommy spread legs playing with myself! You ask what I am doing and I tell you that I can’t make it another 3 weeks while your dad is out of town!!! I start teasing you, but it doesn’t take much to get your dick nice and hard! The sight of mommy with my legs spread wide with pussy juices beginning to run down my legs just sends your cock into overdrive!!! I unzip your pants and start touching your hard, young , throbbing cock!!! Mommy puts her soft lips on your manhood and mommy’s head starts bobbing up and down on your cock! You have no problem filling in for your dad to help mommy have a nice hard orgasm this morning!!!! Oh and sweetie, don’t worry, you don’t need a condom!!! I am your mommy!!!

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School Bully Nuts In Mommy - Butt3rflyforU

School Bully Nuts In Mommy – Butt3rflyforU

You came home with a terrible report card so tonight is mommy’s special night of pleasure and your night of punishment!!! Mommy is all dolled up for your school bully to come over! That’s right! He loves mommy’s tight pussy and huge tits!!! Maybe watching mommy get fucked by the school bully will motivate you to get better grades!!!Mommy is wearing this sexy body suit and thigh highs for your bully!!! He fucks me so good and tonight will be extra special because I want him to leave his hot seed inside mommy!!! But don’t worry, you have front row seats to watch this hot evening!!! And mommy will of course save you his special treat!!! You will be mommy’s good pussy cleaner!!! Maybe you can at least clean me up after…..can you do that right? I know your grades stink, but maybe you can at least be a good pussy cleaner!!!!

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Mommy Sees Your Credit Card Charges For Porn - Butt3rflyforU

Mommy Sees Your Credit Card Charges For Porn – Butt3rflyforU

I come home to find the bank statement in the mailbox and there are a ton of charges for all sorts of porn! Hot, fuck a, mom’s sweet!!! I confront you about all these charges!!! I bet all of your friends want to jerk off over me too! You are such a dirty boy! I’ll make you a deal! If I can tease you with mommy’s big breasts, tight body and big ass and get your dick nice and hard then you don’t have to pay for these charges!!!! No sense denying that you want your mother!!!! You and all your friends!!!! If you get hard, then you don’t have to pay and you have to show me how you jerk off and how much cum you build up for your hot mom!!!!!!! I have a feeling I am going to prove a point!!!!! You can’t deny it anymore!!!

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Hurry You'll Be Late For School - Butt3rflyforU

Hurry You’ll Be Late For School – Butt3rflyforU

I caught you jerking off in the morning when you should have been up and getting ready for school. The school bus comes in 20 minutes! I tell you to get up and that I am not taking you to the bus stop!!!!! I notice that the bed covers is like a huge tent and I see movement from your hand underneath! I turn around to leave but the curiosity of that huge tent has me mystified! I turn around and close the door….I open my bathrobe , to which I am wearing a hot lave bra that shows mommy’s enormous cleavage! I crawl on the bed towards you and ask if you need a hand with that. I tell you that daddy isn’t capable of giving me what I need and is down right lousy in bed. I begin taking off my robe and start touching your cock through the bed covers. I can tell you are so hard and I haven’t had that is a long time!!!! I remove the covers and being licking and suckling on your manhood. You begin leaking precum and my pussy is starting to leak juices….I tell you that I need sex…good sex from a hard cock….I slowly take off my lace panties and turn around after sucking on you….I ask you to slide it up inside of me doggystyle so I get the deepest penetration….oh honey….that feels amazing… can feel my wetness on your shaft…you being pumping mommy…back and forth until I cum all over your cock..I beg you to cum inside of me….honey I need you to fill me up…I will make sure you are taken care of before you go off to school… ENJOY!

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Watching Milf Porn With Mom 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Watching Milf Porn With Mom 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

I come home from my trip early and surprised you!!!! You didn’t expect mommy home so early and you were sitting on the couch masturbating to some young guys fucking hot milf’s!!! You were shocked to hear mommy say not to stop and don’t worry about it. You couldn’t believe your ears that your hot mom actually didn’t mind that you were sitting on the couch rubbing one out!!! She told you it’s ok and she knows you do it a lot! Mommy actually sits down next to and and starts watching!!! You keep stroking your cock and it gets even harder knowing that mommy was getting turned on too!! She was commenting how young and hung the guys were!!! She keeps checking out your cock and starts teasing you and encouraging you to cum!!! She wants to see how much you can cum compared to the porn guys!!!! She even takes her tits out so you can really build up a huge load!!! Mommy wants you to blast her tits with your cum….just like in the porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mom's My Cum Dumpster 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Mom’s My Cum Dumpster 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

Your mom is ovulating and you know what happens when she is ovulating. Nothing can stop her. She becomes a whore and needs hard cock! She walks into your room and announces she is horny and needs your morning wood….your jaw drops and are in shock….not knowing how to react….she was so dominating…she walks over to your bed and pulls down the bed sheets. She starts to rub on your morning hard on….telling you how big you have gotten and that she wants to deep throat your young cock and have you line her throat with your precum! She begins deep throating your dick…gagging with watery eyes…your dick gets so hard…you can’t believe your mom wants you so bad…..she is craving your young cock…nothing will satisfy her until you stick your throbbing manhood up inside her….raw….she straddles you in bed and slowly pushes your cock inside…..she tells you “see…how good it feels”!!!!! You will be addicted to my morning wet pussy now for the rest of your life!!!! She even tells you to cum inside of her!!!! You lose it when you hear that…you have never cum inside any pussy and now you get to fill up your mom’s pussy !!!!!! Enjoy


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Panty Shopping With Mommy - Butt3rflyforU

Panty Shopping With Mommy – Butt3rflyforU

Honey I just need you to behave in this store for 10 minutes…It’s the last store I need to shop in and they are having an unreal panty sale and I want to buy some. Just sit down in the dressing room and behave…play your Nintendo or Gameboy…just let me try on a few pairs….”What do you think of this pair honey?”…”oh these are nice”….thong…double strap…hmmm..what is happening to you? Is that an erection in your pants? Do you get excited watching mommy try on panties? OMG…now it all makes sense…I am missing several pairs and now I know where they are! You are masturbating to them aren’t you? You are jerking off and sniffing them aren’t you? Well well…now I know your secret…it’s ok….it’s our secret!!! But now I want you to take your hard , young cock out for mommy and start stroking it…show me what you do at home….now you have me in person and you can cum in any pair that you wish…I’ll even let you sniff my vagina! Look at it…..sniff it….keep stroking honey…right at the tip…the very sensitive part …the part that makes you cum!!! Pick a pair and I will buy it for you…I will give you these…as a souvenir!!!! I love you honey! ENJOY!


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Consoling Mommy On Her Birthday HD - Butt3rflyforU

Consoling Mommy On Her Birthday HD – Butt3rflyforU

It’s my birthday and of course I have no one to spend it with. Your dad is gone…again…out of town and leaves me all by myself….You are my sweet boy and of course offer to stay home with me and do things with me on my birthday, but I tell you no way, don’t change your plans. You insist and go a step further and offer me a birthday massage….oh boy! I can’t resist that !!!! I begin taking off my satin robe showing my bare shoulders. “Oh my sweet young son, this feels soooo good..” “Mommy is so tense and tight”…..That feels so good….You tell me to let you rub my legs….I take my robe completely off…just leaving mommy’s thong and bra…..You begin to get aroused…..looking at me ….you are only 14, but your hormones raging….mommy’s body is so hot, you always jerk off in your bed thinking of what her pussy would feel like,what it feels like to have mommy’s lips around your throbbing , young begin rubbing me on my legs…you can see pussy lips between her legs and under her thong…….”Uhhhh…honey…..umm…what’s that ? You have a huge tent in your pants”…honey..did you get aroused by massaging me? Oh dear , ,my young baby….sit here….let me see….Oh my…you are getting so large down there….take it out…let mommy help you…let me show you how to release that build up…”I didn’t mean for this to happen”….Let mommy take care of that…Mommy’s hands and lips will feel good honey…It’s the least I can do since it is my fault you got aroused….showing my baby boy by bra and panties probably wasn’t a good idea… I will help you…I LOVE YOU!!! ENJOY!


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Ass Fucking The Milf Next Door 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Ass Fucking The Milf Next Door 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

You live next door and your mom is out of town and you’re home all by yourself. I am the hot milf next door that you sneak over to see from time to time…now you have run out of laundry detergent and need to borrow some. You knock on my door and to your delight I am half naked…only opening the door a little to see who it is. I have a teeny tiny bra on, garter belt and satin robe with thigh highs and heels. I open the door and you are smiling ear to ear eye fucking me and my hot outfit. I tell you this isn’t the best time, I am filming and doing a photo shoot for a porno that I am starring in….I invite you inside since I know your mom is out of town because she would flip if she knew you were over here and filming porn!!!! You come in and meet everyone…the lead actor is 30 minutes late!!!! I can’t wait forever..but l introduce you to the producer and he asks your age….18!!!! PERFECT!!!!!! I ask if you would like to co star with me in this feature film….and oh by the way you know I love young cocks!!!! And this is going to be extra special honey!!! You will be fucking my ass….so go slow because I can already see that you have a huge hard on in your pants and you are so girthy …..but follow me into my bedroom!! This will be exciting for you!!! Your’re first anal experience! Let the action begin!!!!! ENJOY!


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