Mommy Impregnation Taboo Fantasy - Buffy LeBrat

Mommy Impregnation Taboo Fantasy – Buffy LeBrat

Your Mother sheepishly calls you in to ask an awkward favour. She tells you that she and your Daddy have been trying for another baby, but things don’t seem to be working out. She has a feeling the reason they are struggling is because your Dad is so much older now, but she’s been trying to do her bit by keeping record of when she is most fertile. These next few days should be the time your folks are getting it on, however your Dad couldn’t get out of a business trip and now Mom is stuck at home, frustrated and alone. She’s had a bright idea though. She only had sex with Daddy a few days ago, and seeing as you are a young man with a great deal of stamina, and you really do have a striking resemblance for your father, why don’t you step up and fill his shoes, by filling Mommy’s wet pussy with your cock? Mommy just wants to have a big happy family! Can you help her by keeping it in the family? Before you know it, you’re drawn in to your Mom’s hot body and her teasing. You slip your cock into her and fuck her in lots of different positions to satisfy both of your lust. She begs for your seed, and teases you by telling you about how she’ll be able to feel her body change, and how hot she will look when she’s pregnant. Come on son, Mommy needs her baby!

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Mommy's Anniversary Gift Virtual Sex - Buffy LeBrat

Mommy’s Anniversary Gift Virtual Sex – Buffy LeBrat

Hello there my special boy! Mommy was wondering if you would be my little helper! It’s Mommy and Daddy’s anniversary soon, and I went out shopping for a gift. It’s a little bit naughty though, so please don’t be embarrassed. I got some sexy lingerie to surprise Daddy, and I was wondering if you would let me try it on for you… I can’t ask my girlfriends because I need to know what a MAN thinks of my gift, and who better to ask than my helpful, grown up son? I want it to be a surprise for him after all, so why don’t I try it on for you while he’s still out? Tell me what you think, man to woman. I strip off in front of you and you get a little bit shy, but I tell you not to worry as I’ve done this so many times before… there’s no shame, is there? You get to watch my strip fully naked, and then doll myself up for you in sexy stockings and lingerie. It all seems rather innocent at first, but you suddenly find yourself preoccupied with how hot I’m looking. I give you a twirl, and joke that I look so sexy that even YOU would want to try it on for me. Oh goodness! Judging by your erection, you do seem like you’d fancy a shot. Mom decides that her lingerie needs a test drive, and starts stroking your big fat cock. I suppose if it only happens this one time, it won’t be so odd. Before you know it, you’re inside mommy and fucking her from all angles, missionary, doggy-style and cowgirl. Mom encourages you to have your wicked way with her until you cum inside her! I’ll be sure to let Daddy know what a big help you were for Mommy. This lingerie clearly gets a ten out of ten from you! This video contains: Cowgirl Sex position, Doggystyle sex position, Kink, Lace Lingerie, Missionary sex position, Mommy Roleplay, Mother/Son fantasy, Seamed Stockings, Taboo, Virtual Sex, and of course, yours truly.

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Mommy's still got it Taboo Virtual Sex - BuffyLeBrat

Mommy’s still got it Taboo Virtual Sex – Buffy LeBrat

NOW AVAILABLE FOR STREAMING! Part of being a grown up son is being there for mommy when she needs you. You walk into your mommy’s bedroom to find her crying, and sat in her lingerie, stockings and high heels. She’s a little bit shy when it comes to you seeing like this, so she covers up a little while explaining that her date tonight did not go according to plan. As you can see, she got dressed up especially for the occassion, and thought that her date would take things to the next level but she was disappointed when he decided to bail, especially when she was looking so sexy. You decide to cheer your mom up by playing at flirting with her: telling her that she’s pretty and getting her to give you a twirl. You know exactly how to cheer her up, and soon she’s smiling again. You can’t believe how hot she looks when she smiles. She expresses that she has needs to take care of, and she is glad that she can depend on you to look out for her. You decide to hug her, but being able to feel her body pressed against yours when she’s dressed so seductively causes your cock to betray you, and suddenly you’re sporting a full blown erection. You’re both a little bit embarrassed by this reaction, but your mother eventually decides that it is a perfectly natural reaction to being in the presence of a desirable woman, even if she IS your mommy. Your mother decides to take advantage of the situation, by encouraging you to get your hard cock out and stroke it. She promises to keep it a secret between the two of you and begs you to just make her feel beautiful again. She teases you with her petite MILF body and before you know it you’re stroking your aching cock to your mother. She strips out of her panties and begs you to cum for her, and you insist on cumming inside her. Your mom lays back and you enter her. You’re both so excited by being with one of your own that you quickly climax together. Breathless, your Mommy proudly exclaims that she’s still got it.


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