Beta son Learns to Pleasure Mommy - Brat Princess 2 - Brianna Beach

Beta son Learns to Pleasure Mommy – Brat Princess 2 – Brianna Beach

Brianna, unfortunately, has produced a beta male son. She will have to train the poor weakling to please a woman before disposing of him. First, she will train her son to enjoy the scent of a woman’s pussy and ass. She plans to sell the boy off into slavery, but first, he needs to learn a sexual skill or two. Brianna makes her son beg to inhale the scent of her pussy and ass. She has her son locked into chastity so that he doesn’t get any funny ideas. Her son will never be allowed out of the cage. His penis is inferior, and he will have to be taught other sexual skills to be of any use to women. Male offspring with a nicer cock or more strength would have fetched a nicer price. Too bad. Brianna uses her vibrator to get herself off. She wants her son to deeply inhale the scent of her orgasm. She cums with her vibrator right over her son’s face. The boy remains locked in chastity the entire time.

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Punishment Fucked By Mom & Sister 2160p - Brat Princess 2 - Brianna Beach & Kat Soles

Punishment Fucked By Mom & Sister 2160p – Brat Princess 2 – Brianna Beach & Kat Soles

Ellis must always obey his younger sister. If he disobeys, Mom has given her daughter the permission to punish fuck her brother. Kat will be allowed to fuck her brother as punishment whenever he deserves it. Ellis must serve his younger sister and all her friends, doing whatever they say. If he refuses, Kat will fuck her brother’s ass more and harder! Brianna, Kat and Ellis’ Mother, shows her daughter a few tips on how to fuck a beta, like her brother, into submission. The state has ordered all beta’s to be controlled by their Mothers until such a time as they can surrender to a Keyholder outside of the family. Kat fucks her brother’s mouth with a dildo while his Mother fucks his ass. Ellis squirms and makes a fuss. The fuck hurts, but he doesn’t have a choice. After the fuck, Ellis must thank his Mother and sister for his beta training.

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The Mom Son Routine - Brianna Beach

The Mom Son Routine – Brianna Beach

My mom and I have been helping each other get moisturized every day for the last couple weeks. It is nice just hanging out and talking while she rubs lotion on my back. I love touching her too. She is so beautiful and soft. I have been trying to get close to touching her in places that would make her feel even better. I try today and she gets weird and tells me we should go to bed. I leave but I forgot my shirt in her room.
We I come back, I find her masturbating and smelling my shirt. I am so turned on. She gets horny after we do this stuff too! I tell her it is okay and show her my cock while I stroke it. She gets so turned on and lets me watch her masturbate. I want her to touch me. She is reluctant but gives in and starts sucking my cock. I need to feel her pussy.
She wants it and lets me shove it deep inside her and fuck her until she cums all over my cock! This will be our new routine forever! I love fucking my hot mom!!!

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