Impregnate Mommy 1080p - Haylee Love

Impregnate Mommy 1080p – Haylee Love

Mommy has been searching for a young stud to breed her fertile pussy. She’s noticed lately that you have become quite a fine specimen and she is sure that your sperm will be potent enough for the job. You can’t say no to Mommy, you’re too much of a Mama’s boy for that! Let Mommy ride your hard cock till it bursts all your seed into her cervix. It’s so difficult to last long even though you know how taboo this is. The idea of impregnating your mom is ridiculously hot though and before you know it you’ve had your balls drained deep inside her.

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Mommy Disciplines Son - TgirlOneGuy

Mommy Disciplines Son – TgirlOneGuy

This young defiant teen refuses to respect his single mother with the respect that she deserves. Enough is enough and she turns her little boy out to teach him the lesson she should have taught his father. By the end, she has him moaning like the little bitch that he really is being bred with Mommy’s milk and made to eat his own load.

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Make Mommy Pregnant - Lorena Brink

Make Mommy Pregnant – Lorena Brink

Your dad and I have been trying for another baby for months now, but still no luck. Tests showed that your dad just isn’t that fertile anymore. Well there is another option… You are almost an exact copy of your dad when he was your age. We could, you know… You could make me pregnant and not tell your father.. It will be our secret, no one has to ever find out.

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Mommy's Big Butt in Tiny Shorts - Lady Aorta

Mommy’s Big Butt in Tiny Shorts – Lady Aorta

Mommy has a problem. Don’t laugh at Mommy, but… You see, I think Mommy’s ass has gotten a lot bigger. Mommy’s been putting on some weight and… I’ll just show you ok, don’t laugh. I’m wearing these shorts and they are extremely tight. They weren’t this tight last time I tried them on. They give me a camel toe which is a little uncomfortable. The back is the worst! Oh, what’s the matter? You think it’s funny, don’t you? Wait a second… You’re turned on by this. Mommy’s so silly. She’s just bending over in front of you. Of course you’re turned on by Mommy’s booty. You don’t mind that Mommy’s butt has gotten bigger. What do you think of Mommy’s butt in these teeny tiny shorts? You are so lucky to have such a hot Mommy… Well, Mommy does like showing off for you. You’re really turned on, baby. Imagine taking Mommy from the back. Rubbing your hard dick on Mommy’s big butt. These shorts don’t come off easily. You’d have to rip them off. Oh, Mommy’s big butt all to yourself, all that ass just for you… You would rip those shorts right off and get to the point. Fuck Mommy’s pussy from the back. Her big fat pussy is so juicy and so wet for you. Shoot your load inside Mommy’s pussy. Plant your seed in Mommy. Maybe we’ll get into trouble later about that but it doesn’t matter… You can’t stop cumming, Mommy’s pussy is so good!

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Wicked Step Mom Steals Your Sperm - Lovely Liliths

Wicked Step Mom Steals Your Sperm – Lovely Liliths

After a freak accident, you find yourself bed-ridden with your arms wrapped in bandages. You’ve become helpless, and rely entirely on your support at home. Your stepmother has informed you that she sent your nurse home… and that your father has gone away on a business trip–again. Now, it’s just you and her in the house.
Your stepmom was clearly a gold digger, and is only in the marriage with your father to take his fortune when he dies. His newest female coworker has your stepmom worried, though. So, in order to cement her place in your dad’s fortune, she’s decided she’s going to get pregnant. The only problem is– your dad’s sperm isn’t working. Now, she wants yours.


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Breeding Your Pet Sister - Sadbaffoon

Breeding Your Pet Sister – Sadbaffoon

I was playing in my room pretending to be a cat and my annoying older brother came to tell me that I’m not a real cat! He said the only way I could be a real cat is if I let him breed me. I was so confused! What in the world does that mean? He said that it means he’d put cat babies inside of me! I want cat babies. That sounds soooo cute. I asked him how breeding works and he said he’d put his cock in my kitty hole and put his seed deep inside of me. Sounds kind of gross, I thought. But I want to be a real cat! So I let him do it, I let my big brother breed me.


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