Gluttony: The Seven Deadly Sins Project - Misty Sin

Gluttony: The Seven Deadly Sins Project – Misty Sin

Miss LingLing is our big tittied Mommy. And we are just the slutty stripper step daughters. Mommy needs some love and we need some milk! Watch as MistySin, Hazel Sage, Calista Green, Pearl Sinclair, and Marilyn West all get on our knees and suck and lick Mommy’s full tits! They say Gluttony is a deadly sin. But it feels so right. This is part of the Seven Deadly Sins Project. Week 5 is Gluttony. This is a seven part series and you can expect one video each week Sept 15th 2019- Halloween. Enjoy, you sinful creatures.

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Being Sinful with Mommy PART ONE - Kelly Payne

Being Sinful with Mommy PART ONE – Kelly Payne

Mommy has noticed you’ve been trying to get attention when she’s nursing, she wants to talk to you about it… but discovers it has little to do with wanting extra mommy time, and more to do with you enjoying watching her take out her tits and milk them. She tells you privacy is important and that from now on she’ll be pumping & nursing in private. But she catches you spying on her again, and decides to talk to your father about the matter and decides to reluctantly show you how the breast pump works, hoping to evade your want to watch her. Except as she’s showing you how the pump works she starts to catch on, your really enjoying watching her and you talk her into letting you nurse directly from her breasts. Mom has you cuddle up close, and shows you how to nurse… noticing that you’ve become aroused mom pulls away and continues to try to talk you out of being turned on by your mom.

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Driink Up, Son - Sydney Harwin

Driink Up, Son – Sydney Harwin

Your mom has seen your school results and she is NOT happy about them. She knows you can do SO much better, so she has come up with a plan… She’s been doing a little bit of research and found that human breast milk can do wonders for concentration and learning abilities. Your punishment is to consume her breast milk once she has fully expressed into a large glass. You get to watch as she hand pumps for almost 20 minutes until she is empty, and then you have to consume it in front of her… You might even get to taste some direct from the source… If your a good boy you get to have it straight from mommy’s nipples…

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Step Son Milks Engorged Mom POV - Miss Alexa Pearl

Step Son Milks Engorged Mom POV – Miss Alexa Pearl

Its Girls night out and Mommy put the baby to bed a little to early! My Beautiful tits are ENGORGED and absolutely FULL of Milk! Your Dads out of town and since you’re only my Step son I figured it wouldn’t be such a big deal to have you help me out! I ask you to come in the room and help Milk me, so I can go out with my girls and not be leaking ALL my milk! Don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret, I won’t say anything! POV For your enjoyment! XOXO Alexa

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