SPH JOI Size Queen Sister Teaches You - Alexandra Storm

SPH JOI Size Queen Sister Teaches You – Alexandra Storm

I heard you got your first girlfriend. I was talking to her and she told me something about you that I didn’t know! She told me that you’ve got a tiny cock, and that it’s so small you’ve been having trouble learning how to jerk off! Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone… But I might just make fun of you for the rest of time. But the reason I wanted to talk to you is because I wanted to help you. I’ve jerked off my fair share of cocks, big ones, small ones, medium ones, so I think I’m more than qualified to teach you how to jerk off your tiny cock! I even brought a dildo to demonstrate on because, well… I’m not going to touch you! Ew! I laugh at you show me your cock – your girlfriend wasn’t lying, it is small! Even smaller than I expected. This one might be out of my area of expertise but I’ll do my best! I talk you through how to jerk off whilst humiliating you, asking whether a cock that small even works, whether you can cum, whether you can fuck your girlfriend or if it just keeps flopping out! It builds up to a humiliating cum countdown.

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StepMommy Domme - Goddess Stella Sol

StepMommy Domme – Goddess Stella Sol

Once upon a time a horny, pathethic, lil subby stumble d across a stepMommy Domme clip that make his little dick twitch so much that he immediately bought it (and tributed), and fell head over heels in lust with stepMommy’s fierce hotness. StepMommy does all kinds of naughty things to little dick beaters and the other big boys. Don’t you think it’s so hot how stepMommy talks so naughty, and how I tease your little noodle until you pop?! You just can’t help it when I let you release. You’re so hooked and you want Me to fuck you up even more, don’t you bb. Buy this clip right now all because your stepMommy Domme said so!

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Brat Step Sisters - Surprise 4 Step Dad - Brook Logan

Brat Step Sisters – Surprise 4 Step Dad – Brook Logan

Even though your our step dad, your such a big pervert!!! Your forever perving on the both of us around the house as well!!! Me & Terri know we are bratty and hot! You just want to ground us and keep us in, so you can perv on us all the time!!! We know how desperate you are to fuck the both of us! but you should know that’s never going to happen ha ha! So instead we have got you another pussy to lick and fuck! ha ha You will do as we say, fuck it and lick it good and make a big cummy mess inside that fake pussy!!! Ha ha Now we would like to go out with our friends, and if you don’t let us out we will tell mum everything!!! what a big pervert you are!! and show her your spunk inside the fake pussy!! ha ha ha! And trust me she will believe us over you!

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Mommy Spanks Little Jay - Sydney Screams

Mommy Spanks Little Jay – Sydney Screams

Little Jay is caught going through her step mother Sydney’s things. Sydney catches her and asks what she thinks she’s doing. Jay confesses that she was looking for her birthday present. Sydney bends her over and reveals Jay’s slutty underwear! Jay isn’t mature enough to own panties like these. Jay confesses that she stole them from her older sister, only making her stepmom spank her harder!

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Degrading M0m Jerk Off Challenge - Kitty Devine

Degrading M0m Jerk Off Challenge – Kitty Devine

You know as well as I do that your m0m has let herself go. Her saggy tits, everything is gross. Today, I have an extreme jerk off challenge for you. I want you to get a picture up on your phone of her and look her in the eye as I insult and humiliate her, making you repeat certain phrases out loud. This is all that I can say in the description, but trust me that this video will not let you down.

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Your M0m is a Cum Slut - Kitty Devine

Your M0m is a Cum Slut – Kitty Devine

We don’t need to talk about what a loser you are. That’s obvious. I want to talk about your M0M, and how much of a worthless hag she is. We’ll be discussing how she masturbates every single night, rubbing that wrinkly old pussy until she squirts everywhere, fantasising about double penetration, gang bangs and having huge black guys cum all over her face. She is truly filthy, and you’re going to jerk off while I tell you all about it.


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Aren't You Getting Turned On Listening to Mom and Dad FUCK? - Tara Tainton

Aren’t You Getting Turned On Listening to Mom and Dad FUCK? – Tara Tainton

Can you hear them?? They’re so loud! Gee… sounds like Dad’s really giving it to Mom… and she LOVES IT! hee hee What? You don’t think that’s hot? Really? Not even a little bit? Listen to them! All that fucking going on… Mom’s big tits swinging to and fro. You can tell she’s getting it hard, and she likes it that way! Aren’t you a little bit turned on? You can get it out if you want to. I don’t mind if you jerk it. I mean, I feel like touching myself with all that moaning going on. Do you need more encouragement, little brother? I do know what you like…


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Sharing the Bed with Your Sister - Tara Tainton

Sharing the Bed with Your Sister – Tara Tainton

Sucks that we have to share a bed. You better not touch me! Or accidentally kick me in your sleep. Or anything else! Every Christmas Eve, no matter how old we are, we have to snuggle up in the same bed just because the relatives are staying. It’s so annoying. But I do love to TEASE you. I mean, it’s my very favorite pastime. You’re so easy to tease! You get all in a huff, all frustrated… and I even know how to give you a BONER. You think it’s always an accident, something that just HAPPENS when your older sister’s around but no… I do it to you ON PURPOSE. Because it’s fun! But I didn’t know you were really gonna SHOW it to me… or that I could make you masturbate in front of me! I guess it’s just the superpowers of my super boobies!


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