Mommy gets home from a long day of work to find you in the living room with one of her favorite bras! She’s so upset, she can hardly speak. You’re really wanking using her bra? She needs to go to her room to calm down for a moment, only after she gets there she finds ANOTHER one of her bras. This time, with a giant splooge stain on it. Mommy calls you into her room to have a talk with you, but all you can focus on is her giant tits in her big bra. As she’s talking, she makes a piggy nose while she stops to think about what she’s going to do with you. Little does Mommy know, you ABSOLUTELY love seeing women do that! And your cock instantly throbs in your jeans. It doesn’t take long for her to notice – and soon she’s asking you if it’s the bra & underwear she’s in that have you turned on. You figure it’s probably best not to lie at this point, so you tell her yes..but you also love that piggy nose she just made. She’s a little surprised (And a bit disgusted) but she seems to compose herself. Telling you that while she’s disappointed and grossed out, you ARE her boy and she loves you more then anything. She can’t just leave you with that throbbing hard on, so, she offers to try on all her bras for you to help take care of your ever pressing erection together. Obviously, you aren’t in any position to deny her. So you take your cock out and watch Mommy try on 5 different bras for you, and she even rubs them each against your cock..asking you if this is what you like. Telling you to stroke it for her as she tries on her bras, and encouraging you to cum in Mommy’s bra while she watches. She even makes piggy noses for you while she’s trying them on and within minutes your cock is spurting cum straight into her pale pink bra. She takes it back from you to inspect the load you left, rather impressed with how much spunk you’ve shot out. And with a stern voice tells you NEVER to cum in her bras again – unless she can join in.

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Mommy Maria 's New Bra - Maria Moore

Mommy Maria ‘s New Bra – Maria Moore

Are you hungry for me ? Silly question , I know. You are never satisfied my full heavy breasts are in view. They perfectly packed into this satin beige nursing bra today. Let me give you a better look. My nipples are so hard they are poking through the thick material. Starting to drool just thinking about those hard nipples ? Need a taste ?

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Step Mom Always Knows What You Need - Diane Andrews

Step Mom Always Knows What You Need – Diane Andrews

I’m so sorry I didn’t check you this morning. Things have just been so busy with the move and everything, and then this morning getting ready for church and your father rushing me out the door, I just didn’t get the chance. But, how about you go upstairs and wait for me, I’ll be right behind you.
Now remember, your father is right downstairs so we must be quiet so he doesn’t hear. It would be awful if he found out that I milk his son! I noticed throughout the morning you had a substantial hardon, and it’s obviously still there! How about you let me milk that for you!! I even have a very special surprise for you! I bought this bra I knew you would love a while ago and I have been so excited to wear it for you! You’re my special boy and I just knew this would turn you on. It’s such a turn on for me that I turn you on so much! I love jerking you off every morning.
Now let’s get busy, but remember, we don’t want your father to hear!

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JOI With Step Mommy CUSTOM - DomDeLuxury

JOI With Step Mommy CUSTOM – DomDeLuxury

Your Step Mommy it’s out of town ,but do not worry,because she is such good friend with Me,I will take you over little boy and look after you. Don’t let yourself intimidated by Me in sexy lingerie,I know you are a virgin ever since you were spying on Me like a little addict. It’s ok,better pull your cock out and stroke for Me. Maybe I let you cum over My panties…

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Jerking Off to Moms Bras Nose Fetish - Kelly Payne

Jerking Off to Moms Bras Nose Fetish – Kelly Payne

Your step mom gets home from work and comes into your room to check on you, and catches you jerking off to her bras. Startled and not sure how to handle what shes just seen she talks with you a bit before excusing herself to her room. Where she checks herself out in the mirror, undressing to her underwear she decides to call you into her room. Teasing you, & questioning you about the stains in her bras, she happens to make a face that seems to turn you on, “oh, you like this piggy nose to?” Mom try’s on various bras, teasing you in each, teasing you a couple times with her piggy nose & rubbing your cock with each bra, in the last bra she strokes your cock with the bra and tells you to cum all over her bra. after you fill her bra with your cum, she puts it on and tells you to leave, she needs to run some errands.

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Consoling Mommy On Her Birthday HD - Butt3rflyforU

Consoling Mommy On Her Birthday HD – Butt3rflyforU

It’s my birthday and of course I have no one to spend it with. Your dad is gone…again…out of town and leaves me all by myself….You are my sweet boy and of course offer to stay home with me and do things with me on my birthday, but I tell you no way, don’t change your plans. You insist and go a step further and offer me a birthday massage….oh boy! I can’t resist that !!!! I begin taking off my satin robe showing my bare shoulders. “Oh my sweet young son, this feels soooo good..” “Mommy is so tense and tight”…..That feels so good….You tell me to let you rub my legs….I take my robe completely off…just leaving mommy’s thong and bra…..You begin to get aroused…..looking at me ….you are only 14, but your hormones raging….mommy’s body is so hot, you always jerk off in your bed thinking of what her pussy would feel like,what it feels like to have mommy’s lips around your throbbing , young begin rubbing me on my legs…you can see pussy lips between her legs and under her thong…….”Uhhhh…honey…..umm…what’s that ? You have a huge tent in your pants”…honey..did you get aroused by massaging me? Oh dear , ,my young baby….sit here….let me see….Oh my…you are getting so large down there….take it out…let mommy help you…let me show you how to release that build up…”I didn’t mean for this to happen”….Let mommy take care of that…Mommy’s hands and lips will feel good honey…It’s the least I can do since it is my fault you got aroused….showing my baby boy by bra and panties probably wasn’t a good idea… I will help you…I LOVE YOU!!! ENJOY!


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KCupQueen - Stepmom Kacie's Huge Bras JOI

Stepmom Kacie’s Huge Bras JOI – KCupQueen

You can’t help it. Your new stepmom, Kacie, is HOT! You can’t stop thinking about her amazing rack and decide to raid her underwear drawer, but Kacie got off work early today. She comes home to find you jacking off on a pile of her bras! Turns out she’s into it, and gives you a JOI you’ll never forget 🙂


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Remember Me? - Diane Andrews

Remember Me? – Diane Andrews

We are former high school classmates who dated in school. We meet after many years at a reunion. I’m married and a success in my business – have even started discrete dating, since wife no longer wants sex.
You start flirtatious – “Remember me? We dated a bit in school. So impressed that your business has turned out well. I always knew you were smart, and determined to make it.”
I react to your flirtatious behavior. “[Smile] I see you do remember. Can we get away from the group to somewhere a little more private?”
[Leaning in closer] “Actually I remember you quite a bit. You were the first guy to get his hands under my sweater. And what I really remember about that is that you came in your pants the moment you saw my bra.”
[More suggestive action – tracing your fingers over your breasts, opening buttons, showing cleavage]
“You remember, don’t you? I was ready to let you take my cherry that night – and instead you made a cum mess in your pants. At first, I guess I was flattered you liked me, but then it started to happen every time – and I began to notice you didn’t want to take my bra off – you wanted to look at at it – and touch it.”
[Blouse/shirt open now – just bra]
“You are starting to look embarrased. You remember all that too. It took me some time but I began to realize you were a bra pervert. You were a total pervert. And you still are”
“Don’t try to deny it to me. I know who you are. I also know you have been dating – despite still being married. Yes, I know some the women you have been with. Actually, they say you are a decent fuck. I do seem to remember you had a nice cock. Glad you figured out how to use it.”
[A little sterner tone]
“If you think you can keep from cumming on the spot, bra pervert, let’s see that dick that the women are talking about. Go ahead, show me. Mmmm I can see you still are turned on by my bra. I know you want to cum on my bra. That dribble of pre-cum is giving you away. Well – I think that might be arranged – for old times sake – but on my conditions.”
“Does that surprise you? After all, I do know your past – and your filthy perversion. You would not want that getting out. And I am ready to help you with your disgusting needs. Provided – no more dating – you worship me as I know you always have.”
“Stand right here – pants down – and show me that hard cock. You may worship my gorgeous bra – touch it – gently – softly. This is your mistress. Now – if you want what you have always wanted – you may cum on my bra – and only on my bra – from now on. That’s a good boy.”
Forgot to mention that I would like the bra to be sheer – so I can see the nipple through the sheer fabric. And intersperse into the suggested script with comments/ actions like “You are such a perv – trying to stare at my nipple.” “You adore the way the sheer fabric clings to the curves of my full breasts.” “You are already thinking about your cum on this bra, aren’t you?” “You would rather jerk off staring at my breasts in this bra than fuck me, you sick perv.”


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