Mommy Makes you Cum POV HJ - Nikki Sequoia

Mommy Makes you Cum POV HJ – Nikki Sequoia

Nikki comes home right after her step-son pulls his cock out to start playing with it. He’s supposed to be in bed, but of course he’s pulling something like this. Nikki makes him promise that if she helps, he has to go straight to bed! She strokes his cock, giving him a sexy hand job while talking dirty, and even letting him touch her tits while she strokes until he blows his built up load all over her saggy tits!

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seducing my husbands son - Claudia Valentine

seducing my husbands son – Claudia Valentine

Alex is a young stud always horny and always ready for the sweet pussy. He has always thought his step mom was smokin hot but never thought he would be able to go there with his dad in the way. Claudia is getting ready for date night to meet up with Alex’s dad. She cant decide what to wear and asks for Alex’s opinion on blouses. She secretly has been waiting for a chance that her husband would be out of the house so she could seduce her son and she found the perfect time!

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Boy Girl Son's Bully Gives Mom Facial - Kandiss Kiss

Boy Girl Son’s Bully Gives Mom Facial – Kandiss Kiss

I know that Chuck, the bully at your school, is giving you a hard time. And I’m sorry, I really am! But it’s NOT that big of a deal! I’ve even invited Chuck over today…I’m going to give him a blowjob in front of you and let him cum all over mommy’s pretty little face! He’s going to teach you how to treat women!

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School Bully Nuts In Mommy - Butt3rflyforU

School Bully Nuts In Mommy – Butt3rflyforU

You came home with a terrible report card so tonight is mommy’s special night of pleasure and your night of punishment!!! Mommy is all dolled up for your school bully to come over! That’s right! He loves mommy’s tight pussy and huge tits!!! Maybe watching mommy get fucked by the school bully will motivate you to get better grades!!!Mommy is wearing this sexy body suit and thigh highs for your bully!!! He fucks me so good and tonight will be extra special because I want him to leave his hot seed inside mommy!!! But don’t worry, you have front row seats to watch this hot evening!!! And mommy will of course save you his special treat!!! You will be mommy’s good pussy cleaner!!! Maybe you can at least clean me up after…..can you do that right? I know your grades stink, but maybe you can at least be a good pussy cleaner!!!!

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Taboo Adult Nursing Mommy/Son - Ariana Aimes

Taboo Adult Nursing Mommy/Son – Ariana Aimes

In this taboo roleplay video, Ariana starts out in the kitchen cleaning when her adult son comes in, lifts her shirt, and begins suckling her breast. She recently had a new baby and he is feeling neglected. These events repeat themselves in several different settings. He breastfeeds while she is reading and watching TV. Finally, mommy suggests that they take their relationship to the next level. He can put his penis inside her. She rides him while milk drips from her breasts. After she orgasms, she sucks/strokes his cock until he cums everywhere, like a good boy.

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Mommy Fucks Your Friend in Front of You - Tammie Madison

Mommy Fucks Your Friend in Front of You – Tammie Madison

You invited your buddies around for a chilled night in, a bit of bro time. You are all having a great time when you notice one of your friends has been out of the room for a while. When you go to ask Mom if she has seen him you are shocked by what you find. There, before your eyes, is Mommy on her knees, pussy on full display, sucking his dick! She is so into it that neither of them notice you enter the room. You are so shocked you do not know what to do. Yet, it feels impossible to look away. Your mom looks so hot sucking dick. When she turns around so that he can start fucking her, she is hardly surprised to see you watching. Rather than be embarrassed to be caught fucking your friend, mom is pleased to have you there. “Aren’t you happy for Mommy? I have really needed a good pounding and your friend is so good to step up and give me what I need. Stay and watch just how happy he makes Mommy.”

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Ass Fucking The Milf Next Door 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Ass Fucking The Milf Next Door 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

You live next door and your mom is out of town and you’re home all by yourself. I am the hot milf next door that you sneak over to see from time to time…now you have run out of laundry detergent and need to borrow some. You knock on my door and to your delight I am half naked…only opening the door a little to see who it is. I have a teeny tiny bra on, garter belt and satin robe with thigh highs and heels. I open the door and you are smiling ear to ear eye fucking me and my hot outfit. I tell you this isn’t the best time, I am filming and doing a photo shoot for a porno that I am starring in….I invite you inside since I know your mom is out of town because she would flip if she knew you were over here and filming porn!!!! You come in and meet everyone…the lead actor is 30 minutes late!!!! I can’t wait forever..but l introduce you to the producer and he asks your age….18!!!! PERFECT!!!!!! I ask if you would like to co star with me in this feature film….and oh by the way you know I love young cocks!!!! And this is going to be extra special honey!!! You will be fucking my ass….so go slow because I can already see that you have a huge hard on in your pants and you are so girthy …..but follow me into my bedroom!! This will be exciting for you!!! Your’re first anal experience! Let the action begin!!!!! ENJOY!


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Please Help it Go Down - Jaye Summers - Family Manipulation

Please Help it Go Down – Jaye Summers – Family Manipulation

My hard on just would not go down today!! I didn’t know who else I could go to for help, luckily sis was more than happy offer a solution! She starts out slow, giving me a nice blowjob, but I needed more than that to fix this problem. I convince her to bend over for me and let me fill her tight pussy up with my stiff cock! Watch as she takes every inch of me, and even gets on top for a ride! I love making my sister cum, and I love hearing her beg for my thick load, as I spray my juices up her body!


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