Taboo Saga - Oblivious Daughter - Cherry English

Oblivious Daughter – Cherry English

Beautiful, cute, and petite Cherry English is at home studying. As she bends over to fix the sheets on her bed, her dress rides up to reveal that she is wearing no panties. Her adorable pigtails bob and bounce as she slides onto the bed to read her book.
Dad enters.
He begins by caressing her legs and bum. His hands slide underneath her dress as he takes out his dick and begins to jerk off. His cute baby girl is blissfully unaware of his presence. He seizes the moment and slips into his daughter’s tight little pussy. Daddy fucks his baby girl as she continues to read her book.

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Mom Catches Aunt Fucking Son - Axa Jay and Melody Pleasure

Mom Catches Aunt Fucking Son – Axa Jay and Melody Pleasure

Melody Pleasure is your sexy, horny aunt. She knows that she is not supposed to flirt with you, but the temptation is too much. She sneaks into your room and begins to tease your cock. “Just relax, it won’t hurt”, your aunt whispers as she begins to suck your cock. You Aunt gets you hard before climbing on top of you and riding you. When your mom, Axa Jay, walks in, she is shocked, but your aunt is not deterred. “Why don’t you join us? You’ll like it.” Your mom is unsure, but Melody is very persuasive. Before you know it, both your aunt and mom are taking turns pleasing your cock.

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Son Fucks Oblivious Mom - Melody Pleasure

Son Fucks Oblivious Mom – Melody Pleasure

So engrossed by the novel she is reading, hot mom Melody Pleasure is oblivious to anything else. Mom does not notice when her son enters the room. She does not stir when he lifts her dress and starts to caress her ass. She is oblivious to his advances and carries on reading as her son fucks her. Mom focuses on her book throughout, completely ignoring her son as he pounds her pussy until he cums.

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Cum for Step Mommy - Miss Brie White

Cum for Step Mommy – Miss Brie White

I think it’s time we cleared the air between us, honey. I know you are at that age where girls are very… interesting… and I know Mommy is the girl you are around the most. I think Mommy needs to help you blow off some steam, help you take care of yourself so you aren’t so distracted. Listen to Mommy and do exactly as she says. I promise you will feel good.

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Suckling on Mother Tit Suckling - Mandy Flores and Barbie Bailey

Suckling on Mother Tit Suckling – Mandy Flores and Barbie Bailey

Barbie comes home from a long jog. She calls for her Mother..she’s hungry from her workout. She goes upstairs and finds Mother reading on her phone. “Hello honey, have a nice jog?” Barbie just nods and plops down on the couch next to Mother and begins to pull down Mothers tank top strap. Mom knows what Barbie is after and allows her daughter to suckle from her tits. Mandy never stopped breast feeding her daughter Barbie. She felt it was not only a bonding experience for them but the best nutrients she could give her even at a older age. Next scene shows how Mothers milk and suckling also acts as a comfort food when Barbie breaks up with her boyfriend, whom she loves and Mother comforts her…Mandy Flores

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