1st Day of School - Ashley Mason and Scarlett

1st Day of School – Ashley Mason and Scarlett

So my Son would not come down to breakfast on the first day of School. I went up to check on him and see if he was ok. He told me he was really anxious and nervous about the first day and meeting new people. I called my sister Scarlett to come by and talk to him with me. We went into his room to see him sitting there with his cock in his hands. We saw that he really had a lot of tension built up and he needed a release. We both sucked his balls and his cock until he was ready to blow. We then took turns massaging the cum out of his cock. His first day of school was a success!

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BBW Baby boy sucking mom's nipples POV Custom - Desiree Wild

BBW Baby boy sucking mom’s nipples POV Custom – Desiree Wild

You love mom’s huge boobs my sweet baby boy, right? I love to suck them too, have a look at me sucking my own nipples. Do you like it? Is it your turn now? Good boy. Just suck my nipples as much as you like. You love mom’s big boobs, right? What a good boy. Those are your boobs, your nipples. Don’t be shy, suck them for your mom. And you know what? Mommy’s pussy needs your tongue too.

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Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Amanda Bryant - Brother & Sister Share a Bed, POV - Sister Loves Teasing Her Brother - HD 1080p

Brother & Sister Share a Bed, POV – Sister Loves Teasing Her Brother – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Amanda Bryant

“It’s so stupid that we have to share a bed,” your sister ranted. “I mean, come on, we’re older now and we’ve been doing this for years.” Sure, it made sense when you were younger, but now that the two of you were older, it was getting more uncomfortable to do.
“Sure, we can share a room, but I think the bed thing is a bit much, don’t you?” she went on to say. “Obviously, I’m developed now, and so are you, and sometimes you turn over and poke me with your boner at night. Super weird, right?”
On top of that, Amanda told you that she liked to sleep naked sometimes, but she couldn’t do that because you were her brother. “What would people think? I think you might like it,” she smiled devilishly, “but me, personally? I don’t know if I like that or not. I can see that you do, though, because I think you have a boner. Do you have boner right now? You’re trying to hide it. It’s definitely peeking through your pants.”
Over the years, she had felt your boners push up against her, which made her love teasing you. “You like these underwear?” she smacked her big butt. “I put them on because I knew we’d have this conversation. I had a feeling, I knew where it was going to go.”
Amanda spread her legs and ran her fingers against her lacy panties. She teased you with the idea of sex, then told you how horny she was to get you throbbing hard. Eventually she slid her panties off and masturbated in front of you. “Do you wanna lick my pussy for me?” she asked bluntly.
For the first time, your wet tongue caressed her pretty, pink pussy as she moaned in pleasure. “You know what, I want you to fuck me now,” she said. You fucked her missionary and doggystyle, then filled her tight pussy with your cum. She looked up at you with big, blue eyes, a smile on her face, “Can I go to sleep now?”

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Taboo Saga - Oblivious Daughter - Cherry English

Oblivious Daughter – Cherry English

Beautiful, cute, and petite Cherry English is at home studying. As she bends over to fix the sheets on her bed, her dress rides up to reveal that she is wearing no panties. Her adorable pigtails bob and bounce as she slides onto the bed to read her book.
Dad enters.
He begins by caressing her legs and bum. His hands slide underneath her dress as he takes out his dick and begins to jerk off. His cute baby girl is blissfully unaware of his presence. He seizes the moment and slips into his daughter’s tight little pussy. Daddy fucks his baby girl as she continues to read her book.

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Mom Catches Aunt Fucking Son - Axa Jay and Melody Pleasure

Mom Catches Aunt Fucking Son – Axa Jay and Melody Pleasure

Melody Pleasure is your sexy, horny aunt. She knows that she is not supposed to flirt with you, but the temptation is too much. She sneaks into your room and begins to tease your cock. “Just relax, it won’t hurt”, your aunt whispers as she begins to suck your cock. You Aunt gets you hard before climbing on top of you and riding you. When your mom, Axa Jay, walks in, she is shocked, but your aunt is not deterred. “Why don’t you join us? You’ll like it.” Your mom is unsure, but Melody is very persuasive. Before you know it, both your aunt and mom are taking turns pleasing your cock.

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