Stepmom Jamie has needs - TMPhoto

Stepmom Jamie has needs – TMPhoto

Jamie married your Dad, but she has all sorts of needs that you can fulfill. Jamie is a popular MILF model, with lots of fans and we are lucky enough to have a number of videos of her here, with more to come. And, Jamie is available for lots of different types of custom videos too. She actually loves doing customs because she can get very personal, and very wild. Please contact me directly with your requests so we can create something special for you.

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Mom encourages son to cum before bed - Miss Behavin 26

Mom encourages son to cum before bed – Miss Behavin 26

I am thinking a 5 minute video – you are my “mommy” and its time to cum for you before bedtime. You will encourage me to touch myself and cum for mommy. You are wearing a pink tank top that shows your cleavage and besides that you are naked. Tell me to be a good boy for mommy many, many times in the video. Ask me things like “do you want to be a good boy for mommy?” and “do you want to cum for mommy” etc… Can you talk slowly in a gentle, sweet, nice voice? I want to look at you while you show me your cleavage and while you encourage me to cum for you, then for the last minute, when i am ready to cum, show me your pussy and ask me if i want to cum right here for mommy. And tell me im a good boy while i cum for mommy. Thank you!


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Giving it to your Aunt - Literally - Miss Behavin 26

Giving it to your Aunt – Literally – Miss Behavin 26

It is a family meeting, you play the aunt and (camera plays the nephew). Nephew watches you all the time, like you are simulate that you are speaking to uncle or other persons.. and he is watching you all the time. But you always have a look at him too but your look says “what do you want from me?”. Suddenly, all were gone out of the house and walked into the garden except aunt and nephew. She asked me if I could help her decorate the table for later. After we have done this he should follow her into the Room. She told him that she wanted to change her clothes for tonight and he should help her. She also said that it would be fast. Then she said I go quickly to the bathroom to change me or? No I’m just doing it here but you have to turn arround young man. When she was not quite finished, he turned around and saw briefly how she pulled up her tight pants. He was like oh im sorry. She said its okay i saw you in the living room the whole time you looked at me. Oh really aunt? She smiled and said yes but only where did you look? It was not my face. She asked him what he liked most about her body but without my face. He was shy and said i dont know. She helped him and turned around like this and clapped on her ass or rather my big tits? Suddenly I just heard the stairs there came my uncle in the room and was all very fast, i had to hide my self some where. And then I heard loud groan. My uncle fucked my aunt from behind. But he was really fast finish and left the room quickly. The aunt brought him out of the hiding-place the nephew and she said I have not come yet and rided him in different positions until both came.


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