Blackmailing My New Step Mom 1080p - Butt3rflyforU Fantasies

Blackmailing My New Step Mom 1080p – Butt3rflyforU Fantasies

You come home and find your new ,hot step mom looking at a bank statement and looking very concerned! You grabbed the statement out of her hands to see what all the fuss was about and you see why!!! There is a $3000 charge for a new sexy dress and $1000 for matching shoes!!!! She tells you that it is none of your business and to give the statement back!!!! She tells you not to tell your dad , that she just moved in and doesn’t want him to think that she is a spend thrift! You tell her that Dad will not like this at all!!! But you have a way to keep your mouth shut if she will corporate!!! She tells you just to give it back and not tell your dad and that she will do anything to keep your trap closed!!!! You tell her to do a sexy strip tease out of that new $3000 dress!!! She is shocked and appalled !!! “Ok Ok, I will do a strip but that’s it”!!!!! Your dad will be home any minute!!! She strips slowly out of the dress and your cock grows stiffer and stiffer! You now tell her to get on her knees and work her tongue and mouth all over your young cock!!!! Or else!

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Grossed Out Little Sister - Sydney Harwin

Grossed Out Little Sister – Sydney Harwin

You confront your little sister in her bedroom. She is busy reading a book when you walk in. You explain how you know she has a boyfriend and has been sneaking out of the house, which you know if your parents found out, they’d be so angry at her, they would probably ground her for life! She panics when she learns that you know, but it isn’t over yet! You give her an ultimatum; either you tell mom and dad everything you know, OR she could touch and suck your cock? Your little sister is a little bit naive, so you know which option she’ll choose…

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Sexy Step-Mommy Blackmail - Princess Arielle

Sexy Step-Mommy Blackmail – Princess Arielle

I was cleaning up your room while you were gone and when I was organizing your closet and found a pair of my dirty panties hidden under some of your things. You insist that it must’ve gotten mixed up with your things during laundry but I know you’re OBVIOUSLY lying. Do you know much trouble you’re going to get in when he finds out how much of a pervert you are. I love being your dad’s rich hot new wife but I haven’t been getting much action lately with that old man and I see the way you look at me around the house in my hot outfits.. so let’s make a deal. I won’t say a word to him about you stealing and sniffing my dirty panties if you do something for me.. come find out what is it.

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Suspended Sis Gets Cum'd In To Keep Secret 1080p - Family Manipulation - Taylor Blake

Suspended Sis Gets Cum’d In To Keep Secret 1080p – Family Manipulation – Taylor Blake

I found out that my sister got into some trouble at school. And the only way I’m going to keep my mouth shut is if she does something for me.. “Just a quick handy and I promise not to tell dad!” I said. But we both knew I wanted more than that. Taylor is hot, and she knows it. She gives me her bratty attitude as she strokes my cock before I ask her to Wrap her lips around me. She bobs her head up and down, trying not to enjoy it as much as possible. But sis couldn’t resist my big cock! I slowly stick my dick into her pink pussy and I pound away at her. She took my cock so good, and she looked so hot, it was impossible for me not to fill her up with my thick white load!

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Step-Mommy teaches her step-son a lesson - Clara Domme

Step-Mommy teaches her step-son a lesson – Clara Domme

You really think you can get all of that luxury lifestyle for free, piggy step-son? I think you should remember I saved your ass fom so many situations that your step-Dad knows nothing about, that now you will do whatever I want in order to not get exposed-fantasy and continue with your life just as it was until now, bitch!

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Slut Mom has to pay back what she owes PART ONE - Kelly Payne

Slut Mom has to pay back what she owes PART ONE – Kelly Payne

Part ONE, Slut mom has to pay back what she owes Mommy Kelly is behind in her bills, and her landlord decides to let her pay him back with sexual favors, starting off by putting her in front of a webcam and filming her while she says naughty dirty things, and making her play with her pussy with her fingers, toys, and a vibrator even having her try to fit her hand inside her pussy herself. He even fucks her off to the side while the viewers get a nice view of her as she gets fucked continuing to have her talk dirty and tell the viewers how wet her pussy is. Don’t forget to check out PART TWO available in my store.

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Ruined for step mom - Maddie Money

Ruined for step mom – Maddie Money

Step-Mom comes in and sees how achy you are, crawls on your cock and starts to fuck you. Having you thrust into m-mmy deep and hard, about to burst… Then I get off your cock and give you the most shocking information of your life. This has been filmed! Oh no, what are the lengths you’ll go to.. just to make sure video footage of fucking m-mmy doesn’t make it around your social circle? (blackmail fantasy!)

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Blackmailing Mom into an Anal Slut - Bettie Bondage

Blackmailing Mom into an Anal Slut – Bettie Bondage

Catching your mother having an affair was the best thing that ever happened to you. Well, to your sex life. You’d think you’d be upset – knowing your mother was cheating on your dad – but honestly, he’s a jerk anyways. And knowing this puts you in the perfect position to get what you’ve always wanted: your mother. You could pretend like that isn’t what you’ve fantasized since you first started pulling your dick, but it’d be a lie. So when you confront her with this intel and let her know the price of your silence, you’re happy to discover that, although reluctant, your whore of a mother obliges. Anything to keep this secret between the two of you.
It starts out with simple stuff – hand-jobs, blowjobs, eventually fucking. But soon you need more. You start to train her to be an absolute slut, to your specific specifications. You want her dressed a certain way, taking cock a certain way. All her holes must belong to you. Today is no exception, as you wake up and demand a blowjob, then come home early to take her pussy. Not yet satisfied, you make her plug her ass and finish the housework before sticking you thick member into her asshole. All the while she’s indignant, telling you how fucked up it is that you make her your personal whore.
Yet, she doesn’t stop, and her pussy gets soaking wet whenever you make her take it up the ass. And especially when you make her clean your cock off. Who know your mother was an ass-to-mouth slut? You dreamed that it was so, but seeing it in real life, right before your eyes, is just perfection. You watch your mother ride your cock in her tight ass, taking two loads in her shithole, cleaning your cock after each one. A perfect day, brought to you by your sweet, slutty anal whore of a mother!

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Reluctantly Sucking Son Blackmail - Jackie Synn

Reluctantly Sucking Son Blackmail – Jackie Synn

Jackie is lost in pleasure while she masturbates her pussy, having phone sex with her lover. You, her son walk in and hear everything she says, admitting that she’s been cheating on your father for years. You watch and let your cock get hard as you watch your mother make herself cum. After her orgasm she notices you’re standing there. She is completely in embarrassed and begs you not to tell your father, if he knew she was unfaithful he would throw her out into the street and she would have nothing. You see this as an opportunity, you tell your mother if she’ll show you her ass that you won’t tell dad. She says no at first, but you remind her that she will have nothing if you tell dad. Mum finally gives in and lets you jerk off while looking at her ass, but she insists this can’t go further. You tell her to turn around, you insist that she sucks your dick! Mum says absolutely not, that would be taking things too far. You don’t care though, you grab your slutty mother by the back of her head and shove her down on your dick. Watching your mother choke on your cock gets you harder than ever, she begged you to stop, but you remind her if she doesn’t do as she’s told daddy will find out. Soon your mother is slobbering all over your Dick, sucking your cock like a champ but begging you not to come down her throat. Suddenly daddy comes home unexpectedly, thankfully you’ve locked the door. With dad right outside the door, you fuck mum’s throat against her will, dumping your load right down her. Mum is shocked that you made her swallow your cum, but she does admit it does taste good!

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Our parents are gone which leaves the perfect opportunity to confront you about your panty thievery. I know you’ve been stealing my t-back thongs, little brother! If you don’t do as I say, I’ll tell mom & dad, so take out your thing and stroke it to your older sis! I know you lust for my juicy camel toe and LOVE watching me finger my pink slit while I stick my dirty feet in your face! Once you cum, you’re completely MINE to do my bidding or else I tell on you for your perversions…

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