Our parents are gone which leaves the perfect opportunity to confront you about your panty thievery. I know you’ve been stealing my t-back thongs, little brother! If you don’t do as I say, I’ll tell mom & dad, so take out your thing and stroke it to your older sis! I know you lust for my juicy camel toe and LOVE watching me finger my pink slit while I stick my dirty feet in your face! Once you cum, you’re completely MINE to do my bidding or else I tell on you for your perversions…

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Mean Step Mommy - Goddess Allexandra

Mean Step Mommy – Goddess Allexandra

You are the son of a rich, successful CEO. Recently, he introduced you to your new Step-Mom (me), his former secretary, and you instantly saw the attraction. I am beautiful, smart, powerful, and superior. You know exactly why he couldn’t help but fall in-love with me. When I walk into the room, all you do is stare. Don’t think I haven’t noticed. I even tell you to shut your mouth, and stop dribbling.
It get’s worse, I know you have been jerking off to me. You are terrible at hiding your secret desires. I even shock you, confronting you about everything; the staring, the erections.
I even tell you all the filthy details about my sex life. Your new Step-Mom telling you all about how his big dick makes her shriek. I leave nothing to the imagination, dishing all the dirty gossip. You are taken aback at first, but everything i say makes you so horny. You are so aroused by my power and confidence.
I show you exactly how i seduced my new man; you feel your dick twitch as I bend over; my sexy panties just covering my pussy. Not only am I sexy, I am really mean. I humiliate you right from the start, i say such awful things about you, which only makes your pathetic dick even feel harder.
I order you to get your dick out and show me it, and then laugh in your face. Dick size clearly doesn’t run in the family. I tell you exactly how to jerk your cock, and make you do it in-front of me.
You can’t believe the filth that comes out of my mouth; your balls have never so full. I am going t count you down until you bust a nut, and then as you experience your post-cum guilt I will let you into a little secret. You’re mine.

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Bukkake For Mommy - Butt3rflyforu

Bukkake For Mommy – Butt3rflyforu

I come home from shopping and find you and 3 friends in my bedroom watching old clips of mommy on my huge TV. You are all jerking off watching your mommy back in the day trying to make ends meet with porn. You all were super hard and horny from a scene where mommy is getting gangbanged from 3 hot black hung boys ending with a huge sloppy bukkake!!! I am shocked and pissed at the same time and order you to turn it off and get out of my room. But you all are so hard you want to finish and you threaten mommy that if you can’t finish on my own face, all the boys will go home and tell the entire neighborhood what mommy used to do!!! I beg and plead not to do that, mommy has a good reputation in this hood and if you do that, your parents will hate me and forbid you from ever hanging out over here!!!!! That didn’t make a difference . Your cocks took control of your thinking and I had to agree. I even pleaded that I will do a strip tease and just show my hot tits but that only made your cocks throb even more. Bukkake is the only think that will keep your young mouths shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Primal's Taboo Sex - Karly Baker - Slut Training My Sister 720p

Slut Training My Sister 720p – Karly Baker

Part One:
Karly is your younger sister and she always needs something. She comes in the living room where you’re hanging out and she comes in saying her friends want to go out and she spent all her money on make up. When you abruptly ask if she wants you to help her find a job, but of course that’s not what she wants. This time, you decide you’re going to get something out of her. You tell her since you were going to go to the strip club and spend your money there, she could just get naked and you could jerk off to her. Find out if she’s desperate enough.

Part Two:
I barge into my slut sister’s room because she’s been avoiding me. I tell her she owes me money and she has to pay me. I tell her if she wants another 2 weeks, she knows what she has to do.

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Taboo blackmail roleplay - Red Hot Riannon

Taboo blackmail roleplay – Red Hot Riannon

Riannon goes to the local college to pick up her husbands son. She knows that he has been stealing money. He claims he needs more money for college then uses it for other things. Riannon decides that she is going to black mail her step-son. She drives to a remote location and gets fucked by a young stud.

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BBW Mommy Needs a Barefoot Foot Massage - Gwen Adora

BBW Mommy Needs a Barefoot Foot Massage – Gwen Adora

Your Mommy notices you haven’t done your chores, despite you promising her you would do them. She’s letting you not get a job for the summer so you can focus on your passions and friends, but only if you were helping around the house. Since you’re failing on your part of the bargain, you need to promise her to pick up your slack. She’s also going to add another task to your chore list for the week: massaging her BBW feet. She sits down on the couch and puts her feet up for you to massage. She knows you’ve always had a bit of a thing for her feet, so it’s not the worst punishment she could come up with, is it? You massage her webbed toes and soles, making her feel so good after she worked in heels all day. She even starts moaning in a sexy little way too. You both are getting a bit turned on, even admitting it to each other, but then dad comes home.

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Geeky Babysitter Gets Blackmailed - Millie Knoxx

Geeky Babysitter Gets Blackmailed – Millie Knoxx

You come back to your house and make sure your home first before your wife gets there so that you can have a talk with the sexy little geeky babysitter you specifically hired. You walk threw the door and she is there reading a book. You tell her how sexy you think she is and that she should suck your cock for a while before the wife gets home. Now that you’ve taken a picture of her you tell her that you’re going to tell her parents what a naughty girl she’s been. Unless…. She let’s you fuck her good

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Brat Step Sisters - Surprise 4 Step Dad - Brook Logan

Brat Step Sisters – Surprise 4 Step Dad – Brook Logan

Even though your our step dad, your such a big pervert!!! Your forever perving on the both of us around the house as well!!! Me & Terri know we are bratty and hot! You just want to ground us and keep us in, so you can perv on us all the time!!! We know how desperate you are to fuck the both of us! but you should know that’s never going to happen ha ha! So instead we have got you another pussy to lick and fuck! ha ha You will do as we say, fuck it and lick it good and make a big cummy mess inside that fake pussy!!! Ha ha Now we would like to go out with our friends, and if you don’t let us out we will tell mum everything!!! what a big pervert you are!! and show her your spunk inside the fake pussy!! ha ha ha! And trust me she will believe us over you!

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