Geeky Babysitter Gets Blackmailed - Millie Knoxx

Geeky Babysitter Gets Blackmailed – Millie Knoxx

You come back to your house and make sure your home first before your wife gets there so that you can have a talk with the sexy little geeky babysitter you specifically hired. You walk threw the door and she is there reading a book. You tell her how sexy you think she is and that she should suck your cock for a while before the wife gets home. Now that you’ve taken a picture of her you tell her that you’re going to tell her parents what a naughty girl she’s been. Unless…. She let’s you fuck her good

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Brat Step Sisters - Surprise 4 Step Dad - Brook Logan

Brat Step Sisters – Surprise 4 Step Dad – Brook Logan

Even though your our step dad, your such a big pervert!!! Your forever perving on the both of us around the house as well!!! Me & Terri know we are bratty and hot! You just want to ground us and keep us in, so you can perv on us all the time!!! We know how desperate you are to fuck the both of us! but you should know that’s never going to happen ha ha! So instead we have got you another pussy to lick and fuck! ha ha You will do as we say, fuck it and lick it good and make a big cummy mess inside that fake pussy!!! Ha ha Now we would like to go out with our friends, and if you don’t let us out we will tell mum everything!!! what a big pervert you are!! and show her your spunk inside the fake pussy!! ha ha ha! And trust me she will believe us over you!

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Mom Fucks Your Bully - bbquinn2332

Mom Fucks Your Bully – bbquinn2332

A custom continuation of the Mom Sucks Bully’s Cock vid… watch as your mom tittyfucks and then fucks your bully in another video call session. This time, you get to watch alll the way through to him cumming inside your dear, sweet mommy and her collapsing on the bed in exhaustion.

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Stepson Blackmails Stepmom Custom HD - Josie 4yourpleasure

Stepson Blackmails Stepmom Custom HD – Josie 4yourpleasure

You’re my stepmom and as you are bent over making your bed I come into your room unannounced. You try to cover up with your robe once you turn around and notice me. You chastise me for coming in without asking. I pull my phone out to show you the pics on my phone of you cheating on my daddy. Yes I’m blackmailing my dad’s hot BBW trophy wife. You ask me what I want. Is it money, a new car? No, of course not. First I want to see your big titties. You refuse at first then reluctantly give in. Revealing those heavy huge tits that were barely hidden behind your sexy robe. I enjoy the embarrassment on your face. You say delete the pics and go. Of course tits aren’t enough. What else do I want from this sexy MILF? This naughty wife definitely gets her comeuppance in this taboo blackmail fantasy. Dildo fucking and front-facing doggystyle position are not POV at the end of clip. HD MP4. Also available HD WMV and standard resolution formats.

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Mom Blackmails Babysitter to Blow Hubby - Roxy Cox

Mom Blackmails Babysitter to Blow Hubby – Roxy Cox

Roxy the mom invites Serenity the babysitter in and turns to face you her husband. Roxy explains that her husband is not happy with her performance. He told me he caught you on the nanny cam, not paying attention to our son, not putting him to bed on time and always on your phone. This behaviour is not acceptable young lady and I have no choice, I’m going to have to fire you. The babysitter gets upset and is pleading not to fire her that she really needs this job. If you really want to keep your job, you’ll have to prove to us you will follow instructions from now on, no questions asked. The babysitter agrees as she knows she need this job so bad. Now that you seem more willing to follow orders, the first thing you’re going to do is strip for my husband and see if you can impress him. The babysitter protests, but Roxy gets her way and Serenity takes off her coat to reveal her sexy lingerie underneath. Roxy instructs her husband to jerk for the babysitter while she tease you in that hot lingerie, showing off her hot body. Roxy controls the pace of your jerking we don’t want you cumming too quick now do we, bending Serenity over to spank her ass and telling her to take off her bra and show off those big tits. Roxy is in charge telling the babysitter how to be a good cock tease while telling you what pace to stroke and jerk off to her. Pulling off her panties and spreading her ass so you can see those tight holes. Wank it hard and faster for that juicy wet pussy. “My husbands cock is rock hard now, well that was a good start but now you’re going to suck his dick, get on your knees”, Roxy says.
Both Roxy and Serenity are on their knees now. Roxy telling her to suck you off, she so good at this isn’t she? What a treat you are giving my hubby, you want to cum in her mouth don;t you. Blow that load right into her mouth and Serenity takes all that cum right in her mouth and swallows. “Oh darling, that was quick, it’s been a long time since you had such a young slut’s mouth on your cock hasn’t it? Let’s get you hard again, I want a turn”, Roxy says.
Roxy kisses and makes out with Serenity the babysitter, to get you rock hard again and you are just dying to get that dick between us. Roxy licking the tip of that cock and teasing you more. You want to cum again don’t you, but this time your going to give Roxy all of your cum and she takes your load in her mouth too. “Now it’s time to get those perky titties around my husband’s cock”. Ah, they’re implants, I knew it! Of course that’s one of the reasons we first hired you, now get to work”, Roxy yells.
You slide your cock between Serenity’s nice titties, fuck those big tits and make them bounce. My hubby’t cock trapped between those big tits, I know you want to spunk all over them. You’ve got another big load for her tits don’t you, go on fuck those titties good and spray your hot sticky jizz all over them. You can’t last can you, yes that’s it cum all over those tits. Such a mess, Roxy licks the cum off Serenity’s tits and loves the taste.
Roxy tells the babysitter she’s going to suck him off once more and you better last longer this time or I won;t let you use her again. Serenity is sucking your cock again while Roxy pushes her head further down the shaft. I’m going to let her do all the work and drain your balls dry. Your dick is so sloppy, you love her on her knees and sliding that cock deeper down her throat. Your going to get milked dry again and she’s going to swallow all of your cum. You are going to cum in her mouth again, fill her mouth with all of that cum so much of it that it drips down her chin. Good girl, we’ll expect your performance to stay like this in future, Roxy says.”

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Pillow Humper - Goddess Stella Sol

Pillow Humper – Goddess Stella Sol

Mommy’s feeling very snarky tonight so if you think I’m going to be all lovey dovey you can think again. Mommy knows you’ve been perving in My lingerie drawer and have even been trying things on. How fucked are you really? Well. it should be known that I hide a camera in My bedroom and now have video proof of you wearing your step Mommy’s bras and panties. HAHA! Busted! I want you to punch your cock and balls for being a bad boy. After that you’re going to hump your pillow like a horny little freak just to get that filth out. It’s funny to Me that you can’t get hard anymore unless Mommy is there humiliating you. you’re such a pathethic boy and you are only growing more stupid by the day. Hump whatever Mommy says and when I count you down, you cum and then nap on it all night long.

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Blackmailing Mom - Mandy Flores

Blackmailing Mom – Mandy Flores

My son comes home from school and spys on me through my bedroom door, watching me searching for my shirt. He makes a small noise and startles me and Im trying to cover myself. I explain I went shopping and wanted to show him my new outfit and could he please help me look. He pretends to look but instead gets great views up my skirt while Im bending over. I turn around to show him I found it resulting in my tits right in my sons face. I apologize but he comments on them and tell me they are nice. He shouldnt say those things about his mother. Im shocked but then I apologize for thinking he means anything else but to compliment his mother. I ask him what he thinks and model a little. Does he think the outfit is too slutty or revealing? I bend over and he gives me the approval that he cant see down my shirt but then tell me to bend over a little more. Little more until Im down on my knees. He says it a great outfit and not slutty at all but indeed it actually is and he’s getting a great show out of it. When I stand up I trip and fall on to the floor with my legs spread. Its too much for him to resist and he holds me down and gropes my ass. Im yelling at him to get off me. What is he doing! This isnt funny anymore, get off me. He finally lets up and I ask him to leave and what has gotten into him! Im going to be telling his father about his behavior. He then tells me that he’s been watching me fuck the neighbor and he got a great show this morning. I deny it and good try trying to get out of being in trouble. He then tells me specific details I cant deny and tells me if I dont do everything he tells me to do that he’ll also have something to tell daddy about. I plead with him. Please dont, your father is a powerful wealthy man and I’ll be out on the streets! He tells me to shut up and get on the bed and strip for him. He makes me twerk my ass and take off my panties. Im very upset and begging him to stop. Why is he doing this to me? Pleading that if he stops now that I’ll forget the whole thing. He takes out his dick and starts masturbating to me. Im appalled but at his mercy. He forced me to hump my pillow and pretend I like it. Tells me to moan and grind. It starts to feel good and I cant fight it any more. I begin to moan into an orgasm I cant control and my sons cums on my ass. Im left laying there wondering what happened and scared to what he’s going to make me do next. ..Mandy Flores

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Blackmailing my mom on to my cock – mom and son taboo creampie roleplay blowjob virtual fuck You’ve found out your mom’s having an affair, cheating on your dad and betraying her family. You’ve always had a strange perversion and sexual obsession over your mother. You hacked into her iCloud, just hoping to get some nudes, and you got so much more than you thought you would. Seeing her nudes, videos and sext sessions to another man has made you hornier than you have been in your life, the time has come to claim your prize. You text message your mom, telling her you can’t believe what a whore she is, that you know she’s having an affair and that she’d better make it up to you. Moms furious with how you’re speaking to her and comes to your room. First Mom tried to deny the affair, but you show her photos and videos and confess to hacking her hard drive. Mom can’t deny the affair any longer. Mom confesses and blames your dad working late and neglecting her needs, but she loves you both very much. You tell your Mom you want to see those juicy whore tits or you’re telling Dad everything. There’s a power struggle but what can Mom do? She pulls out her tits and you play with them, then pull out your cock and start jerking it. Mom asks if you’re ashamed doing that in front of her and is very uncomfortable, she knows you’ve always had a sexual obsession with her. Now it’s time for mom to suck you off, you tell her this and she starts to cry, but she gives you head. Moms worried that you’re going to come in her mouth, you assure her you’re not, you have other plans. You tell your mom to fuck you like the whore she is, what you don’t tell her is that you plan to come deep into the pussy that gave birth to you! Enjoy this very naughty blackmail mom and son scene with naughty taboo talk throughout the scene!

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