How To Be Daddy's Favorite - Goddess Tatum Kelly

How To Be Daddy’s Favorite – Goddess Tatum Kelly

Daddy likes me way more than he likes you and you’ve always wondered why. It’s because I suck his cock. Yes, you heard me right. I suck his cock every single night and because of that, I get to have whatever I want whenever I want. Are you jealous, little bro? Lucky for you, I am feeling generous and I am willing to show you what Daddy likes. This way, you can be the favorite for once! But before we start, you’re going to need to put on a pair of pink panties. Daddy loves pink! And as for the dick sucking, well I am going to let you practice on my personal dildo. Am I the best big sis or what! You will be Daddy’s favorite in no time!

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Your Teacher's Important Lesson - Bettie Bondage

Your Teacher’s Important Lesson – Bettie Bondage

You had a thing for your teacher from the first day of class, but you never imagined that she’d feel the same way…now, the two of you fight to spend every free moment together – her, teaching you exactly how to be open and honest about your sexuality, to not be ashamed of those urges of yours. No matter how dirty or deviant they seem. Last time, she even used her thick strap on to pop your cherry…yes, that one! You never came so hard in your life!
Now, it’s a long weekend and your parents are going away. You invite her over to spend the weekend exploring together. What she tells you, as she straddles you and strokes you, has you on edge immediately: she wants you to be a good bitch boy for her. She’s going to teach you how to eat ass, how to get your tongue deep inside her holes…and how to take it, too! She slurps your cock and your asshole until you’re ready for her big strap on cock.
As she fucks you, she details exactly what she has planned for you this weekend! She takes pictures of your cock to post online, advertising your holes as open for anyone and everyone. She smiles, leaning forward to soothe you with her comforting words, encouraging you to embrace your inner bitch slut and take cock any way it cums!


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Mommy's Sissy Boy Blue Balls - Goddess Stella Sol

Mommy’s Sissy Boy Blue Balls – Goddess Stella Sol

My first MILF clip will send you right up to your very edge because Mommy has experience with sissy boys like you and now Mommy wants you to open up to Her.
Don’t worry Bitchboy, you’re safe with Me. I’ve known for a while and now that I find out you’ve been sneaking into My lingerie to try it on, I want you to show Me what it does to you.
You love being Mommy’s sissy and this pressure I’m putting you under is making your cock raging hard for Me. Don’t fight it. Don’t hide it. Let Mommy see how big you are.
You will be thoroughly turned on by watching this clip and will wish to thank Me again and again like a good little bitch. This type of playing is out in the open now and this fetish is certainly going to be our new thing. Goddess Stella Sol


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Teacher's Pet - Bettie Bondage

Teacher’s Pet – Bettie Bondage

You and your teacher have been flirting all year. It was only a matter of time before you finally hooked up. Of course, you didn’t expect her to take it to the level she did, a couple days later, when she asked you to stop by her house. She was pretty wild the first time you hooked up, even trying to put a finger in your ass while she was blowing you. Of course, you wouldn’t admit it outright, but you did like the idea…and she could tell. She’s invited you over to, uh…explore that idea. It doesn’t take much encouragement for you to start working a finger in your ass while she undresses, showing you her breasts and assuring you that it’s ok to like ass-play. To like her strap-on cock. Even, to want it in your ass. To deeply want cock deep in your ass. That’s all ok, she tells you, as she pushes her big strap on deep into your ass, massaging your prostate and making you cum all over her tits. She smirks, tasting your cum off her fingers before bringing them to your lips…


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