Mommy Crossed The Line - Naughty Teacher

Mommy Crossed The Line – Naughty Teacher

Your mother is such a hottie and she loves to look good all the time. Now she just came back from shopping and she asks you for your opinion. But oh boy! You just weren’t ready for what is about to come. You expected your mother to wear a very respectable outfit on which you’d then have to give her your feedback. But when she came over, you just can’t help to get uncomfortable. Your mother is wearing the most revealing bikini you’ve ever seen her wear and now she is parading around asking you for your opinion. Like wtf? Does your mother realizes how inappropriate this is? After all, you’re her freaking son, for crying out loud…Still, you decide to play it cool but you just don’t know how much longer you can hold it for. All you can think about is these massive big fat tits wrapped around your cock. Oh gosh, let’s just hope that your mother doesn’t see your raging boner…

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Longing for Daddy - Meana Wolf

Longing for Daddy – Meana Wolf

You couldn’t stay after what happened between you two. Standing so close to each other… the chemistry in your bodies… the feeling of your cock swelling as she stared up at you. You felt sick for wanting your own daughter so badly… so you left. You left her and her mother that night. It was hard on them… but it was the right thing to do. You couldn’t look at your wife without seeing your daughter’s face… and you couldn’t be near your daughter for another second for fear that you would do the unthinkable; the thing you so desperately wanted to do. Two years have passed since then. You’ve been to a therapist and you’ve started to come to terms with the fact that these things just happen. You did the right thing… you walked away. And now It’s time to come back into your daughters life and be a father again. You’ve proven to yourself that you’re not attracted to her like that, and that you can overcome any subconscious feelings you might have about her. Maybe a fresh start is just what the two of you need. Afrter all… a girl needs her daddy.

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Fourth of July with Tipsy Mom - Bettie Bondage

Fourth of July with Tipsy Mom – Bettie Bondage

Your mother LOVES the Fourth of July. It’s always been your thing to hang out and watch the fireworks, so you’re not surprised when she gets pouty after you tell her that you won’t be there this year. You and your girlfriend are driving into the city for the big celebration. But when the two of you get in a big fight, you think that you should use the change in plans to surprise your mother.
When you show up, it’s clear that she’s been hitting the bottle. You can’t help but laugh as you watch her sling back shots in her tiny bikini and tight jeans. She looks really, really slutty! When she realizes that you’re there, she goes crazy thanking you, making you sit down and urging you to take a shot, too.
She seems really excited to see you…maybe too excited. And she’s practically falling out of her top. She notices you staring at her big tits about to topple out of her top and calls you out for it! You can’t believe how forward she’s being. She’s so far gone! She starts to tease you with her tits, taunting you for staring. And it’s turning you on, there’s no denying that. And she notices. And it makes her excited, too. Your heart starts to race as your mother leans in, grinning. And kisses you!
The floodgates are opened. Your mother’s mouth is on yours, her hands and running across your body. She pulls you from your pants and you watch in shock and total arousal as your mother bends over, taking your cock into her mouth! It feels amazing, your mother uninhibited as she sucks and fucks you! You watch her face as she rides you, her tongue lolling out, her eyes crossing, before she cums hard on your cock, milking out a ton of cum into her pussy! She gapes it wide so you can see her cum-filled cunt, stretching and playing with herself, with your cum for your enjoyment!

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Neighbor's new cologne- sniff role-play - Exquisite Goddess

Neighbor’s new cologne- sniff role-play – Exquisite Goddess

inhale Fantasy, Mind Fuck I watch you ogling me while tanning in my back yard so I invite you over for a friendly chat. As you sit there staring me up and down I take advantage of your horny state and I ask you to smell my new cologne. Without any hesitation you inhale my new scent and you start feeling the euphoria and inability to say no to me.After that I tease you and control you like the horny puppet turn you into….. You will no longer be my neighbor’s, you will become mommy good little boy and you will stroke, obey, cum and CEI , JUST THE WAY MOMMY INSTRUCTS YOU TO…….

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Just one touch of your GODDESS will melt you and your soul!!! ( FULL HD : 1920 - 1080 ) - MP4 - Kathia Nobili

Just one touch of your GODDESS will melt you and your soul!!! ( FULL HD : 1920 – 1080 ) – MP4 – Kathia Nobili

Mmm……should I say I’m surprise?!..I known it….you’ll be back for more!
I’m all you can think of…you still thinking of summer…even now in January! And you know why? that’s when you saw me for the very first time! You can try to denied it but it still be a true! You love ME! You know it…and all you want, all you dream of is that gorgeous woman you saw! ME!!!
Just to tease you and refresh your mind….I’m wearing the very same clothing I had that day! YOUR GODDESS you adore so much!!!
And you are going to be crazy if you have to be alone…without your goddess any longer!!! GOOD BOY!!! Now…when you are completely mine….here is the question for you: ,, What are you able to give to your goddess? What are you able to do for your goddess?” Think before you say something! And if your answer will be right….you may stay close to me for the long….long time!!! …Ohhh……wrong, wrong…wrong!!! You should be listen!!! Look deep into my eyes and listen to your goddess! There is only one thing I want from you!!!


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Mommy in bikini Jerks you off *custom - Goddess Gwen

Mommy in bikini Jerks you off *custom – Goddess Gwen

You are a hot mom wearing the sexy pink triangle bikini that you wore in your “bikini boob bender” vid and a sexy robe over it. “Son, did you finish jerking off in the shower like I told you to? You got that bulge in your pants after watching me change bra and panty sets. I know it can be unhealthy not to get a release when you get excited. Let mommy see. Oh, I see you still have a boner and I must say it is rather large!” The camera view shows a dildo standing upright on the bed representing his boner. You smile at your son and say, “I think I have a solution.” You slowly strip off your robe, revealing your sexy hot body in the sexy pink bikini. “You think your mom is hot and sexy, don’t you?” you say with a sexy, knowing smile as you bounce your boobs up and down. You dance around a little, letting him see you from all sides in your bikini. You then sit on the bed and say, “Just let me take care of this” as you start slowly stroking the dildo and making sexy faces. “Do you want to see mommy’s boobs again?” and strip off your bikini top, barely covering your nipples with your hand.


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