BBW Baby boy impregnating Mom - Desiree Wild

BBW Baby boy impregnating Mom – Desiree Wild

Tell me, do you like mommy, my baby boy? Which part of your mom do you like most? Is it my hair, my legs or my big big tits? And what about my mommy part, the secret part? There is nothing wrong with watching mommy’s body. You’re my baby boy and my body belongs to you! I need you to do for me one thing. I want you to fuck my pussy. I want a baby from you. I want my baby from my baby boy.

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Stepmom Reverse Handjob Cum On My Butt - Carrie Moon

Stepmom Reverse Handjob Cum On My Butt – Carrie Moon

Carrie comes downstairs to kiss her stepson goodnight. She asks him if he needs anything first.. and he indicates that he wants the bedroom window closed. It’s just a ruse she realizes after she turns around to find him jerking off under the covers while he stares at her butt.
She only realizes this when she leans in to kiss him goodnight and practically falls on his hard dick. At first she’s shocked.. but then she feels responsible since she is dressed in lingerie that she intended to surprise her hubby in… and she offers to help him get it out of his system so that he can sleep soundly.
Carrie rubs her tits on his cock and puts his cock in her mouth.. and then since he was actually enamoured by her butt she turns around to let him slide his cock between her buttcheeks. He seems to be enjoying this immensely but then she takes her hand and reaches around to grab his cock and without turning around squirts his cum all over her ass!
She then lovingly cleans him up and gives him a maternal kiss goodnight. One very happy stepson.

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