Mommy's Big Butt in Tiny Shorts - Lady Aorta

Mommy’s Big Butt in Tiny Shorts – Lady Aorta

Mommy has a problem. Don’t laugh at Mommy, but… You see, I think Mommy’s ass has gotten a lot bigger. Mommy’s been putting on some weight and… I’ll just show you ok, don’t laugh. I’m wearing these shorts and they are extremely tight. They weren’t this tight last time I tried them on. They give me a camel toe which is a little uncomfortable. The back is the worst! Oh, what’s the matter? You think it’s funny, don’t you? Wait a second… You’re turned on by this. Mommy’s so silly. She’s just bending over in front of you. Of course you’re turned on by Mommy’s booty. You don’t mind that Mommy’s butt has gotten bigger. What do you think of Mommy’s butt in these teeny tiny shorts? You are so lucky to have such a hot Mommy… Well, Mommy does like showing off for you. You’re really turned on, baby. Imagine taking Mommy from the back. Rubbing your hard dick on Mommy’s big butt. These shorts don’t come off easily. You’d have to rip them off. Oh, Mommy’s big butt all to yourself, all that ass just for you… You would rip those shorts right off and get to the point. Fuck Mommy’s pussy from the back. Her big fat pussy is so juicy and so wet for you. Shoot your load inside Mommy’s pussy. Plant your seed in Mommy. Maybe we’ll get into trouble later about that but it doesn’t matter… You can’t stop cumming, Mommy’s pussy is so good!

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Mommy Crossed The Line - Naughty Teacher

Mommy Crossed The Line – Naughty Teacher

Your mother is such a hottie and she loves to look good all the time. Now she just came back from shopping and she asks you for your opinion. But oh boy! You just weren’t ready for what is about to come. You expected your mother to wear a very respectable outfit on which you’d then have to give her your feedback. But when she came over, you just can’t help to get uncomfortable. Your mother is wearing the most revealing bikini you’ve ever seen her wear and now she is parading around asking you for your opinion. Like wtf? Does your mother realizes how inappropriate this is? After all, you’re her freaking son, for crying out loud…Still, you decide to play it cool but you just don’t know how much longer you can hold it for. All you can think about is these massive big fat tits wrapped around your cock. Oh gosh, let’s just hope that your mother doesn’t see your raging boner…

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Caught wanking let Mommy Help - Ashley Rider

Caught wanking let Mommy Help – Ashley Rider

Ashley is worried she can hear noises coming from her Stepsons Room she goes and checks on him and she’s suprised to see her Stepson with his Young Cock out wanking Ashley is turned on and decides to help her Stepson Cum encouraging him to wank over his Stepmom Ashley talking dirty and teasing him showing her tits pussy and Ass I’ll put a show on for you she says and gets her dildo and starts fucking herself in front of him while he wanks hard then she turns around and starts fucking her big toy doggy style looking back at her stepson wanking his cock getting ready to spunk for her she loves it and is very happy when he cums hard for her with a cheeky smile on her face 🙂

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