Stepson's BBC - Katie71

Stepson’s BBC – Katie71

My stepson has a nice BBC and I love fucking him when his dad leaves. This particular day I was headed to play tennis when I walked in on him watching some porn. After getting a closer look I noticed he was watching my porn which I had no idea he knew about. Anyways, that really got me in the mood after seeing he was jacking off to me so I made my move on him and had some really good sex riding front and back on his huge BBC. After we were done I told him to keep watching my porn and smelling my panties until I get back when I want him to give my ass a good beat down. I love my stepson.

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Daddy Takes My Anal Virginity - Mystie Mae

Daddy Takes My Anal Virginity – Mystie Mae

I wanted to make a really sexy video for my boyfriend who I haven’t seen in awhile. I have to go into my bathroom though because my daddy is in the other room and I don’t want him to hear me. I undress for you and masturbate standing up, I want to be more comfortable so I sit down and continue to masturbate. I want something that feels more like you so I get my dildo, suction it to the toilet and start riding it. As I’m riding it I don’t realize my daddy comes in and knocks on the door and surprises me. I’m so nervous because I know he’s going to tell my mom what I’m doing and I’m going to be in so much trouble. I beg him not to tell mom but he will only keep my secret if I please him the way he wants me to. I get on my knees and suck his dick for a few minutes. He then asked to be taken to my bedroom for more fun, I think he’s about to have sex with me when I realize he wants to go in my ass. I’m shocked, I’ve never had anal before and I don’t think it will fit inside of me. He assures me it will and shoves his dick and my ass. He fucks my ass in doggystyle, off the bed, and then I ride him in reverse cowgirl where he cums in my ass.

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Mommy's Cum Eating Bitch - Brittany Marie

Mommy’s Cum Eating Bitch – Brittany Marie

Come here! Mommy is very upset with you. I allow you the privilege to jerk, but you haven’t been eating your cum! This is your last chance to avoid punishment. You are going to jerk, you are going to suck, and you are going to be fucked to ensure you cum. And you will eat it you little bitch!

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Step Mommy RP - Lori Lovely

Step Mommy RP – Lori Lovely

I’ve been your step mom for a few years now. I just want us to have a good relationship. I’ve noticed you looking at me and well, do you want to fuck? Just don’t tell your dad please. He’s older than I am and I just really want his hot young son to cum in my pussy.

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Daddy's Little Kitty BBC Fucking - Carmita Bonita

Daddy’s Little Kitty BBC Fucking – Carmita Bonita

I want to be a big girl Daddy and show you how I can make your big black cock feel good! I can’t wait to graduate from my pacifier to your thick, hard cock. Let me show you what a good little kitty I can be. I want so bad to please you. I’m ready to be streched by your big thick cock. Please I’m begging for it. Let me bounce and ride you until you bust a fat load inside of me, Daddy.


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Fucking My Son's Best Friend BBC POV - KCupQueen

Fucking My Son’s Best Friend BBC POV – KCupQueen

Kacie’s husband cancelled on her again, and she’s pretty sure he’s cheating on her. You just got there to hang out with her son, your best friend. He should be home soon from practice, but not before Kacie wants to get back at her husband. She pulls your huge black cock out and throatfucks, tittyfucks, and rides it from the front and the back untli you come all the way up inside her! *Realistic looking dildo in a guy’s pants/ on the floor riding.


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Mom's Friend and Your BBC - Miss Behavin 26

Mom’s Friend and Your BBC – Miss Behavin 26

This is what I had in mind: A BBC POV style 10 minute video. The premise is that you are my Moms friend and I am home visiting from college. My Mom isn’t home. You catch me looking at your breasts and your butt. Since my mom isn’t home, and you haven’t been with a BBC, you start to strip and twerk for me. It’s leads to sex. The focus should be cowgirl with you facing the camera in sort of a POV where you are riding me. Lots of dirty talk, screaming, saying my name, etc. ask me to cum inside you.


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BBC Bukkake Farting Bimbo Mom - Clubdinasky

BBC Bukkake Farting Bimbo Mom – Clubdinasky

This was a custom video request that included farting, bimbo twerking mom, and multiple bbc’s and bukkake. Son is having a party with friends over and Bimbo Mom with her big short skimpy black dress and big tits popping out of her bra comes in and here’s one of her favorite songs and not even thinking about it starts breaking out dancing, twerking her ass, as her dress slips up revealing her panties, all attentions is on her and its embarrassing her son he tells her to stop, she insists its not embarrassing, three of his friends (all bbc) start touching her and flirting with her, but as she notices her son getting more and more upset about it, she excuses herself and says she’s going to use the restroom. The three friends all insist on chaperoning her, even though she doesn’t need them to come, they seem to persistent so she lets them come into the bathroom. AS mom sits on the toilet shes trying so hard to hold in the farts, while they all stand around her, insisting on them leaving, but its too late she ends up letting out some farts and feels totally embarrassed and quickly apologizes. But she notices they all seemed to like it, asking if they do, shes sorta of like in awe they liked her farting, in fact their all starting to touch themselves and eventually take there bbc cocks out and I am in shock on how big they all are, I mean I have never really seen such big cocks, even white cocks, I mean even my son’s isn’t even close to their sizes. I explain how hot I think it is that their turned on by my farting and insist on them to jerk off as I fart some more, even letting one of them smell and have my dirty panties until he cums all over them and hands them back to me. I bend over and fart some more, blowing out some nice loud ones, long ones, and talk about how I used to steal my son’s girlfriends panties and smell them and how turned on I would be by it, and I know its naughty and filthy but I love it, even my son would smell my panties and jerk off with them. Talking dirty I beg for cum, beg for all of them to cover me in cum make me their fart cow, make me drenched in cum, and let me be their submissive dirty slut, there so naughty but I love they like my farting so much. Eventually one by one they blow their big loads on me after I’ve begged for it enough, couple more farts, and then I’m drenched in cum my face being covered, my hair, my eyes, can’t even open my eyes there’s so much cum and I love it, I fart one more time as I am in the the tub with all the cum on me.


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Mommy Fucks All Your BBC Friends - Penelope Peach

Mommy Fucks All Your BBC Friends – Penelope Peach

Oblivious Son discovers that his mother is secretly fucking all of his friends. .As the scrawny white boy in a group of muscular,black college athletes he wonders why his friends hang out with him. Until it is revealed that they only keep him around to get access to his thick, white mom. What they say about black men is true.Penelope describes how much black men love curvy white sluts like herself and poses to the camera.Mommy revels in the fact and shares all the naughty details of her (condomless) encounters with his friends while she fucks and sucks her black dildo. Please mention breeding, She teases her son for being turned on by him mommy fucking his friends and tells him he can’t measure up to her black lovers, how he ends that this was his cock. Joi ending with cum in mouth.


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