Primal's Taboo Sex - Leda Elizabeth - Sisters Condition

Sisters Condition – Leda Elizabeth

Part One
Rion has been really worried about his sister Leda. Their parents have been bringing her to therapy, she’s been grounded for weeks and they are starting to home-school her. She has barely even left her room, especially when mom and dad are gone. Finally she comes down to talk to him, she is very serious, she has a real condition. She is a diagnosed nymphomaniac, Unlike people who just throw the word around for being horny. Leda is shy, and subtle, but it becomes clear what she wants, what she NEEDS. Is he enabling her? She is so desperate though, and they have always been close. Rion isn’t sure if it is right or wrong, but he can’t ignore how much he wants it too.

Part Two
Rion and Leda have been fucking EVERY possible chance, sometimes even when their parents are home and just had another wild fuck session, where Leda happily rides him to orgasm and then finishes him with her mouth. Rion is realizing that Leda wants sex more and more. She told him it is the best sex she has ever had and thanks to him she isn’t even considering fucking other guys, Still, is he enabling her? He tries to talk to her about stopping but she is too sexual and gets him hard again, they fuck again and realizes he isn’t any more able to stop than she is.

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BBW Mommy Needs a Barefoot Foot Massage - Gwen Adora

BBW Mommy Needs a Barefoot Foot Massage – Gwen Adora

Your Mommy notices you haven’t done your chores, despite you promising her you would do them. She’s letting you not get a job for the summer so you can focus on your passions and friends, but only if you were helping around the house. Since you’re failing on your part of the bargain, you need to promise her to pick up your slack. She’s also going to add another task to your chore list for the week: massaging her BBW feet. She sits down on the couch and puts her feet up for you to massage. She knows you’ve always had a bit of a thing for her feet, so it’s not the worst punishment she could come up with, is it? You massage her webbed toes and soles, making her feel so good after she worked in heels all day. She even starts moaning in a sexy little way too. You both are getting a bit turned on, even admitting it to each other, but then dad comes home.

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