Ava's Secret Ingredient - Taboo Saga - Ava Austen

Ava’s Secret Ingredient – Taboo Saga – Ava Austen

Ava Austen is an internet sensation – that’s just straight up facts! In addition to her successful adult career, Ava has her own line of beauty products and is something of a social media phenomenon. On her live streaming channel, on a popular tube site, Ava shares tips about her beauty regime with her growing following. For months now, her fans have begged to know what the secret ingredient is in her top selling facial cream. Ava records a video promising to share all if she can make it past one million subscribers. The funny thing is, Ava accidentally left the camera running. This was not meant for her tube site. Ava beckons her stepson, “Darling, mom needs a refill. Care to help me out?”

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Stuck Mom & the Bounty Hunter - Ava Austen

Stuck Mom & the Bounty Hunter – Ava Austen

Hot mom, Ava Austen, is sick and tired of her son’s antics. This is the third time the bounty hunter has been round to deal with her troublesome offspring. After getting into an argument with her son, Ava notices that the bounty hunter has left his handcuffs. She begins to play with them and manages to cuff herself to the dining room table. Now Ava needs her son’s help to set her free. He’s willing to help, but it will come at a price.

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Mom makes Porn with Son - Ava Austen

Mom makes Porn with Son – Ava Austen

Hot mom, Ava Austen, wants to earn a little extra cash and has decided to start making her own porn. Ava figures she would make more money if she could work with a stunt cock. But, why pay to hire porn studs when she could work with her son’s cock for free? Ava makes good use of her son’s cock, sucking and fucking it in a range of different positions. She even tries out different porn personalities, from naughty office tease, to disciplinarian mom, to slutty mom that lets her son catch her fucking his friends.

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Anal Sex with Mom - Ava Austen

Anal Sex with Mom – Ava Austen

Ava’s son is head of a local abstinence programme. Today is the day of his big presentation on the virtues of resisting temptation. There is just one problem, Ava’s son has a raging boner that just will not go away. Ava knows he cannot give his presentation whilst pitching a tent, it would simply undermine the whole programme. Ever the helpful mom, Ava suggests a solution – anal sex! As Ava says, “If you fuck a girl in the bum, it’s not real sex.”

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