TABOO ASMR JOI - Millie Knoxx

TABOO ASMR JOI – Millie Knoxx

You sister wants to admit something… Every time she cums she thinks about your hard cock. She has gives you a present a video of her telling you exactly how she wants you to cum for her. The soft tingle of her voice is so perfect it gets you so hard and she counts you down till you explode inside her.

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Cheating Mommy - Meana Wolf

Cheating Mommy – Meana Wolf

I know you saw me with that man today. Are you going to tell your father? I know you’re upset. I didn’t think you would see me. I want to be a good mother, but your father and I don’t love each other anymore. I would never leave you… you’re everything to me. I know you are confused… I’m trying so hard to stop how I feel. Are you jealous? He reminded me of you… that’s why I did it. I want you so badly… I’m trying to be a good mother… I want things that I shouldn’t want… And I know you do too.

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Mommy Loves You - MoRina

Mommy Loves You – MoRina

Have you had a stressful day? Having trouble getting to sleep? Mommy comes to tuck you in, and as always she has lots of positive affirmations for you. She’s so proud of you and thinks the world of you. There is no love greater than a mother’s love and you’ll always be momma’s boy, her little baby. She helps you to relax by talking softly and taking you through an anti-stress relaxation exercise. Night night sweetie! This is not a “taboo” video, it’s a sweet, loving video to help you feel good about yourself and get some rest! Watch it when you are lying in bed and suffering from insomnia, anxiety or your thoughts are racing and you just can’t settle down for the night.

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Mommy Catches You Jerking Off - Peaches Cream

Mommy Catches You Jerking Off – Peaches Cream

Oh my naughty boy… I was so shocked to walk into your room and catch you doing those things to yourself! I’m just glad your father wasn’t home to see it… I must admit though, when I saw that you were jerking off to a vid of me, it did turn me on… I found myself wanting to take care of you. I wanted you to let Mommy take care of your needs. I just had to please you… I grabbed that beautiful cock of yours and stroked it until it was hard in my hands… Let Mommy take care of her boy. I want to jerk that dick until it releases its huge load over my lovely manicured fingers… I’m very glad your father didn’t see this – you’re lucky your Mommy caught you jerking off… xx

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Hot4Teacher..Whispered JOI at library - Miss Bella Brookz

Hot4Teacher..Whispered JOI at library – Miss Bella Brookz

You are in trouble!!!! Your grades have never been so low. Your teacher is very worried so she asked you to meet her at the hidden spot in the library. She will do anything she can to help a student of hers. The issue? You are too distracted by her boobs… every day you keep watching them bounce instead of paying attention in class. Maybe ending your curiosity will fix the issue.. or worsen it. She let’s you go all the way as long as you keep quiet (shhh! it’s the library). Apparently you can also teach her a few things…what a hot mess This video can be purchased for $65 at or a $60 tip on CashApp or Venmo to “missbbz” dont forget to message your info and allow confirmation of payment for delivery.

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Made to Worship Stepmom's Big Ass - Miss Mallory Driver

Made to Worship Stepmom’s Big Ass – Miss Mallory Driver

Your evil, seductive stepmom Mallory draws you into a trance with her shiny, skin tight leggings, and tells you that before you’re allowed to go anywhere you have a job to do: worship her PERFECT, ROUND, BIG JUICY ASS. You can’t help but to get a boner when she caresses her thick thighs, and you can’t help but to feel weak as she turns you into a gooning, stroking idiot. It’s humiliating and dehumanizing to be talked to and treated this way by her, but that’s probably why it turns you on so much, huh? lol Mean StepMommy Mallory is going to put you in your place, and tease you mercilessly. *Listen with headphones for an ASMR experience*

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Come Into Mommy's Taboo Bed - Jane Cane

Come Into Mommy’s Taboo Bed – Jane Cane

Mommy’s Bed – 20:08 You’re home from college. There’s a thunderstorm outside. You come into mommy’s room and she invites you into bed with her. When she pulls back the covers, you see that she is using her vibrator. She tells you to climb in, that it’s totally normal. Come suck on her breasts like you used to. This is a solo video with Jane Cane talking to the camera. She is lying in bed naked with the vibrator on her pussy for the duration of the video.

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Bedtime with Mom - Soothing and relaxing Asmr - mommy mother mom - mom son - Jessie Lee Pierce

Bedtime with Mom – Soothing and relaxing Asmr – mommy mother mom – mom son – Jessie Lee Pierce

Bedtime with Mom – Sl**p Aid and relaxing Asmr. This scene is a relaxing and soothing Mom/Son scene, designed to make you feel as though Mom is with you while you fall asl**p. Listen and/or watch as I tuck you in and softly speak to you while you fall asl**p, you have nothing to worry about with Mom right here laying with you. I know you sleep best with Mom right next to you, so I’m going to stay here with you all night. This is a very loving and soothing scene, it is non sexual, although my breasts do slip out of my top a few times there’s cuddling, and sl**ping in the same bed, but no sexual activity in this scene. The speech progresses from softly spoken to a soft whisper. The terms, Mom, mommy and mother are all used. I hope you have a great sl**p next to mommy. This scene contains; Mom, mother, mommy, bedtime, relaxing, asmr, softcore, Jessie Lee Pierce.

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Erogenous Zones - Bettie Bondage

Erogenous Zones – Bettie Bondage

You never could have expected what would happen when you asked your mother if your girlfriend could spend the night. You’ve always been close, you can tell her anything, but this was above and beyond all that. She started off talking about sex, which you figured would be the case if you asked – your mom’s no idea, she knows why you want your girlfriend over for the night – but then she keeps going, talking about being a good lover, being attentive, erogenous zones…what?
She starts to tell you about all the parts of the body, besides the obvious ones, that can turn a woman on, showing you her neck and telling you to gently stroke it. You’re hesitant at first but once your mother starts to moan as you lightly touch her neck and chest, you’re all in. You’ve had fantasies like this, here and there, nothing you would ever act on but…now…it’s undeniable. You want her, and she wants you, and you watch in utter bewilderment and absolute lust as your mother unzips the front of her sweater and undoes her bra, telling you to touch the rough edges of her areola, to tug on her nipples…before long, she’s leaning back, masturbating on full display for you, bringing herself to a shuddering orgasm! The intensity of it subsides and the spell is broken. Embarrassed, she rushes off to the bathroom, apologizing.
You follow her there, your cock still rock-hard, and confront her. She apologies over and over, telling you how wrong it was, how she just got caught up in it, but you can sense the truth. She wants more, just like you do. You rub your cock through your pants and watch the fire ignite once again in your mother’s eyes. She wants it. You tell her how badly you do, too, slowly breaking down her resolve until she’s dragging you to the bedroom, pulling you on top of her, her tits bouncing as you slide into her wet, hot pussy, pounding your mother as she begs for it deep and hard! You tell her to get on her knees and you take her from behind, watching her cum on your cock before you finally let go, filling your mother’s pussy with your cum!

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Mommy Gives You A Handjob - Peaches Cream

Mommy Gives You A Handjob – Peaches Cream

Have you been a good boy…? I think you have. You deserve to be taken care of. I like waking up next to my boy. I like feeling your soft cotton briefs. I like gently rubbing your cock through them and making you hard. You’ve been such a good boy, you deserve a special treat. Let Mommy take good care of you. I’m going to lay next to you and slowly stroke that cock of yours until it’s hard. You’ve been so busy with sport and school that you’ve been so tired when you come home. I’m sure you haven’t even had time to sort yourself out. I bet you have a big load to share with Mommy… Let me take care of you… Be a good boy and cum for Mummy… xx

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