Naughty Nun - Ashley Mason

Naughty Nun – Ashley Mason

I was knocking door to door trying to recruit new members to my church. I knocked on one door and a younger gentleman came to the door, I proceeded to tell him about my church and how awesome the congregation is. He was very receptive to joining, HOWEVER, there was one stipulation… I had to do everything he asked of me! He wanted to see my huge tits, bald pussy and my buttplug!!! Watch what happens next and see what he makes me do, needless to say, I now have a new member of the church!

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I shrunk my Son - Ashley Mason

I shrunk my Son – Ashley Mason

My Son is a total pervert. He is always spying on me and watching my every move. I devised a plan to stop him. I shrunk him down and locked him in a box so he could not spy on me anymore. The little fucker still tries!

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The Garage Sale - Ashley Mason and Scarlett

The Garage Sale – Ashley Mason and Scarlett

My Son had a fundraiser for school so we decided to have a garage sale. My sister Scarlett brought over some clothes to sell. I looked through the clothes and found some really cute sweaters that she was going to get rid of. I decided to try them on and see if they fit. As I was trying them on I noticed that my son was getting really excited. After I tried on all of the sweaters, I decided to help my Son with his problem. Scarlett and I took turns sucking his cock until he was really hard and then Scarlett sucked and jerked him until he shot a huge load all over. HD

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1st Day of School - Ashley Mason and Scarlett

1st Day of School – Ashley Mason and Scarlett

So my Son would not come down to breakfast on the first day of School. I went up to check on him and see if he was ok. He told me he was really anxious and nervous about the first day and meeting new people. I called my sister Scarlett to come by and talk to him with me. We went into his room to see him sitting there with his cock in his hands. We saw that he really had a lot of tension built up and he needed a release. We both sucked his balls and his cock until he was ready to blow. We then took turns massaging the cum out of his cock. His first day of school was a success!

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Mommy Misses Her Son - Facesitting - Ashley Mason

Mommy Misses Her Son – Facesitting – Ashley Mason

I have been so bored at home by myself since my son went back to school. I was thinking about him and called him to come home from school as soon as possible because Mommy is Horny! Mommy needs to sit on her Son’s face and cum as many times as possible! I did promise him that I will always Sit on His Face whenever he wants me to.

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Mommy's Panty Drawer - Ashley Mason

Mommy’s Panty Drawer – Ashley Mason

I caught my son playing with my panties AGAIN. Talking to him about it does not work. I decided to try something different. I milked and sucked his cock wrapped in my panties until he shot a hot load all over them. Maybe he will learn now.

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