Milf reflects on fucking son & friends - AniErotika

Milf reflects on fucking son & friends – AniErotika

Another installment to the ‘Keep It In The Family’ Series. Milf mom comes home after a filthy feverish fuck session with her son and two lifelong best friends. It started off innocent. Bringing the boys to the amusement park for a day of fun. Things seemed a bit suspect, like her skirt flying up in the wind riding a roller coaster and the friend sitting next to her copped a feel. At the time she thought he just did that on accident since the ride was so jerky. Later she realizes… no it was not. After a steamy hot karaoke session she realizes the boys have been hitting on her… and that she kinda likes it. To remain appropriate she goes to the car for the rest of the outing and takes a nap in the back seat. What she wakes up to was a sworded surprise too wrong for words.


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MILF mom lets son touch, fist her & cum - AniErotika

MILF mom lets son touch, fist her & cum – AniErotika

Keep-It-In-The-Family Mommy/Son story Episode: “It felt so wrong, yet so right.” <3 <3 <3 One day when dad is out of town on biz after roughing up the two proper, they lock themselves up in the house for a few days. Mom lets him stay home from school, and they just enjoy hanging out together away from the world. After a few days watching the boob tube and relaxing, mom walks in on him jerking off. This sets the stage for events to come, though she did not forsee it. The son comes in mommy’s room that night with… sexy questions. The mom has always been a freak inside even though she is a shy thing outwardly, but her freak side has always been there even since she was very very young like him. So, she understands his curiosities. From there things steam up red hot unlike either could have ever seen coming. The most fucked up part is though it felt so wrong, it truly felt so very right. (In a nutshell, mom married an asshole who treats his wife and extremely young son so crappy they become EXTREMELY close.)


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Young Step Mom & Step Sons Friend - AniErotika

Young Step Mom & Step Sons Friend – AniErotika

It is time, nasty boys, for another session of Fetish Fantasy Story Time. This tale tantalizes with Ani’s spin on a beloved classic… The Step Mom & Step Son’s Friend get freaky. Ani is a very very young wife of a man twice her age who was married previously. He has a son from his 1st wife, Kevin, who has a very cute friend named Jacob, who thinks Kevin’s step mom is super hot, and you know where this is going lol. Another fabulous delight of Ani’s top flight narrative porn/smut brought to you filthy fellows with inappropriate love and a little more than a hug. Enjoy!


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Ultimate MILF Mom Marquess & Son POV - AniErotika

Ultimate MILF Mom Marquess & Son POV – AniErotika

We welcome back The Marquess, one of the triplet sister triage. So far yall have met two of the three sisters, the Duchess and the Marquess. I have not yet brought to life the Baroness yet, rest assured you will meet her soon. Each of the three sisters has a sinful taboo they are obsessed with. If you say the other Marquess video you know the back story, cause she tells it in the first half of that one. There has been two Duchess videos and only one story vid with the Marquess. I have brought Mommy Marquess back for the most bitching and epic Keep It In The Family Series style Mommy Son POV Experience ever. Def my fav mommy son age play creation thus far. This fucker is hot. The entire Victorian-esque appeal really works. From the colours to the outfit and character down to the heavy ASMR interlaced in this little beauty the result is a real work of sinfully sensational art. If you have ever enjoyed my mommy age play stuff do not shortchange yourself by missing this gem.


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