Fully Devoted to You: Brainwashed Mom & Sister Fight for Your Love & Attention, POV - HD 1080p - Nikki Brooks & Anastasia Rose

Fully Devoted to You: Brainwashed Mom & Sister Fight for Your Love & Attention, POV – HD 1080p – Nikki Brooks & Anastasia Rose

“Do me a favor and be home by midnight,” Mom was stern with your sister. “Can you do that for me?” You stood in front of them, waiting patiently and watching as the two of them bickered on what time was appropriate to come home.
“What do you need?” Mom finally turned towards you. “Do you have something else to add to the list?” Without a word, you placed your hand in front of your face. “What’s that?” they asked with narrowed eyes. But rather than respond, you blew the magic dust towards them, and they started to cough as it filled the air.
Their eyes fluttered and rolled, and once it had taken control of their minds, they looked at you in complete admiration and devotion. “Oh, I love you so much, sweetie,” Mom sighed. “Do you know how much I love you, bro?” Anastasia smiled sweetly.
In their minds, there was no one that could love you more than they did. They fought and competed for your attention…for your love, and they were willing to do anything for it. They stripped down, begged for your mouth around their beautiful nipples, then wrapped their hands around your throbbing cock.
They shoved and grabbed at one another to keep your full attention. They wanted to impress you, they wanted to pleasure you – they needed you more than anything or anybody. “Mommy loves you so much,” Mom continued, “that she wants to give you her pussy.” She stuck her big butt in the air and allowed you to penetrate her warm, wet hole.
When Mom was afraid you’d give into your sister, she offered Anastasia’s pussy to you. “I’ll even let you fuck your sister…” she said dragging Anastasia towards you, “that’s how much I love you.” But your sister fought back, “I’m letting you fuck me, bro,” and that soon became another argument for the two of them.
You went back and forth between your mom and sister, enjoying their flawless bodies while the magic dust still had them under its control. Your sister became so overwhelmed with jealousy as she grew aware that it would be impossible to compete with all the sexual favors that Mom had been offering you.
Once Mom offered her ass to you, Anastasia angrily left the bedroom. A big, happy smile ran across Mom’s face once she realized she had won. “My sweet, sweet boy…Mommy loves you so much…” she purred, then laid down for you to thrust her asshole. “Mommy loves you so much more than her…I let you cum in my ass.”
“How about I bring you more girls to fuck?” her eyes widened. “That’s how much Mommy loves you. You’ll keep fucking me, right? If I bring you more girls to play with? Maybe I’ll bring you your sister’s friends…we’ll fuck them all.” She let out a devilish giggle, then quickly got up and chased after your sister to get the contacts from her phone.

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Mom & Sister Teach Female Anatomy, POV - HD 1080p - Nikki Brooks & Anastasia Rose

Mom & Sister Teach Female Anatomy, POV – HD 1080p – Nikki Brooks & Anastasia Rose

A very highly recommended clip. A full family experience! One of my favorites.
“Really? Failing? It’s anatomy – it’s your body!” Mom ranted. “I mean, you can stand in front of the mirror naked. Come on…I don’t want to hear excuses.”
You had been struggling all semester with this class, and it was obvious that Mom didn’t believe you had been studying. She threatened to take away your summer trip and the car if you didn’t pass. “I am going to stay here with you when you study…” she said strictly, “yeah, I know it sucks, but it’s going to ensure that get a good grade and pass.”
But embarrassingly enough, that wasn’t the problem. It wasn’t that you didn’t understand your own body, it was that you didn’t understand how girls worked. “Really? At your age?” Mom asked sarcastically. “I’m joking, quit being so sensitive. Hold on…” She called out for your sister, Anastasia.
“Your brother is failing anatomy…” Mom turned towards her, “he’s failing the female portion.” She had an idea. She’d use your sister to show and explain the different parts on a female body and how they worked. “I’m gonna have you strip,” Mom said to Anastasia, which your sister didn’t like. “You’re a part of this family, sweetheart, and you’re going to devote a little bit of your time and energy to us.”
So, Mom made her strip down until she was completely bare and exposed. “Pay attention,” Mom said strictly as she explained, in great detail, each of your sister’s female parts. She even taught you how to stimulate a woman by showing you how to play with her nipples. Anastasia blushed as Mom’s tongue twirled against her tits, and she denied enjoying it even though her nipples were hard.
Mom’s fingers ran down your sister’s pussy, explaining where the clitoris, inner and outer labia, and vaginal hole were, then how the female reproductive system worked. Mom looked down to see you had a throbbing erection, which she had never intended to cause, and thought of a solution. It was obvious you were curious how the inside of a woman felt, and Mom thought it’d make for an even better lesson.
“I said I’d give first hand experience,” she said, “and what better way…go ahead and fuck your sister.” Anastasia’s mouth dropped in shock, but Mom wasn’t having it. “Just let him fuck you, let him get the feeling, let him know what’s going on with his body, that’s how he’ll understand the changes,” she told your sister.
Anastasia laid back, and Mom told you how to penetrate her, and how to make her feel good. But first, she made sure the both of you were wet. Mom slid your cock inside her mouth for a few seconds, then flicked her tongue against your sister’s pussy. Once you were ready, you slid your cock inside your sister under your mom’s orders, then followed her instructions.
You really began to enjoy yourself, so much in fact, that you had accidentally came inside of her. “Oh my god, no, don’t cum in her,” Mom panicked, but realized there was nothing she could do to stop it. “Well, just finish it off.” Your sister’s pussy dripped with your cum, and Mom casually told the both of you to clean up. “And you – I want your books out!” she said to you.
“Anastasia, sweetheart, don’t get that on the sheets,” Mom said sternly, so your sister held your cum inside of her as she rushed to the bathroom.

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7 Minutes in Heaven - Brother & Sister, POV - HD 1080p - Anastasia Rose - Fifi Foxx Fantasies

7 Minutes in Heaven – Brother & Sister, POV – HD 1080p – Anastasia Rose – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

“No parties,” you promised your parents, but of course it was a lie. The moment they were out of the house, you and your sister called all of your friends for a huge gathering at your house.
Some of the guys arrived with alcohol they had stolen from their parents while others brought some smoke – it was going to be a hell of a night. Everyone was having fun and things began to heat up when everyone started playing 7 Minutes in Heaven. It was a simple game – one person would get to spin the bottle and whoever it landed on was the person they went into the closet with.
Now, what happened in the closet? ANYTHING. People would make out in there, get handsy, and even fuck. And everyone else would listen outside the closet snickering and cheering each other on.
“Just my luck,” your sister sighed. “I can’t believe I’m playing 7 Minutes in Heaven and I got paired with my brother. I mean, out of all the hot guys out there….” The two of you looked at each other unsure of what to do. And even though you were related, your intoxicated friends expected to hear something exciting.
“They’re gonna know if we don’t do anything – they’re probably listening at the door. We’re not really gonna do anything, but maybe we can seem like we did something,” Anastasia suggested. “I don’t want them to call us pansies…the whole school would know – it’d be embarrassing.” She suggested that you grunt, as if you were getting pleasured, but that sounded stupid.
So, in a desperate attempt to seem cool, your sister started to fake moan. “Oh my god, wow, I didn’t know my brother’s dick was so big,” Anastasia hollered as if she was fucking you. “Just go along with it,” she whispered, then continued her sex noises. While she was moaning, she looked down to see your massive erection. “Are you serious? You have a boner? I’m your sister,” she said with wide eyes.
“Well, I mean…we’re in here anyways, right? I mean, they think we’re doing it, why don’t we just do it? There’s no way you can walk out there with a boner – they’d know we were faking it!” she said. Your sister was right. Everyone outside of the closet already thought the two of you were getting it on, and if you did walk out there with a boner, they’d know nothing happened.
Although it was awkward for you and your sister, Anastasia pulled down her dress to expose her tits, and then wrapped her hand around your stiff cock. She was desperate to get rid of your boner and to convince everyone at the party that she wasn’t afraid to mess around and be sexual.
The only thing that she didn’t know, however, was that you weren’t going to get off from just a handjob – she needed to do a little more than that. You weren’t that inexperienced. In fact, she’d have to go all the way with you. But, was it really that bad? Everyone thought you were doing it anyways, you might as well enjoy it.


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