MILF n' Sons Lucky Friend story+pov fuck - Ani Erotika

MILF n’ Sons Lucky Friend story+pov fuck – Ani Erotika

OH SNAP. This is a ratchet blender of story blended into actual pov fucking from the lucky boy’s eyes… and one NAUGHTY MILF. <3 After a long day caring for the youngsters at her house for her son’s buddies staying the night, it is time for bed. After waiting a bit she figures she is in the clear and takes a bath. Right as she begins to melt away her son’s friend walk in on her trying to take a piss! OOPS. Instead of telling him to gtfo out, she calms him down and goes down a whole different route. One so perverted and kinky she shocks even herself! So fucking wrong…. I think I am going to hell for even making videos like this! *oops* Oh well! Enjoy!!!!!! This one is a doozy. 😉

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Being With Mommy Gives You That Warm Tingly Feeling - Natalie Wonder

Being With Mommy Gives You That Warm Tingly Feeling – Natalie Wonder

Please film this in the same way as the Fucking Mommy In Missionary Quickie videos. It starts with you coming into son’s bed to wake him up in the morning. You end up acting very playful and ticking/wrestling with each other. Son eventually ends up on top of you (missionary position) and you give in and tell him, “Okay, okay, you win!” You are both only wearing underwear and a t-shirt so you feel something poking you between your legs. You look down and notice his penis has popped out of his shorts. You go to tuck it back into his shorts but as you’re doing that you feel how hard it is. You get a very naughty idea.
Being quiet because “daddy is home”, you ask him if he wants to play another fun little game. Kind of like the “tickling/wrestling” game you just played. You tell him how to play. He just has to stick his peepee inside mommy’s pussy and push it in and out. You start slow then eventually it gets more and more intense. In the middle of it you tell son he is having sex with mommy. You ask him if he likes it and if he’s starting to feel a warm tingly feeling. You tell him it’s called cummies and you want him to “make a big, warm cummies inside mommy’s pussy.” Use ageplay words like peepee and cummies.

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All Boys Need a Mommy - Harlyn P. Rose

All Boys Need a Mommy – Harlyn P. Rose

It’s a familiar pattern: I meet a guy who thinks he wants to fuck me, who drools over my tits and ass, and who crawls after me with his dick already out, just begging for me to give him what he wants. But then, once I actually give him my attention, suddenly fucking me isn’t what’s on his mind. Suddenly he’s in a diaper and a cute little onesie, sucking on a pacifier, and crawling after me for a very different reason. So let’s skip all the pretense, shall we? Put your dick away and be careful where your eyes are roaming. You’re just a boy, and like all boys, you need your Mommy.

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Mommy Son Diaper Date - Chloe Bielke

Mommy Son Diaper Date – Chloe Bielke

I’ve decided that with our growing closeness, we should start going on dates. With that will come more intimacy. Mommy teaches you about your changing body, and how I’m going to help you cum for your first time. I also tell you that I’m going to be wearing a diaper on our date to be a good ally. Lots of talking about your diapers, some bullying you’ve received, the support you get from your new diaper friends, and how mommy will always take care of you.

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Royal Impregnation From Son - Eva Marie

Royal Impregnation From Son – Eva Marie

Your next in line to be king i know your worried but mommys here to protect you… If you make me queen il make everything okay but we will need to make royal babies right away…. I Slide of my gown and show you my privates telling you whats going to happen… I make you suckle mommys nipples while i slide you in closer… Mommy holds her vibrator onto her privates to make it all abit more wetter… Your going to feel a warm liquid run down your privates dont worry its okay its totally normal… I tell you about how you were made and how you were inside me then and now your back inside me again.. I want you ro do what your father did… Feel Mommy With Your Warm Liquid Son

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Spurned Wife Regresses Hubby - MoRina

Spurned Wife Regresses Hubby – MoRina

Her husband was leaving her. She flirted, she pleaded, but he wasn’t having it or her. Desperate time, desperate measures. She cast a spell on him to freeze so he couldn’t leave. Then she wielded a couple magic spells to start his age regression. If she can’t be the woman he wants, she will be the woman he needs. She flirts with him as he starts getting younger and younger. She tells him to stroke his little cock before it won’t work anymore and encourages him to cum for her. She gets naked for inspiration. When he becomes a baby, she nurses him and sings him a lullaby!

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Bad Boys Grow Up - Harlyn P. Rose

Bad Boys Grow Up – Harlyn P. Rose

You’ve been so naughty lately. Not following my orders, directly disobeying me, pretending not to hear or understand me when I’m talking to you. And no punishment I come up with seems to work. Corner time, spanking, taking your toys away, it doesn’t matter—you’re always right back to being a naughty boy as soon as the punishment is done. So I’ve come up with the ultimate punishment for a little boy like you.

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Mommy's Big Kid In Diapers - Bielke

Mommy’s Big Kid In Diapers – Bielke

I’m tired of the kids in middle school bullying you for still wearing diapers. We need to talk about a new plan. I have found you a new and special school where there are lots of big kids in diapers. We are going to enroll you. This video has A LOT of diaper talk. There are also other age regression topics such as cuddling with your stuffies and blankie, mommy giving you a bath, changing your diapers and watching kids television together.

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Big Boob Regression - Harlyn P Rose

Big Boob Regression – Harlyn P Rose

My boobs are mesmerizing, especially in a low-cut shirt like this one. All this soft, creamy flesh on display…it’s hard to look away from them, isn’t it? Fortunately, today I don’t want you to look away. I want you to keep staring. Keep watching. Keep listening. Tits have power, you know. The power to make men do things they wouldn’t normally do. And I’m going to use mine to turn you into a little diapered boy.

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Training My Young Son To Please Mommy - Noelle Easton

Training My Young Son To Please Mommy – Noelle Easton

Sorry for leaving you in your sisters room while we were busy, little boy! She was learning something very important, and I want you to learn too. Teaching her how to suck cock made me want to suck a young cock, and who better than my own son! I want to wrap my lips around it, you can squirm all you want, but I’m going to hold you down! You’re no match for mommy’s power! You’re so small and soft, you’re my youngest yet! Your twin sister was so good, I wonder if you’ll catch on as quickly! Determined to find out, I strip your little boy underwear off and slowly push my body down onto your smooth young dick. You stare up at mommy’s tits bouncing in your face as I grind and bounce on you. Squirming as I slams my ass down on your sensitive, developing cock, your body fills with a strange feeling. Telling you about all the dirty things we did to your twin sister with your young dick inside of me makes me cum so hard! You’re going to be a perfect good little boy for mommy. I might even let you join in next time with your sister or some of my young dick loving MILF friends!

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