Family Affair Of Fistting And Fucking 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Family Affair Of Fistting And Fucking 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

You know that your cousin loves slapping you with his huge 12 inch cock. He doesn’t know any better since he has Asperger Syndrome. You have graduated to taking his big cock in your ass while me and your aunt suck and fuck his 12 inch cock!!! Now I think it’s time to make it an entire family affair!!! Let’s include your other female cousins in on this too! They can all line up to shove their forearms and whatever us into your tight, young ass! It will be a family reunion!!!!!!!!!

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Sitting On Mummy's Lap 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Sitting On Mummy’s Lap 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

No names used-It’s your birthday today!!!! Mommy has a very special surprise too!!! We are expecting two young boys to come over today. They have been coming around for some time now because they just love getting a good wank from mummy!!!! You are going to sit on mummy’s lap today and watch what mummy does to them, that way you will understand all about the birds and the bees!!! Mummy wants to be sure her little boy knows how to make that little dick feel good and spunk for mu mmy!! Mummy will demonstrate on the boys that come over while you sit on my lap!!!! Were going to have your little dick spunking along with the other little boys dicks spunking!!!! Mummy is going to be covered in little boy spunk after it’s all done!!!!!

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Mommy Mocks & Humiliates You - Obey Miss Elle

Mommy Mocks & Humiliates You – Obey Miss Elle

You are EVERYTHING a true man should N E V E R be. Nothing is more dehumanizing & emasculating than being humiliated for the little immature baby that you are. Since you act like one, I will treat you like one. I patronise you at a level that you only an ikkle, wikkle baby could understand, take the piss out of you for your actions & I even invite you to suckle on Mommy’s huge breasts… Oh, you like that do you? I can’t help but pity you. You had so much potential as a man, but now you’ll be forever known as the baby who pisses in diapers for Mommy’s amusement.

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Regressing My Son - Ivy Starshyne

Regressing My Son – Ivy Starshyne

Oh, sorry, dear… oh… oh, my! Wow! THAT… THAT IS… WOW! Very small. Much smaller than I’d have imagined. I’m not saying this to be mean, honey. I actually think it’s cute. You know what it reminds me of? When you were a little baby.
It’s okay to have a little pee-pee, but with that baby dick, it would be more suitable if you were actually a little baby. Don’t you think? My little baby? Hey, little pee-pee. Just relax. Let this happen. You’re going to become my little baby again. Look how small that little winky is! Awww. So sweet. So tiny. So small.
Oh! Are you doing the pee dance? Do you have to tinkle? Let’s get you on the potty then. I’m going to hold your little dinky down so you don’t make a mess. My little baby. You look so cute! You’re getting so little, aren’t you? You’re even sucking your thumb, just as you used to… what a good boy you are! While we’re in the bathroom, I think it’s a good time for a bath. Let’s get you clean.
Let’s get those little baby bits clean. My sweet baby! And his little pee-pee! Oh, but little pee-pee is getting hard. Are you having fun being Mommy’s little helpless baby again? Yes, you are. I’m so happy, I love being Mommy to my little helpless baby. Let’s dry off the little baby and his cute little pee-pee. And oh my, wouldn’t you be so cute in some little panties? Look at that, they fit your just perfectly. No bulge, so they’re so nice and cozy, huh?
Now then, come to bed and suck Mommy’s breasts… I’ll stroke your little bits over your panties to help you relax, my little baby. You’re nice and hard again, hm? Look at that little baby precum spot on the panties! You’ve made a mess though, right after bath time. Aww. It’s so cute though! My little baby making a little mess in my panties. I’ll have to put you in diapers for those wet spots when I play with your winkie.
Aw, falling asleep? You’re such a good little baby… I’m so happy. You’re so sweet. You’ll be my little baby forever.

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You're Just A Baby Now - Natasha's Bedroom

You’re Just A Baby Now – Natasha’s Bedroom

The clock turns back, time reverses, and you regress out of manhood.
You’re just a baby now. Diapered, helpless, and cute, without a worry in the world. A wee baby sucking on his thumb and giggling happily. You’re in mommy’s loving arms, a sweet little baby boy for your adoring mommy. You’re just a baby now. Cute, huggable, and cared for.
No more pants, only diapers. No more big boy. Because you’re just my baby, now and forever.

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Sucking And Fucking To Get Your Warm Cummies Out - Natalie Wonder

Sucking And Fucking To Get Your Warm Cummies Out – Natalie Wonder

Hey. I came to lay with you. Why not? Too bad. I’m your babysitter. I’m supposed to be looking after you so in order to look after you I need to stay REALLY CLOSE. Were you about to jerk off? Haha, am I not supposed to say things like that because I’m your baby-sitter and should set a good example? Hmmmm I supposed you’re still kinda young and might not even know what that means yet. I knew what it meant at your age. It means were you gonna touch your peepee? No privacy for you tonight. My job is to keep a close eye and to keep you entertained. But YOU can keep ME entertained too.
I bet your peepee is getting hard since I’m laying so close to you talking about peepees, dicks, jerking off and fucking. No I’m not going to stop. Stop being a big baby! Do you realize how jealous all your friends would be if they knew your hot babysitter was coming on to you? You’re such a scaredy cat. It’s okay to be nervous. Secretly, you want me to touch it. You’re a horny lil boy. Come on…it’ll feel really good. I can show you stuff. Mmm lots of really good stuff. Like what it’s like to have a warm mouth wrapped around your hard little horny dick. Are you going to say no to me? Mmmmmm no…you’re not. I’m going to suck on you like this…and then you’re going to be a big boy and fuck me. I’m gonna suck, fuck and get that warm cummies out of you…

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Quality Step-Mom Step-Son Time - Noelle Easton

Quality Step-Mom Step-Son Time – Noelle Easton

What are you up to today? You’re growing up to be so smart and independent, do you mind if I spend some time with you? It’s just that your step-mommy has been thinking about her young, innocent faced step-son all day and I … just can’t get you out of my head. The way your youthful skin glows … your exuberant energy … I love to watch you. I can’t help but to stare lustfully at the perfect boy that I made. Do you think step-mommy’s should want to lay in their stepsons’ bed with no clothes? Or is your step-mommy naughty? Maybe you could spank me like I spank you when you’re a bad boy? You could make me get undressed, make mommy show herself to you, would you like that? I could take off my clothes and you could too and we could pretend like it’s almost bath time?? But we need to take your little underpants off first though! If step-mommy shows her step-son her secret parts then the step-son should be a good boy and show her his, right? But we can’t tell, ok, this is our special little game. I bet you didn’t know your penis could feel a tingle like this, did you? I wanted to start you young so I know that my step-son’s first time with every experience is with someone as loving and caring as step-mommy is. No other girls will ever do what I can for you. My warm, wet mouth feels so inviting, yeah? Just relax and trust step-mommy, I’m going to take good care of my young, pure step-son. I’ll be gentle when my throat slowly swallows and hugs your smooth, developing penis. Squirm and wiggle all you need to as my motherly hips slam down mercilessly only you, it’s natural to feel what you’re feeling! It means I’m being a good step-mommy! I’m going to milk your young cock for the first time and teach you how good I can make you feel every day. Your cock milk is step-mommy’s ONLY, ok?

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Cougar Corrupts A Step-Mom & Step-Son 2 - Noelle Easton

Cougar Corrupts A Step-Mom & Step-Son 2 – Noelle Easton

Fresh out of jail for her cougar ways, sexy busty MILF arrives home and fantasizes about enjoying her newfound freedom all over again. Eager to have privacy and quiet again, she aggressively throws her bag down and rips out a pair of boys underpants. A little souvenir from her wildest fantasy that she’s kept in anticipation for this moment. Excitement peaks quickly as her hands explore her body again, her sensitive, untouched nipples and pussy throbbing with desire to fulfill her fantasy all over again. Little cartoon underpants rub mercilessly over her pleasure pumped clit until she cries out and shakes with the first intense, real orgasm she’s felt in so long. Post-orgasm, her rolled back, pleasure filled eyes wander to the window where she discovers a cute young boy walking home with his step-mom in the dark. Her chance comes after they turn unsuspecting down a darkly lit side road. She lures them in gently but firmly, confident that this special couple will realize the fun they’ve been missing out on. “Fight it all you want, but you’ll both stay tied up while we all take turns with each other until I can see your willingness to participate. I know your secret about your step-son, Step-Mommy! Look up at the wall, sweet boy. That’s your step-mom, enjoying young boys just like you. She can’t hide it anymore – CAN you Step-Mommy? It’s not anger or protectiveness or disgust flooding over you, as I explore his developing young body in front of you, now is it? Can you see the jealousy in your Step-Mommy’s eyes as I touch you and kiss you? Stare her in the eyes and plead for her to explain what’s happening. She can’t help you, I’ll take care of you tonight. Your step-mom wanted to be your first but she needs to learn from my example first. She has to watch while I suck you, lick your smooth young skin, peel your still developing penis out of those cute little underwear! It’s driving her crazy watching you wiggle and squirm with confusion and pleasure. Oh no, the nervous boy just peed himself!” She licks and sucks her piss soaked fingers and rubs her horny cougar pussy to the thought of taking young virgin boys innocence. She demands that your step-mom clean you up like a good step-mother. Her step-son is all dirty from peeing all over himself and not cleaning his cute little butt when he went to the bathroom last. His step-mom leans over to clean him up as their corrupter watches on, taking his penis into her warm motherly mouth, the young boy pushed back and forth between his step-mother and this stranger, squealing as my throat swallows up his sensitive tip and pushes his little virgin butthole harder onto the tip of his step-mother’s waiting tongue. She takes her turn with her step-son as the corrupter instructs him on how to eat her wet horny pussy. With every tongue thrust from step-mommy in his little butt, his young innocent face is shoved harder into the strangers pussy until her eyes roll back and she can’t keep herself from trying out that young penis in front of the young boys step-mother. “Your step-mom can help, but I am going to take your virginity, not her. Watch your step-sons penis get swallowed by my pussy, Step-Mommy. Next time it will be you so pay attention to how he likes it. He’s going to cum right through these little underpants into my pussy! You should be proud of your step-son! You want him to keep experiencing this excitement, don’t you? Then you’ll tell everyone you two were at therapy. And if you don’t want this getting out, I suggest you agree to “therapy” once a week with your step-son from now on. I think we could make a devilish, twisted team, don’t you, Step-Mom?”

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Mommy Plugs & Diapers my Noisy Bottom - Kiki Cali

Mommy Plugs & Diapers my Noisy Bottom – Kiki Cali

Ohmygoodness Mommy Anastasia St. Claire has walked in on me farting and laughing about it like a baby. I try to explain that its just a tummy ache but Mommy caught me way too much in the act with me lifting my bottom up in the air and giggling about it to myself. Its so embarrassing, I can’t believe she just happened to walk in at this time of all times. Mommy scolds and shames me, telling me that “Princesses don’t toot” and especially not laugh at it. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Mommy then tells me that if I’m going to act like a baby about it rather than a princess, she’s going to treat me like a baby! She grabs the diaper off my nightstand, making me lay out on it an spread for her before she warns me that she will be silencing my noisy bottom and pulls out a large pink butt plug! Its so big that even with lube, it take a minute to get it into my tight untrained butthole. After making it fit, Mommy finished with a powdering, rubbing it all into my little pussy before taping my diaper up! My plug is so big that when she has me bend over to check that my diaper is all securely and tightly on, I can feel it slide deeper and wider but Mommy doesn’t care for my complaining….I’ve certainly learned my lesson about being a rude little girl now.

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Sydney Harwin - The Garden Shed; TABOO

The Garden Shed; TABOO – Sydney Harwin

Hey brother. Lets reminisce. Let me recall the time when we were young… The time we ran about our parents garden playing chase… The time you chased me behind the garden shed… The time you and I broke innocence… CONTAINS TABOO STORYTELLING, BROTHER/SISTER THEME.

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