I'm Your Real Mommy Age Play - Kelly Payne

I’m Your Real Mommy Age Play – Kelly Payne

You’ve been in a foster home, and your parents have hired Kelly to babysit. What they don’t know is I’m your birth mom, and have been searching everywhere to find you. Finally with you so close to me, I suggest we cuddle so you can remember me. A little shy at first because mommy suggests we cuddle naked, but agreeing to try. feeling close & warm cuddling with mommy. Mommy shares a special treat, she’s been saving her breast milk for you this entire time, mommy knows you’ll remember once you nurse from her. While nursing your hand drifts in between mommy’s thighs, don’t worry you used to do that all the time, mommy encourages you to keep rubbing and ends up cumming. (VS) Afterwards, she notices how sleepy you look, mommy cuddles you in and reassures you mommy’s never going anywhere ever again, you’ll always be together forever. Sweet dreams my sweet little boy.

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New Mommy New Toy- lush trial - Kiki Cali

New Mommy New Toy- lush trial – Kiki Cali

Mommy has caught me playing with my new Lush toy before our bedtime routine, without her! Like a good Mommy though, she just takes over control of my new toy and shows me how to really use…before she diapers me for bed of course! And Mommy is soo good at diapering me, she has the most delicate touch while she rubs diaper creams around my tight little bootyhole and sweetest hands when rubbing in my baby powder! And she even keeps my Lush in while diapering me for extra spoils hehe while warning me not to lift any of my tabs even if I squirt! What a good Mommy to put me to bed with a Lush, a diaper and a kiss!

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Naughty Neighbour - Custom AGE PLAY - Kings Queen

Naughty Neighbour – Custom AGE PLAY – Kings Queen

I totally forgot my lawn boy was coming to tend the lawn, and was in sexy lingerie when he came in for his payment. I notice him looking at my boobs, and at first tell him its inappropriate, but what the hell.. why not let him see some real tits for the first time. And let him touch them. I tell him I notice the way he looks at his mother, and tell him if he wants, I can be his mommy for a while. I let him see and feel my pussy since he’s obviously never seen a real pussy before. And let him put his cock inside to let him see what it feels like!

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Good Wittle Boys Wear Panties for Mommy - Olivia Harper

Good Wittle Boys Wear Panties for Mommy – Olivia Harper

It’s Me, your maternal caretaker, coming to check in on you at bedtime. Why are you up so late! You should have been in bed hours ago…. is something distracting you? I think I might know what it is. I see you staring at My cleavage all the time, and now I see that there’s a little bulge under your covers! You know, sometimes I wish I had a girl instead… I wouldn’t have to deal with things like this. There’s just one thing to do. You’re going to put on these panties for Me! They look so cute on you. Rub your little clitty dick while you look at Me. I’m going to take you shopping for even more girly clothes! You can only touch that little clitty while you’re dressed up cute and girly for Me. Includes cum countdown.

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AB Mommy Loosey Bedtime Breastfeeding - Diaper Perv

AB Mommy Loosey Bedtime Breastfeeding – Diaper Perv

Adult baby mommy Loosey Lu is interacting with you with your singing elephant & playing peek-a-boo. She diaper checks you throughout the whole videos, from time to time. It’s snacktime before bed & she gets your bib on & into the high chair….it’s yummy carrots. Mommy plays airplane with you!! After eating in the high chair, it’s time for you to get into your huge crib and mommy changes your diaper before bed… taking off your swelled pissy soaked diaper & sliding a nice dry rearz safari on your butt! She closes it up and slides into the crib beside you to feed you your bottle in your matching safari bottle… but you don’t want it!! You spit it out & mommy figure out you want mommy’s boobies! Yay, she takes out her boobie so you can suckle on it (for a nice long time…. minutes!!!!) while she humms to you & gives you diaper pats as you slowly drift off to nini with Mommy Loosey in your ABDL crib

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Lonely Step Mommy - Melanie Hicks

Lonely Step Mommy – Melanie Hicks

My husband is away on business so it is just me and my stepson all alone in the house. I was relaxing in my nightie, I was hoping my stepson would see me sitting there looking all sexy. Soon he comes by and tells me he wants to take a nap. Well that is disappointing! I was hoping he could step in and satisfy me while his dad could not. I suggest he come nap with me instead and after I assure him everything will be ok he agrees. I confess to him that I am very lonely and his dad hasnt satisfied me sexually in a long time. He admits that he has always wanted to be with me and after I assure him his father will never know, he agrees to us exploring. His dick is much bigger than his daddy’s and I have no problem sucking it down while he gropes me. After getting him all worked up, I offer him my pussy and he fucks me so much better than his dad does. He fucks me in both missionary and doggy while I cream all over my stepson’s dick and beg for his cum inside me. Soon he can’t hold back and my stepson dumps his load into my mommy pussy! I thank him and let him go take his nap.

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Taboo Ageplay: Mommy Doesn't Want It - Mizz Erotique

Taboo Ageplay: Mommy Doesn’t Want It – Mizz Erotique

In this video, mommy is startled when she wakes up to her young boy in her bed. At first all is fine, but her boy has other ideas. He’s recently learned about sex and straddles mommy as she tries to fight him off. Mommy is ovulating and her son just doesn’t care. He uses her roughly and ejaculates inside of her as mommy is stunned trying to get him off of her. Bad boy!

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