Mom gets you ready for school Part Two - Kelly Payne

Mom gets you ready for school Part Two – Kelly Payne

Part Two of mom gets your ready for school, after part one of sneaking around behind dads back being extra naughty with mom all morning. Your still feeling nervous or maybe just feeling extra excited and want one last quickie before dad takes you to school. Mom sends dad to the car, and mommy Kelly sucks your cock again, and lets you climb on top of mommy pull her panties to the side and fuck mommy one last time before heading off to school. Aren’t you so lucky to have such a great mommy.

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Mom gets you ready for school Part One - Kelly Payne

Mom gets you ready for school Part One – Kelly Payne

You come into moms room after you wake up, mom and dad are still in bed. Mom wakes up, and decides to be naughty with you while encouraging dad to stay in bed. You and mommy spend nearly the entire morning, being extra naughty sneaking around while dad is up and about. POV BJ and Virtual Sex beautiful agony style. Part One of a Two Part Video.

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Learning to Eat Mommy's Pussy - Kiki Cali

Learning to Eat Mommy’s Pussy – Kiki Cali

I wana learn how to please my step-mommy in the best way possible and I know how much she loves it when Daddy eats her asian pussy, So I ask my step-mommy if she can teach me how to eat her pussy like a good girl till she cuts. And Mommy directs me on exactly how to do this hehe.

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All Boys Need a Mommy - Harlyn P. Rose

All Boys Need a Mommy – Harlyn P. Rose

It’s a familiar pattern: I meet a guy who thinks he wants to fuck me, who drools over my tits and ass, and who crawls after me with his dick already out, just begging for me to give him what he wants. But then, once I actually give him my attention, suddenly fucking me isn’t what’s on his mind. Suddenly he’s in a diaper and a cute little onesie, sucking on a pacifier, and crawling after me for a very different reason. So let’s skip all the pretense, shall we? Put your dick away and be careful where your eyes are roaming. You’re just a boy, and like all boys, you need your Mommy.

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Dear Diary: Stepsis Impregnation 4K - Snortneypoptart

Dear Diary: Stepsis Impregnation 4K – Snortneypoptart

Dear Diary, Lately I have been having really naughty thoughts about my new step-brother, like him getting me pregnant, our parents just got married and I have never had a boy around the house… My *step-brother* (simulated with me talking to the camera like it’s my brother) comes in while I am writing in my journal and I hastily hide it and then go out to meet friends… when I come home you are in my room with your cock out, I pretend to be offended and then you tell me you read my diary. I say it’s a good thing I think you’re so cute or I would never do anything like this, I start to suck and stroke your cock and then we fuck and you cum inside me, doesn’t your lil sister look so cute with your cum dripping out of her pussy?

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Royal Impregnation From Son - Eva Marie

Royal Impregnation From Son – Eva Marie

Your next in line to be king i know your worried but mommys here to protect you… If you make me queen il make everything okay but we will need to make royal babies right away…. I Slide of my gown and show you my privates telling you whats going to happen… I make you suckle mommys nipples while i slide you in closer… Mommy holds her vibrator onto her privates to make it all abit more wetter… Your going to feel a warm liquid run down your privates dont worry its okay its totally normal… I tell you about how you were made and how you were inside me then and now your back inside me again.. I want you ro do what your father did… Feel Mommy With Your Warm Liquid Son

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