Stepmom gets home from yoga class horny - Erin Electra

Stepmom gets home from yoga class horny – Erin Electra

She came back from yoga today super happy and….Horny! Stepson has just the big hard cock she’s been hoping for too, he was even waiting in her bedroom! Stepmom couldn’t get her panties off fast enough! He started fucking her while they were still on! Damn, she liked that cock deep up inside her and so did he and then he came all over her pretty big white ass.

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4K Mrs. Rose Seduces Son's Best Friend - Siena Rose

4K Mrs. Rose Seduces Son’s Best Friend – Siena Rose

Custom Order, and as always, extremely appreciated. I do say Aaron’s name several times throughout this video. My partner in crime has no dialogue, he is strictly a POV stunt cock! ..Mrs. Rose is your best friends mom and you come over to see my son but he is not home so I invite you in to wait for him. I start off sweet, kind and caring like any normal mother when I start talking to you. Then I tell you that I have a secret which I need to tell you-I have a huge crush on you and have wanted you for so long and that I cannot stop thinking about you. At this point my character changes and I become really turned on and horny which is unexpected and tell you that every time you’ve came over I’ve always fantasied about fucking you. I then say my son isn’t going to be home for a while and that we should take advantage of him not being here. I get really turned on and seduce you by stripping out of all my clothes – button up top, long denim jeans and heels. I slowly take off my panties and bra to tease you and then I’ m fully nude. I tell you I am taking you to my bedroom where I give you a blowjob – telling you how I have always dreamed of sucking your cock. I then get on top of you POV and start fucking you cowgirl style. While in this position I get really turned on – wild, filthy and nasty saying these lines. “ I can’t believe this is happening, I can’t believe I’m doing this, I can’t believe I’m fucking my sons best friend, I know it’s wrong but I don’t care it feels so fucking good, I’ve wanted you for so long, I need you, I can’t stop thinking about you, did you ever think you will be fucking your best friends mom, how does it feel Aaron, how does it feel fucking your best friends mom you naughty little boy. Your a filthy dirty boy and I’m a filthy dirty mommy and I love it. And then when you say this line I want you to really get turned on and screaming the line saying “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me you dirty bastard. Fuck Mrs. Rose. You like fucking an older woman. I’m gonna fuck you so hard like you’ve never been fucked before.” Then after that we do several different positions like reverse cowgirl, missionary and from behind again saying similar lines like the ones before. And then afterwards I tell you that I want you to cum on my face and I start jerking your cock saying “Give me all of your young cum! I want to taste you – give it to me Aaron! I need it! I want it! Cum all over your best friends mom’s face you dirty little boy ! And then you cum on my face at the end of the scene.

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Dear Diary: Stepsis Impregnation 4K - Snortneypoptart

Dear Diary: Stepsis Impregnation 4K – Snortneypoptart

Dear Diary, Lately I have been having really naughty thoughts about my new step-brother, like him getting me pregnant, our parents just got married and I have never had a boy around the house… My *step-brother* (simulated with me talking to the camera like it’s my brother) comes in while I am writing in my journal and I hastily hide it and then go out to meet friends… when I come home you are in my room with your cock out, I pretend to be offended and then you tell me you read my diary. I say it’s a good thing I think you’re so cute or I would never do anything like this, I start to suck and stroke your cock and then we fuck and you cum inside me, doesn’t your lil sister look so cute with your cum dripping out of her pussy?

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PART 2 Cum in Mommy - Reya Sunshine

PART 2 Cum in Mommy – Reya Sunshine

Continued from Part 1 Mommy Strips and Sucks your Cock….. I decide I’m not done teasing you, so I lather my already enticing body up with oil to send you over the edge. I know you love seeing mommy’s voluptuous breasts and ass covered in oil. I then hop on your cock and and ride you in multiple positions like only mommy can. I give you a cum countdown and tell you to cum inside of me. 
*Please note this is PART 2 of a two-part video. Because the scene is so long and filmed in 4K, the files are too large to be sold in one video. Make sure to get Part 1 as well! **The video is also available in 1080 in one single video if that is your preference.

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