Dear Diary: Stepsis Impregnation 4K - Snortneypoptart

Dear Diary: Stepsis Impregnation 4K – Snortneypoptart

Dear Diary, Lately I have been having really naughty thoughts about my new step-brother, like him getting me pregnant, our parents just got married and I have never had a boy around the house… My *step-brother* (simulated with me talking to the camera like it’s my brother) comes in while I am writing in my journal and I hastily hide it and then go out to meet friends… when I come home you are in my room with your cock out, I pretend to be offended and then you tell me you read my diary. I say it’s a good thing I think you’re so cute or I would never do anything like this, I start to suck and stroke your cock and then we fuck and you cum inside me, doesn’t your lil sister look so cute with your cum dripping out of her pussy?

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PART 2 Cum in Mommy - Reya Sunshine

PART 2 Cum in Mommy – Reya Sunshine

Continued from Part 1 Mommy Strips and Sucks your Cock….. I decide I’m not done teasing you, so I lather my already enticing body up with oil to send you over the edge. I know you love seeing mommy’s voluptuous breasts and ass covered in oil. I then hop on your cock and and ride you in multiple positions like only mommy can. I give you a cum countdown and tell you to cum inside of me. 
*Please note this is PART 2 of a two-part video. Because the scene is so long and filmed in 4K, the files are too large to be sold in one video. Make sure to get Part 1 as well! **The video is also available in 1080 in one single video if that is your preference.

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