Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Amanda Bryant - Brother & Sister Share a Bed, POV - Sister Loves Teasing Her Brother - HD 1080p

Brother & Sister Share a Bed, POV – Sister Loves Teasing Her Brother – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Amanda Bryant

“It’s so stupid that we have to share a bed,” your sister ranted. “I mean, come on, we’re older now and we’ve been doing this for years.” Sure, it made sense when you were younger, but now that the two of you were older, it was getting more uncomfortable to do.
“Sure, we can share a room, but I think the bed thing is a bit much, don’t you?” she went on to say. “Obviously, I’m developed now, and so are you, and sometimes you turn over and poke me with your boner at night. Super weird, right?”
On top of that, Amanda told you that she liked to sleep naked sometimes, but she couldn’t do that because you were her brother. “What would people think? I think you might like it,” she smiled devilishly, “but me, personally? I don’t know if I like that or not. I can see that you do, though, because I think you have a boner. Do you have boner right now? You’re trying to hide it. It’s definitely peeking through your pants.”
Over the years, she had felt your boners push up against her, which made her love teasing you. “You like these underwear?” she smacked her big butt. “I put them on because I knew we’d have this conversation. I had a feeling, I knew where it was going to go.”
Amanda spread her legs and ran her fingers against her lacy panties. She teased you with the idea of sex, then told you how horny she was to get you throbbing hard. Eventually she slid her panties off and masturbated in front of you. “Do you wanna lick my pussy for me?” she asked bluntly.
For the first time, your wet tongue caressed her pretty, pink pussy as she moaned in pleasure. “You know what, I want you to fuck me now,” she said. You fucked her missionary and doggystyle, then filled her tight pussy with your cum. She looked up at you with big, blue eyes, a smile on her face, “Can I go to sleep now?”

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Wasted Daughter Seduces & Fucks Daddy to Get out of Trouble, POV - HD 1080p - Akira Shell

Wasted Daughter Seduces & Fucks Daddy to Get out of Trouble, POV – HD 1080p – Akira Shell

“Daddy!” your daughter, Akira, blurted out drunkenly, a broken high heel in her hand. “Hi, I wasn’t doing anything.” It was late and past her curfew, so you had been waiting up for her to get home.
“Mm…were you waiting for me?” she laid down. “That’s-that’s…sweet.” It was obvious that she had been out all night partying. Her breath reeked of alcohol and she smelled like w33d. “No, I wasn’t anywhere,” she slurred, “I wasn’t doing anything…”
“So, have you been waiting for me a long time?” Akira struggled to get the sentence out as she unfastened her dress and kicked off her heels. “I’m just…happy to see you.” She crawled towards you, giggling, and got right underneath your cock.
“How are you doing down here…” she caressed your cock, and you quickly pushed her away. “What? I just…wanted to say hi to the HEAD of the house! Get it? Head?” She busted out in laughter and told you sweetly not to push her away.
“What? Am I in trouble? I don’t wanna in trouble,” she pretended to pout. “I wanna get out of it…I think I can get out of being in trouble with you. Shh, it’s okay, I just wanna try something, okay?”
“See, Daddy? It feels good…” she attempted to stroke your cock, but you pushed her away again, and her tits spilled out of her dress. “Just forget about all the trouble…just come here, Daddy.”
Eventually she was able to wrap her warm, wet mouth around your cock, and even though you scolded her for it, your cock was starting to stiffen. “You were checking them out, I saw,” she slurred, then shoved them in your face. “Boobies in your face!”
Akira struggled to get undressed, her young body sloppily twisting and turning on the bed. She spread her legs and slid her fingers against her pink pussy. “You know you want to…” she smiled, teasing you. “Get comfortable, I have a surprise for you. I promise I won’t tell Mom…or myself, I won’t even remember.”
She masturbated in front of you, begging for your cock, and it was becoming much harder to resist her. She pushed you back, hopped on top of your cock, and started riding you. “Oh Daddy,” she moaned, then covered her mouth. “Fuck, your cock feels so good in me…it’s so deep in my pussy. Oh, shh…”
“Daddy, did you cum inside me?” a huge smile ran across her face. “I’m going to go play with your cum inside my pussy now. Remember, Daddy, shhh…I know, don’t tell Mommy…”
“Nighty night,” she slurred. “I’m not in any trouble, remember…”

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Syren de Mer Giving Her Son Confidence After Losing his Job 1080p

Syren de Mer Giving Her Son Confidence After Losing his Job 1080p

Part One:
Syren is worried about her son. Ever since he got laid off from his job he has been depressed. He’s been working since he was in HS and it’s not his fault half the people at the shop got let go. Syren knows he just needs confidence and he can go right back out and get another, a better, job. She remembers how she used to give his dad the boost he needs, and Tommy is the man of the house now so…

Part Two:
Syren’s son is back from the first day at his new job and she is SO proud of him! She knew that all he needed was for her to build up his confidence a some extra encouragement and look- he did great! She has never lost faith in him. Now, it’s time for his special reward so that she can show him just how proud she really is.

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Primal's Taboo Sex - Anastasia Rose - Sister Wants to Get in with The Cool Girls 720p

Sister Wants to Get in with The Cool Girls 720p – Anastasia Rose

Part One:
Anastasia has desperately wanted to get in with the cool clique at school and is willing to do anything. She gets her chance but it involves asking her brother for a REALLY awkward favor.

Part Two:
Rion finds himself in an tough position with the guys in school after bragging about being a stud, so, now it is his turn to ask his sister for an awkward favor.

Part Three:
The first two times were to impress other people, but, one day when they are home alone they realize there is not reason for there not to be a third time, or a fourth, or a fifth…

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Primal's Taboo Sex - Karly Baker - Slut Training My Sister 720p

Slut Training My Sister 720p – Karly Baker

Part One:
Karly is your younger sister and she always needs something. She comes in the living room where you’re hanging out and she comes in saying her friends want to go out and she spent all her money on make up. When you abruptly ask if she wants you to help her find a job, but of course that’s not what she wants. This time, you decide you’re going to get something out of her. You tell her since you were going to go to the strip club and spend your money there, she could just get naked and you could jerk off to her. Find out if she’s desperate enough.

Part Two:
I barge into my slut sister’s room because she’s been avoiding me. I tell her she owes me money and she has to pay me. I tell her if she wants another 2 weeks, she knows what she has to do.

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