I Found My Mom's Vibrator - Sadbaffoon

I Found My Mom’s Vibrator – Sadbaffoon

I’m staying at my mom’s house for a few days to watch her dog while she’s away. I got bored and a little nosy so I went through some of her things and found her vibrator!! Bored (and a little horny) I decided to play with it a little hehe :3 sorry mom.


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Asking Big Bro For A Favor - Sadbaffoon

Asking Big Bro For A Favor – Sadbaffoon

Hey big bro can I ask you for a favor? I’m going out with my friends tonight and they asked me to get beers for us. You’re my cool older brother I was hoping you’d help. Ugh you always want me to do things for you in return. You want me to strip for you?! Fine.. I don’t want to disappoint my friends. You’re such pervert though it’s so annoying. Now that I’m naked, will you get the beers please? You want me to suck your cock now?!?! You’re so greedy!! Now that I’ve had your cock in my mouth though, I’m so horny. I want your cock in me big bro 🙁 You turn me into such a slut. Includes POV BJ & sex in multiple positions, dirty talking, and a cumshot on my boobs!!!


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Secrets With Sister-In-Law - Ashley Alban

Secrets With Sister-In-Law – Ashley Alban

While at a family holiday party you notice your sister-in-law break away from the party and walk upstairs alone. You follow her upstairs worried that something might be wrong. In a guest bedroom she complains about how boring the party is and how irritated she is with her husband. You agree with her that he is being a bit of an asshole. She confesses to you that she thinks you are the more attractive brother. She then suggests a way to make this party more interesting: the two of you can fool around! You’re hesitant. She is a very attractive woman, but she is married to your brother. Plus, your family is downstairs. What if someone caught the two of you fucking? She just smiles and says that this will just make the sex even hotter.
She starts to coax you into agreeing by stripping out of her clothes. She shows off her round breasts and juicy ass. You immediately get a boner. You finally decide that you need to fuck her, but it has to be a quicky. She gets on all fours and you get behind her and slide your dick into her wet pussy. She says that you are much bigger and better than her husband. You pound her pussy the way she asks you to, making her ass clap on your dick. She starts moaning louder and louder, so you fuck her hard to cum quick before anyone hears. After filling her cunt up with cum, you two decide to quickly dress and return to the party with your naughty secret.


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Ashley Alban - Seducing Step-Dad

Seducing Step-Dad – Ashley Alban

Your step-daughter has invited you into her bedroom to chat. She says she made a special drink, and holds it out for you to try. You want to be nice so you have a sip of it. She smiles. Oh no, you think. You hope she isnt trying to come on to you again. You think she is very pretty, but shes too young, and you would never want to cheat on your wife. Your step-daughter tells you that shes tired of you refusing her and saying that youre too old. She decided to make an age regression potion and she put it in the drink you just drank. You cant believe that she is serious, but as you stand there, you feel yourself begin to change.
She narrates your change from an adult, to college age, to a virginal high schooler. When you finish transforming, you dont know where you are. She giggles and tells you that shes your girlfriend and youre in her room. She mentions that your clothes are really baggy, and you should probably take them off. When you hesitate, she says shell get naked too to make you more comfortable. She strips and puts her breasts in your face. Youve never felt a girls boobs before, and you feel yourself growing hard. She pulls down your underwear and sees your boner. She asks if youre ready for your first blowjob.
She gets down on her knees and starts to suck you. It feels so good and youre worried youre going to cum immediately. She stops and says that she wants to feel you inside of her. She guides you over to the bed and climbs on top. She slides your dick in, and starts to ride you. She bounces up and down until you cum inside her wet pussy. After, she tells you that she likes you so much better like this, and she wants to be the only girl you ever have sex with.


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Ashley Alban - Step-Sister Missionary Sex

Step-Sister Missionary Sex – Ashley Alban

You go into your step-sisters room early one morning while shes still asleep. She slowly wakes up and realizes that you are standing next to her bed. She asks what youre doing there and if mom and dad are awake yet. You pull your dick out. She is surprised when she sees it. She says she thought you guys couldnt fool around anymore. Mom and dad would be furious if they found out. She cant help but grab your dick though and start sucking it.
As your pretty sister sucks your dick you can see her getting turned on. She says that she wants you inside her, just for a little while, before mom and dad wake up. She slides over on the bed and takes off her panties. She starts rubbing her pussy and begs for your dick. You slide it inside and start to fuck her missionary, watching her tits bounce up and down. You fuck her hard until you both cum.


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AuroraXoxo - Crisis: Jerk Off To Your Step Mom

Crisis: Jerk Off To Your Step Mom – AuroraXoxo

You and your step mom have been stranded together for over a month after a hurricane hits. You haven’t had any release the entire time, and now you two have to bathe together! You promise not to touch yourself, but you can’t help it! When she closes her eyes to wash her hair you go to town.


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Mommy's "Special Touch" - Mistress Ezada Sinn

Mommy’s “Special Touch” – Mistress Ezada Sinn

Good morning, my son, it’s time to wake up. I know you’d rather stay in bed, but it’s time to rise, it’s such an important day. What, you need Mommy’s help? I can certainly see and feel the not so little issue that has risen here. Mommy knows how to touch my big boy and take care of this. In fact, I know better than anyone how to take care of you, my son. My baby boy has grown so big now. Just relax and let Mommy tent to all your needs. I know you love Mommy’s “special touch.”


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