The Widow Maker - Goddess Stella Sol

The Widow Maker – Goddess Stella Sol

It was a beautiful ceremony but it’s time to face that fact that she’s gone. Your mommy is no longer with us and now your father and I are free to marry. I shock you with this news and then let you in on a little secret. Much like your mommy, now you and your daddy are My next targets. You see, your father is filthy and he’s rich, and we’ve been having an affair for years. I’ve watched you grow and mature into an adult too and realize you pose a threat to My inheritance. However, much like you’re father, you’re helplessly infatuated with Me, and I have you eating right out of My hands. You’d would rather than give up the feelings I give you. Not to mention you want Me to be your Step Mother more than anything. It’s true. I have you strip down to nothing and command that you stroke under pressure while I confess to you about all of the very embarassing footage I have of you masturbating to gay and MILF porn. I even have footage of you jerking off while spying on Me. Ahh, you thought I didn’t know about that. HA! You and your father are much alike and so stupid. It’s just a matter of time before he and I marry, and you and he are no longer in the way of what I truly want. I count you down, make you cum on the floor and lick it up, and then reinterate that you will not say one word or things will end very badly for you sooner than not.


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JOI Lessons w/ Step Mommy - Goddess Stella Sol

JOI Lessons w/ Step Mommy – Goddess Stella Sol

You boys have grown so obsessed with My Mommy Domme clips. You can’t get enough of the way I make you feel so young and vulnerable. I know how impressionable you are at this age and for mostly My own perverted reasons, I like to mind fuck you into only being able to cum for Me.
In this clip you play My step son and I’m your gorgeous step Mother who’s also to wicked seductress. I control you and your father so naturally, and I’ve decided to train your dick now that you’re an adult. You need to know what to do with your penis, like how to stroke it and cum under pressure, and what better way to challenge you than to have you beat off and release in front of Mommy. You must learn to please Mommy because if you can do good for Me I know I can send you into the world to please other Women. Face it, you’re a natural born submissive male put on this earth to serve Women so you might as well practice, and you’re so lucky I care to teach you too a thing or two. Be a good boy and buy this clip, watch it, and thank Mommy, like always!


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Julia`s Pissing Heaven - Before a gyno exam - Mom pleases Son with Cunt and Pissing

Before a gyno exam – Mom pleases Son with Cunt and Pissing – Julia`s Pissing Heaven

Mom is going to visit her gynaecologist and asks son to sniff her cunt just to be sure she smells good. She imitates a pose like on a gyno chair so the boy could sniff her gorgeous cunt well. But of course she knows that would turn him on again! The view of that fantastic big labia pink mature cunt, wide open stunning legs and her dirty talk make him wank and cum before she leaves to the doctor. Oh, and one more thing please – would you pee all over me Mom! I need to feel that divine liquid all over me again!


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Dreaming about sucking daddy -lactating - Kelly Payne

Dreaming about sucking daddy -lactating – Kelly Payne

Your favorite little girl is dreaming about your cock daddy, she want’s to suck your cock. And why not make it taste nice and sweet by spraying her milk all over your cock and suck it all off for you. Kelly loves tasting her milk on your cock daddy! In this POV daddy roleplay vid.


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Your Sinful Sister & Her Lactating Tits - Kelly Payne

Your Sinful Sister & Her Lactating Tits – Kelly Payne

MV CRUSH GETS EXTENDED PREVIEW Your sister is finally home after a bad relationship, she just gets finished feeding the baby when she notices you by the door. She tells you how she’s been noticing you watching her lately and she misses you to! Lots of build up Taboo Brother Sister Role play, “I know you weren’t breastfeed little brother” “Its only natural you’d be curious, let me show you” “your right this is sinful little brother” Except sister can’t fall aslep, and has been up fantasizing about you suckling on her breasts draining her milk” Sister teaches you how to nurse, and the more you suck on sisters tits the more aroused you both become. Until, your big sisters asks you to get on top of her she’s so wet, and wants your cock little brother. (POV Virtual sex with Dildo) Roleplay Taboo Brother and sister, lots of great build up! ENJOY Little brother *winks*


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Taboo Titty Fuck Sister needs Sunscreen - Kelly Payne

Taboo Titty Fuck Sister needs Sunscreen – Kelly Payne

Your sister is going to the beach and needs her sunscreen, except she really just want’s your cum all over her big tits. Kelly insists you lay down and starts off by sucking your cock to get you nice and hard, and using her spit she uses her tits to make you cum finishing while fucking sisters big tits, and covering her bra and tits in your cum.


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Taboo Step Sister Rates your Penis - Kelly Payne

Taboo Step Sister Rates your Penis – Kelly Payne

Dick rate roleplay custom. Name used in vid, Jason. Your step sister needs to use your laptop, but your not home so upon helping herself to your laptop she finds an interesting email. She gets so turned on by your penis she makes herself cum using your penis pics as inspiration. Get your dick rated roleplay style, available in Kelly’s MV store.


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Little Brother Blackmail Sister Taboo - Kelly Payne

Little Brother Blackmail Sister Taboo – Kelly Payne

POV Little brother blackmails sister Taboo Role Play Clip by Kelly Payne. Your caught spying on your big sis who is smoking, annoyed your watching her and threatening to tell mom your big sis reluctantly at first agrees to let you fuck her tits. When you pull out your cock, your big sis gets crazy excited and decides this isn’t such a bad idea. First she sucks your hard cock (dildo POV) when you ask her to squirt her milk over your cock she agrees and covers your cock with her milk and licks it off and then uses it as lube for you to fuck her huge milky tits. After fucking your sisters tits, she gets so excited she begs you to fuck her, you try a few positions and allow sis to squirt her milk on you, and end up with sis twerking on your cock until she begs for your yummy cum and to cum inside her. Sis lets you watch as your cum drips out of her pussy (yummy cum lube). Ends with sister telling you, that you should sneak in and watch her more often.


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Lactating and Cuming for Daddy - Kelly Payne

Lactating and Cuming for Daddy – Kelly Payne

Daddy your little girl has noticed you watching her use her breast pump, and feed the baby. Catching you stare at her tits constantly. She has decided to confront you daddy, by making a naughty video of herself, milking her sweet tits, spraying it all over herself, self sucking her huge DDD tits while masturbating and being daddy’s dirty little slut. Talking dirty to you the entire time and counting down so you can cum with her. Of course she made this naughty xxx video and sent it to your company’s work email address. DO you dare open it daddy? Or do you delete it daddy.


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Daddy's Punishment Titty Fuck CUM - Kelly Payne

Daddy’s Punishment Titty Fuck CUM – Kelly Payne

Your favorite little girl is LATE and she needs to get punished! POV style B/G video. Whip her ass hard and leave some marks, then fuck her in various positions, get up close view points of her ridding you, and then turn around for you so she can fuck you while you watch her ass bounce up and down on your cock! Including having her suck, and gag on your cock, then fuck her tits until her huge DDD tits make you cum! Oh I forgot the BEST part! while you fuck her tits, she squirts her yummy sweet milk all over herself while you fuck her tits, no lube needed!!! Let your little girl make you cum using only her tits. Titty Fuck to completion.


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