Mom's Still Got It - Bettie Bondage

Mom’s Still Got It – Bettie Bondage

You get home after school and find your mother dressed rather provocatively. You’re not sure what’s going on but she seems a little upset, so you ask her, coming to sit down on the couch next to her. She tells you that she’s just feeling down about herself, after…well, after she found your father looking at porn. You tell her she’s being ridiculous – she’s gorgeous! Watching her smile and blush when you compliment her, you feel something stir. Are you? No…
Her tits are pressed up in her tight little top. You can’t help but stare. She can tell you’re looking, leering…your own mother! You can’t resist it, though…and later that night, when you see her on the couch, her nightie riding up against her round ass, there’s no pretending now…you want to fuck your mother! And is it your vivid, horny imagination, or is she tracing her fingers across her ass, pulling the nightgown up a little bit to show you more?…

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Stuck in the Bathroom with Your Horny Mom - Bettie Bondage

Stuck in the Bathroom with Your Horny Mom – Bettie Bondage

Your mother is in her bathroom, wearing a corset and a sexy garter belt, when you barge in to use the bathroom. She’s annoyed, asking why you can’t use the other one but telling you to make it quick and, “don’t…close the door.” Said a moment too late as the latch clicks into place. The lock’s broken, and now you’re stuck! She hastily puts on her robe and tries texting your father but its no use, you know he’s downstairs, sleeping in his recliner. Your mother, dressed in her sexy outfit and all made up, admits that she was going to surprise him.
“To be honest,” she says, “things have been a little stale, so I recently went on this medicine…you know, to make me more interested…and it’s really working…” she shifts her robe, exposing little bits of her breasts as she confesses to being aroused, in close quarters with her son. Your cock is stiffening as she admits that she loves attention, and wishes she received more of it, like she did when she was young. She asks if you find her attractive and you have to take a deep breath and pace yourself so as not to blurt out how badly you wish you could fuck her. It’s hard enough, cramped in her with your gorgeous mother, without her talking about all this! But it’s obvious the stuffs working now, as she begins to slip her robe off.
“Well, if you father isn’t going to enjoy my outfit, someone should, right? You don’t mind, do you?” You watch as your mother lets the robe slip off, giving you a gorgeous view of her breasts, the tight corset wrapping her thin waist. She bend over, telling you how smooth the garter is. “Touch it, go ahead…feel how soft and silky it is…” she steps back, sitting up on the bathroom counter, spreading her legs for you. “I have someone else you might want to touch,” she purrs, imploring you to come forward and feel her, enjoy her, your mother, spread out before you.

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Spanish Fly Makes Mom Take Your Cock in a All 3 Holes - Bettie Bondage

Spanish Fly Makes Mom Take Your Cock in a All 3 Holes – Bettie Bondage

Last month, you saw this ridiculous ad in the back of a nudie mag about “spanish fly.” The ad said, “guaranteed to make any woman need your cock, or your money back!” when you looked it up online, it sounded like people actually had really good success with it, so you figured what the hell. Of course, the one woman you would want to use it on it would the hardest person to get to fuck you, under normal circumstances: your mother. You’ve always had such a hard-on for your mother, and she made it totally worse with all the skimpy clothes, and how well she took care of her body. You decide that you’ll give it a try, dropping the colorless, odorless powder into a glass of water right before she comes in from the gym. She always goes and gets a glass of water, first thing, and she thinks its so sweet when you tell her you already poured it for her.
She gulps it down and, to your astonishment, within a minute, she is touching herself. She pours the last drops onto her body, rubbing her hands up and down her torso as she questions you about what was in that water. She’s obviously feeling it! She starts to flaunt her body, oscillating between horny abandon and horrified shock. She can’t control her body, she tells you, as she bends over and shows you her wet pussy, pulling her tight, white gym shorts down. You pull your cock out and watch as she grins at it, licking her lips before her normal brain takes over and she begs you to put it away. She can’t help herself, she confesses, as she gets on her knees and takes your cock into her mouth, then her throat, gagging on your dick before stroking you across her face, an expert cocksucker.
Of course, she is able to wrest control of her mind for moments begging you to stop this insanity, but there is no way that’s happening. You’re going to nut all over your mom’s face. She smiles as she strokes you to completion, taking a hot load across her pretty lips and cheek before rubbing your cum all over her pussy. Again, she begs you not to but the dirty slut in her wins again, and she sinks her hungry maw of a cunt onto your throbbing member, still hard with excitement over finally being able to fuck your mother. She rides your dick like a pro, like the slut you always dreamed she would be, until again you feel that familiar rumbling in your balls, and you let go with a huge load into your mother’s wet and messy cunt. She pulls out and lets your cum drip onto the floor, finger fucking herself until she squirts cutely onto the hardwood. She gets on her knees and you watch as she slurps up the mix of your juices.
You’re satisfied to end here, but your mother has another idea. She wiggles her ass against your still-upright dick, resting the puckered star of her asshole onto your member. The demure mom inside her begs you to stop this right now, but you know better than to mess with a good thing. You watch as the spanish fly takes control of her hips and she pistons down onto your cock, your mothers certainly virgin asshole now popped onto your rigid dick. You pump slowly into her, watching as her tightest hole accommodates your thick shaft. Within minutes she has you balls deep, and her hot asshole is milking you to an orgasm for the third time in under a half hour. You can’t believe this – you’re definitely buying more of this stuff – you’re going to fill your mother’s asshole with cum!!

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Mommy Misses Your Cock - Bettie Bondage

Mommy Misses Your Cock – Bettie Bondage

Your wife just gave birth. It’s been tough since then, as you knew it would be, so you’re happy to accept the help when your mother offers to come and stay for a few weeks. She’s never been a huge fan of your wife, but you figure it’s worth it to her, to see your son and spend some time with your family. When she arrives, your wife is at her parents house so you sit and chat with your mom for a bit. She seems a little distracted, like she has something to say…
and then she says it. She misses what you guys used to do. You never thought you’d talk about it, never thought you’d be open about what it was that you and your mother did, every day for years when you were living there. She’s teasing you, you can tell, and you’ve been months without getting laid so it’s working! She says she misses the way you used to please her, the way you knew exactly what to do to make her cum. Of course, you think, because she taught you exactly what to do. Every day, your mother would instruct you on how to make her cum. She taught you how to eat pussy and ass, how to fuck her to make her cum. You were her sexual slave, in a way. And now, she comes to your house, telling you she misses it. She can’t be serious? She wants you to cheat on your wife, to lick her pussy, to let her grind her wet cunt into your face until she cums all over your tongue, just like the old days…of course, you follow her to the bedroom so fast you’re out of breath.
She has you get on your knees and do it just like she taught you: licking, sucking, worshiping her pussy. She smothers you with her pussy and ass, cumming three times before she tells you that you’ve earned your reward. The thing you always loved: fucking your mother’s pussy, bareback, from behind. Cumming inside her. You take your spot behind her as she implores you to do it, just like you used to, to fuck her until she cums, until you fill her with your seed!

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Mom Refuses to Be Late - Bettie Bondage

Mom Refuses to Be Late – Bettie Bondage

Your sister is getting married…but you’ve got a problem. Lately, you’ve been getting these particularly tenacious boners. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 orgasms before they’re settled enough for you to even put pants on! And of course, you get a raging, incessant one on the morning where you’ve got to be at the church for 10AM. Your mother has been banging on the door, telling you to hurry up, but now it’s too late, she’s opening the door, insisting on knowing what’s taking you so lo…oh. She gasps. Then, she’s angry. “What are you doing?” she says, “this is not the time for that!” you try to explain but she’s livid. “I will not be late for my own daughter’s wedding!”
She tells you to hurry up but you explain that it’s not going away, that you’ve jerked off several times already. Seeing your mother in the bathroom with you, having caught you, you thought maybe that would make it go away but it’s only making it worse. But maybe…she could help? Of course, she’s not very open to the idea, but she’s even less open to the idea of being late.
Eventually, she relents, “Ok, but let’s make it quick, alright…” she says, setting herself up on the counter, pulling aside her beautiful lace garter and pretty gold thong. She’s pulled her dress off, and you marvel at your mother’s curvy body as she hurries you along, pulling your cock inside her. You begin pumping into your mother’s pussy immediately, loving how it makes her big round tits jiggle and bounce. She’s clearly not been fucked like this in a while, you think, smiling. Your cock is tingling. You can tell this is the big one, the draining one. Your mother can tell you close and tells you to pull out, but you can’t. You’re determined, you’re dedicated – you’re going to cum in your mother’s pussy! She sounds anxious, a little scared as she yells, “take it out!” and you slam one last time into her, filling her with a big, potent load as she gaps, unbelieving. “Did you…what did you do? Oh my god…”

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Erogenous Zones - Bettie Bondage

Erogenous Zones – Bettie Bondage

You never could have expected what would happen when you asked your mother if your girlfriend could spend the night. You’ve always been close, you can tell her anything, but this was above and beyond all that. She started off talking about sex, which you figured would be the case if you asked – your mom’s no idea, she knows why you want your girlfriend over for the night – but then she keeps going, talking about being a good lover, being attentive, erogenous zones…what?
She starts to tell you about all the parts of the body, besides the obvious ones, that can turn a woman on, showing you her neck and telling you to gently stroke it. You’re hesitant at first but once your mother starts to moan as you lightly touch her neck and chest, you’re all in. You’ve had fantasies like this, here and there, nothing you would ever act on but…now…it’s undeniable. You want her, and she wants you, and you watch in utter bewilderment and absolute lust as your mother unzips the front of her sweater and undoes her bra, telling you to touch the rough edges of her areola, to tug on her nipples…before long, she’s leaning back, masturbating on full display for you, bringing herself to a shuddering orgasm! The intensity of it subsides and the spell is broken. Embarrassed, she rushes off to the bathroom, apologizing.
You follow her there, your cock still rock-hard, and confront her. She apologies over and over, telling you how wrong it was, how she just got caught up in it, but you can sense the truth. She wants more, just like you do. You rub your cock through your pants and watch the fire ignite once again in your mother’s eyes. She wants it. You tell her how badly you do, too, slowly breaking down her resolve until she’s dragging you to the bedroom, pulling you on top of her, her tits bouncing as you slide into her wet, hot pussy, pounding your mother as she begs for it deep and hard! You tell her to get on her knees and you take her from behind, watching her cum on your cock before you finally let go, filling your mother’s pussy with your cum!

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Commit to Your Mother - Bettie Bondage

Commit to Your Mother – Bettie Bondage

Your mother has been out of work for a while now, but that doesn’t stop you from asking her for cash every now and then. Usually, she gives in, hands you a twenty and you head off – most often to the strip club. But today, she tells you no. You’re surprised, but you figured the well must run dry at some point. She’s standing in front of you, telling you how she doesn’t like that you go to the strip club with her money, especially when things are so tight. She’s dressed in a tight black skirt and a button up shirt – ready for an interview. You watch her check her outfit, smoothing her hands over he r curves and settling the fabric. She looks so hot.
It’s impossible not to get hard watching her, and when she turns around, she notices. Shocked, she tells you how inappropriate it is, turning around and giving you a great look at her ass. Of course, you being so blatant, she catches you. She freaks out, telling you that she knows your staring, that you think about her when you masturbate. She’s not wrong. You tell her that you’re not leaving the room unless you get cash or she shows you something. She acts offended at first but you can tell she’s considering it. It’s a crazy request but you have to try. She’s just so damn sexy.
Shockingly, she agrees, stripping down and telling you to stroke your cock. She lightly bounces her ass, touches her breasts, all while telling you to hurry up, get it over with. You tell her you need something more. You need her to tell you to jerk it. She resists at first but not for long. You can tell she sort of likes it. She starts to make jerk-off motions with her hand, pumping her f st as though its on your cock. You can’t believe it, you never want it to end! But she’s had enough. It’s gone on too long! She gets on her knees and crawls to you, taking your rock-hard dick into her hand. She tells you that she needs this to be over with, handing you her panties to sniff while she puts you into her mouth. She instructs you on how to sniff the dirty gusset while she deep-throats your cock expertly! You can’t believe this is happening. You’re going to do everything you can to draw this out.
But she’s determined. And your starting to see a glint in her eye…what does she want? After some expert cock-sucking and stroking, she tells you that she has an idea. “I’ll give you what you want. The ULTIMATE taboo, if you’ll just commit to providing for me. No more job searches, no more talk about finding a job just…this. This is my contribution. C’mon, I know you want it. To fuck your mother. Just three feet over there, on the bed. I can give you that. If you just commit to your mother.”
Looking down at your mother on the bed, you can’t believe this is going to happen. Bareback, you slide into the wet cunt of your sweet mother, who gasps at first, acclimating to your thick cock, before she grinds onto your cock, bouncing her hips and making your cock drive deep into her. Pushing against her cervix, pressing your cock against her womb while its ready to explode…you can’t cum inside her, that’s what she said at first but now…she’s giving in, she’s begging for your cum. You groan, feeling a thick load pump from your balls, depositing deep inside your mother, buried inside her, filling her with potent sperm!

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Anal Date with Mom - Bettie Bondage

Anal Date with Mom – Bettie Bondage

You didn’t plan on this happening. It wasn’t like you signed up for that hook app because you knew she was on there. It’s just…when you saw her, her profile. Zero miles away. Her cleavage pouring out of her shirt…your mother. You knew what you had to do. You logged out and created a new profile. You used a picture of a guy on the cover of a romance novel and swiped right. On your mom. No surprise, she swiped right on you, too. Well, sort of you.
It was way easier than you thought to convince her that you just didn’t like to put your image out on the web, for anyone to have and use. After that, it was a matter of telling her what she wanted to hear mixed with some lines from 50 Shades of Gray, and your mother was smitten. Like, really, really smitten. Like, agree to be anally trained, send a stranger pictures of her gaped asshole smitten. You didn’t realize you were going to take it this far. You really didn’t realize you wanted to! But when she started opening up about how inexperienced she was, how she wanted to be more adventurous, there was a part of you that, son or not, wanted to give that to her. She deserves happiness. Passion. All of it. And if you had to be the one to give it to her…so be it.
You knew eventually, she’d want to meet up. You didn’t want to stand her up, but what were you going to do? I mean, you had her eating out of the palm of your hand, doing whatever you asked, whenever you asked, but still. That would be a bridge too far, no? But you had to try. So you agreed, “you” would go to her house. When the day arrives and you show up on her doorstep, she’s eager to get you out, telling you that she has a date. She’s wearing the outfit you told her to wear – sheer pants, gold thong, tiny bikini top and, under that tiny gold thong, a glass buttplug you sent to her.
You tell her you ran into her date outside and he gave you something to give to her. He told you to tell her to go put it on. She smirks, taking the small bag from you, and goes into the bathroom. Quietly, you creep to the door and peep in, watching your mother pull from the bag an even bigger plug. It’s the biggest thing she’s had in her ass. Almost as big as your cock. You watch her slide it in and groan, and you know this is going down, today. When she comes back from the bathroom, you decide to tell her.
She’s aghast at first, but you use the words you know she loves, all the dirty talk and little phrases you know make her pussy wet. You can’t believe you’re doing this to your own mother! But the way she squirms and mewls is making your cock rock hard and it would be a tragedy to waste all that anal training, wouldn’t it? Reluctantly, she agrees. You know she’d like to bend right over and give you her ass, but she’s gotta put up a front. A show of resistance, however fake and futile. And the facade does fall, once she pulls her panties down and shows you that thick glass plug gaping her asshole. You make her play with herself for you, stroking her pussy while she works the plug, pushing it, popping it up, showing you her stretched asshole. It doesn’t take long before she’s bent over the coffee table, sliding her tight virgin asshole onto your throbbing cock. You watch her work her ass onto your dick, grinding and pumping her hips until she can’t take it, until she’s bouncing hard and long on your dick, bringing herself to an intense anal orgasm, the spasms making your own orgasm follow quickly. You spunk deep inside your mother’s ass, then you make her pull off, dripping the massive load onto the granite table. Then, just as you discussed, she slurps the cum from the table, like a well-trained slut.

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Mommy's How To - Sucking Cock - Sadbaffoon

Mommy’s How To – Sucking Cock – Sadbaffoon

Your mom found the dirty pictures of those hot guys you hid in your room. You get really embarassed and worried that she’s not going to accept you. She quickly reassures you that you’re not in trouble at all. Your mom is so glad that you’re learning more about yourself and your sexuality. She’s so proud of the boy you’re growing up to be! The reason she’s come to talk to you today is because she wants to teach you about boys. She says if boys are going to be something you’re pursuing, you need to know what they like! She pulls out two dildos of different sizes and proceeds to teach you how to please them.

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