The Learning Curve - Bettie Bondage

The Learning Curve – Bettie Bondage

Your new girlfriend has been getting really hot and heavy with you lately. I mean, you don’t mind it’s just…well, you’ve never done any of that. You’re trying to be cool about it, to act natural, but every time she tries to get closer, to put her hand low, you kind of freak out. Tonight is no exception. You’ve invited her over to watch a movie, knowing what that means…but when she makes a move, the same thing as always. You tell her to stop. And she runs out of your house, upset. Of course.
You’re sitting on the couch wondering what you should text her, if you should text her, when your mom comes in. She ran into your girlfriend on the way into the house.
“She seemed really upset!” she tells you, “did you guys have a fight or something?” You tell her that yeah, you had a little fight. Of course, your nosy mom, she wants to know what the fight was about. You’ve always been really open with your mom, so you tell her. She’s surprised when you tell her that you’ve never had anyone touch you like that…and she’s even more surprised when you tell her you’ve never even touched yourself like that! She tells you that she thinks that’s the root of the problem, that you need to get comfortable with your body before you share it with someone else.
“But I’ve never done anything like that,” you say, still nervous. It’s just all so new and overwhelming! But your mother just smiles, offering to help you. She tells you how to stroke at first, but when you can’t quite get the right tempo going, she reaches forward, placing her hands on your wrists and moving your hands for you. You can’t believe what’s happening…your sexy, loving, mother, leaning forward, licking her lips, stroking your cock for you…before long, she’s on her knees, showing you what your girlfriend might like to do. Taking her breasts out, she leans forward and presses your dick against her lips. “You know, when a woman sees such a nice, big cock, there are certain things that she’s going to want to do…”


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Mistaken Identity with Mom - Bettie Bondage

Mistaken Identity with Mom – Bettie Bondage

You’re spending the night at your parents, and you and your dad decide to stay up a bit late drinking and shooting the sh*t. You get to talking about relationships and sex, and he tells you about his sex life with your mom. You act grossed out, but secretly it turns you on…so much so that when he , you decide to test out his claims on your mother’s consummate willingness, sneaking into their room and pulling the covers off. He wasn’t lying, she sleeps without panties on…and she’s wet. You start to push her thighs apart, buzzed and horny, and she brushes you off, thinking your her husband – perfect! She says its not a good time, what with “you” out on the couch, but you keep pressing, taking out your cock and rubbing it against her wetness. She relents, gasping as you enter her. “Sweetie, did you take one of those pills?? Your so hard and thick…”
Her pussy welcomes you, taking you deep inside her as she half-peers over in the dark of the bedroom. When she finally turns to look at you fully and realizes its her own son, it’s too late. She’s so wet and desperate for your thick cock that she doesn’t fight it…you watch as she gives in, lying back and spreading her legs. Your dad was right – she’s desperate for cock! She keeps telling you how its wrong, that you should stop, but she fucks back onto your rock hard cock, mounting you and riding you before begging for your load inside her. You fill her with cum as she tells you what a dirty slut she is for her son’s thick cock.


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Oops! Mom’s Super Horny! - Bettie Bondage

Oops! Mom’s Super Horny! – Bettie Bondage

Your mother enters the living room where you’re seated on the couch and immediately rushes to you. “Oh, thank god you’re home!” she says, as she climbs onto the couch, straddling you. You start to freak out – what does she think she’s doing?! – but before you can really protest, she’s got her hands against your cock, and despite your best efforts, you are hardening against her efforts. You try to tell her to stop but a big, throbbing part of you doesn’t want her to stop, particularly as she explains that she’s terribly horny as the result of some weird concoction she bought at a sex shop, and if she doesn’t get off, and do it now, she’s afraid she’ll cheat on your father!
“See,” she says, “it’s not cheating if I fuck you! And come on, baby, I can tell you want this,” she smiles as she coaxes you into taking your cock out, convincing you to let her touch it, stroke it, rub it against her wet pussy…slide it inside herself…she’s moaning and riding your cock, begging you for a hot load of cum, confessing how much fucking her own son is turning her on…and you admit, seeing your own mother lost in passion, unbridled, her gorgeous tits on display, is something you’d never dreamed would happen, even if you had always noticed the way her breasts looked in tight outfits, or the way her body felt against you when she hugged you, or…oh fuck it, what use is it to pretend?! Your deep, dark desire to fuck your mother is finally cumming true!


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Mom Mind Controlled and Face Fucked - Bettie Bondage

Mom Mind Controlled and Face Fucked – Bettie Bondage

Your mom comes barging into your room, complaining about all the dirty clothes in your room, threatening to disallow you from having friends…so you turn on your mind control machine. You’ve been dying to try it out! Immediately, her mind blanks. You can see it in her eyes. You program her to take her tits out – you’re so sick of her complaining, you’re going to shut her up. With your cock. Deep, deep in her throat. You make her call you master, getting her on her knees and throat fucking her into a tear-streaked, gagging, drooling mess. You give her a thick, deep throatpie and watch as she gags and drools your cum all over herself. What an improvement.


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Mom is the Neighborhood Whore - Bettie Bondage

Mom is the Neighborhood Whore – Bettie Bondage

It all started when you saw your mom blowing the gardener through the window of her balcony. She didn’t know you saw, but the years that followed were filled with you catching her in various states of slutty engagement: making out with your soccer coach, blowing your math tutor in the bathroom, sucking off your friend when he spent the night, even fucking the married men in your neighborhood. You’ve always known she was a slut, but the thing about it was that it didn’t make you upset. No. It just made you horny.
You’ve been dreaming about being in their position for ages, wanting to be on the receiving end of one of your mother’s lusty kisses or sensual blowjobs. And you’ve finally decided how you’re going to make it happen! You’re going to trail your mother, record all her misbehavior with the neighborhood men…and blackmail her. You’re not above it. You can’t afford to be, with how desperate you are to fuck your mother. You should feel ashamed, but you only feel lust and desire.
Of course, your mother tries to deny any wrongdoing at first…until you show her the pictures. From there, it’s just a few stern directions and you have what you want. It takes no time at all for your mother to be lost in her own lust, having been instructed to masturbate for your viewing pleasure. She’s a woman lost in ravenous need, willing to take cock wherever she can get it…even if that means from her own son! Seeing your mother beneath you, gasping for your cock and your cum, has you at the brink of a powerful orgasm almost immediately, but you hold off, building up your load so you can flood your mother’s wet cunt as she moans in delight.


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Mom Needs Your Cum - Bettie Bondage

Mom Needs Your Cum – Bettie Bondage

You’re in the hallway when your mother comes out of the bathroom, wearing just panties and black leather heels! She smirks at you – she’s been such a cocktease lately – telling you she’s just going to put your father to bed and then come say goodnight to you, swaying her ass and teasing you as she walks away. You go to the door of their bedroom, which she left cracked…she’s been doing that a lot lately…and watch as she sucks and rides your father.
She keeps peering out into the hallway. You know she sees you, but you can’t stop yourself. Your mother, her heavy tits swaying, her ass bouncing up and down as she calls herself mommy while she fucks your father…it makes you so hard. You run back to your room to beat off before she comes to say goodnight… …Only you aren’t quick enough. She comes into your room, barging in while you try to hide your erection. She laughs, “Sweetie, I know what you’re doing…I’m here to help!” she gets on her knees beside your bed and takes you into her mouth, telling you about how your father emptied two loads into her – her pussy and her mouth – but still, she’s cum hungry! She needs more seed, she needs you to add your cum to her dirty little slut mouth. “C’mon sweetie, be a good boy for mommy and cum in my mouth!”


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Mom Gets Your Cock Ready for Your Sister's Ass - Bettie Bondage

Mom Gets Your Cock Ready for Your Sister’s Ass – Bettie Bondage

Last month, your mom started draining you before school, helping you build up huge orgasms and then stroking you onto her tits and her face. You’ve been in heaven! And so much more focused in school, which she’s happy about. But today, she tells you that she’s not going to help you cum before school because you have a special job to do later in the evening. You’re eager to find out what it is, and overjoyed when you get home from school and your mother has you take your cock out right away, but tells you that you need to keep your hands behind your back. No touching, she stresses. She pulls her tits out, smiling and asking if you’re ready to help her and your father with a very, very important task.
“You see,” she says, “normally I build up a nice orgasm, make your balls so full of cum, and then let you explode for me, but today…we’re going to do things differently. We’re going to ruin you over and over. What do I mean?” she smirks, “I mean I am going to ruin your orgasms so that you are totally drained of all your cum, but still rock hard. And then, you’re going to help your father with a really important job! You see, he’s in your sister’s room, popping her cherry right now. And after he stretches her tight cunt and cums inside her, you’re going to go in there and put this hard, frustrated, drained cock right in her ass! You’re going to stretch her open so that when your father is ready, he can take your place between your sister’s legs and pound her asshole until he drains himself completely inside her. Do you understand?”
Your head is swimming. You can hear your sisters moans and sobs from her bedroom, and your father’s groans and grunts. You almost cum just listening, imagining your slutty little sister spread for your father, and then you, but your mother pulls her hand away at the last second and you spurt weakly into her hand. She giggles. Then does it again. And again. You’re going crazy, thrusting into her closed hand, wanting so badly to finally be able to cum hard, but your mother doesn’t allow it. She drains you totally, making you harder and more frustrated than you’ve ever been!


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Anal With Mom 720p - Bettie Bondage

Anal With Mom 720p – Bettie Bondage

Ever since you and your Mom started fooling around, she’s been so brazen! Today took the cake, though. Dad was home and she insisted on having you in her ass for the first time!! She started to suck your cock, deepthroating you sloppily until your cock was soaked in spit, then sliding her ass onto your cock, begging you to pound her tight hole. At one point Dad even walked in! She ground onto your cock while telling him how she missed cuddling, and you’re too big to sit on her lap so…well. her she is on your lap! All the while burying your dick deeper into her ass. Your mom is such a slut!!


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Spying on Mom's Yoga Practice 1080p - Bettie Bondage

Spying on Mom’s Yoga Practice 1080p – Bettie Bondage

Your mother is always teasing you, walking around in her tight workout clothes, doing yoga moves that you know are designed to make you hard. I mean, she has to know what she’s doing, right? Today, it’s too much. She keeps pushing her ass into the air, bending over at the waist, moving her hips, laying on her back and spreading her legs…all the while, her yoga pants are completely see-through! No one can be that naive, right? She must know what’s she doing…she must want it, the way you want her…
You watch her from the doorway for a while, getting rock-hard seeing your mother move her lithe and strong body, until you can’t take it anymore. You step into the room, standing over her as she stretches her legs, eyes closed. When she opens them, she acts surprised. Yeah, like you’re buying that. She knew you were home. She had to know you’d get excited, seeing her like that. There’s no way she doesn’t want it…she asks why you were watching and you tell her, point-blank, why. She plays like she’s startled, shocked that you would say something like that to your own mother but there’s no denying it at this point. Your boner is tenting your pants and she can tell. So what does she do? She goes back to her stretches!! She pretends she’s pissed but there she is again, bending over, wiggling her ass at you. You take your cock out and when she realizes, she acts SO offended, but c’mon. She knows what she’s doing.
You stroke as she feebly protests, her eyes darting back and forth from your face to your dripping cock, precum oozing out. After a few minutes, though, her fake resistance starts to waver. She can’t play this game forever. She reaches down, tentative, nervous, towards your rock-solid member. Wrapping her hands around, you watch as her eyes flash with desire, a little grin starting to play across her face. She’s stroking you, touching you, softly at first, but then longer strokes, faster, before she bends down, putting her ass in the air as she takes you cock into her mouth, sucking you like the little yoga bunny slut you know she is! She teases your cock with her mouth before bending over, making her skin tight yoga pants go see-through as she does. She pulls them over her big, round ass and pulls her thong aside, working your cock into her pussy with a deep, hungry groan. She milks your cock into her, taking your cum deep inside her pussy before laying on her back on her yoga mat, legs up, her son’s hot cum dripping out of her!


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FemDom Mommy 1080p - Bettie Bondage

FemDom Mommy 1080p – Bettie Bondage

You wake up. It’s dark. You’re in a strange place, and you feel…rope…on your feet. Your hands. You start to struggle before you realize your mother is there, inches from you…straddling you. She’s smiling. You start to relax. Your mother coos, “I’ve been waiting for this day for all my life, sweetie…” you’re so confused, what does she mean? Why are you tied down? “Don’t struggle honey, you’ll only tire yourself…”
She tells you that she has been waiting for this day. The day she takes your virginity. You must have misheard her, you think, but she goes on to detail all the ways she’s prepared, particularly here in her dungeon. She tells you how she’s drained so many young, virile men, emptying their balls using all her holes, all in preparation for the day when she would fuck her young son’s cock! You can’t believe it. You won’t believe it…this can’t be happening…but you’re stiffening in your pajamas. And your mother is noticing.
“First,” she says, “you’ll eat my pussy, explore me with your tongue…” you feel your mother’s wetness on your mouth. You’re torn, wanting to taste and tongue fuck her sweet honey hole and not wanting to cross this line with her…your instincts win over as you flick and dart your tongue against her, her moaning and grinding herself onto your mouth. Before long she is shuddering, peeling herself off of you and taking your cock into her hand, for the first time…ever…you’re so sensitive, she sighs, watching your cock twitch, before placing her mouth over the head of your cock. It’s overwhelming in its warmth and wetness, and it doesn’t take long before you are filling your mother’s mouth with your very first load…but it doesn’t end there…


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