Mom Sucks Best - Alex Bishop

Mom Sucks Best – Alex Bishop

You know what they say. Mom sucks best! Hot MILF Alex drops her step son off for school and notices he has a huge boner before getting out of the car, watch while she helps him take care of his problem… such a sweet lady.

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Mommy Teaches Masturbation - Stacy Sadistic

Mommy Teaches Masturbation – Stacy Sadistic

When my daughter, Blair Glass, asked me to sign her permission slip to attend sex ed class, I was shocked! The curriculum was an outdated, ineffective, abstinence-only model that encouraged students to wait until marriage before having sex. It even shamed them for masturbating! I blame the pressure our conservative community has been putting on the local school board. They are the biggest reason our county has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country =/ Of course I didn’t sign the form. But I couldn’t just leave her uninformed either. I knew that she would find things out one way or another. I wanted to make sure that she got her facts right, and learned about sexual health in a safe and accepting environment. When she told me that she had never masturbated before, I was really surprised. Masturbation is the most important part of sexual health, and I wanted to make sure she was doing it right. I told her how to do it, but it seemed like she had a little trouble. I thought she might be shy to masturbate in front of me, so I started demonstrating my own masturbation techniques. I wanted to make sure she really enjoyed her first time, so I even helped her out a little bit with my mouth, my hands, and my favorite toy.

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Taking Mommy Vol. 4 - Blackmail with Help 1080p - Nikki Brooks

Taking Mommy Vol. 4 – Blackmail with Help 1080p – Nikki Brooks

Nikki takes the blonde stranger back to her hotel room and the two of them begin to make out on the hotel bed; Nikki then proceeds to eat her pussy out! The blonde stranger then starts to eat out Nikki’s pussy and the two women continue to play with each other passionately and get in to the 69 position. The blonde stranger starts spanking Nikki’s ass and then proceeds to eat out her ass this time. Nikki’s son seems to be spying on the two of them from the closet the entire time… The blonde stranger sits on top of Nikki’s face so she cannot see that her son has come out from behind the closet; the stranger pretends that she is sticking her fingers inside of Nikki’s pussy, but really it is the tip of her son’s cock penetrating her pussy. But this stranger has ulterior motives this time… she whips her cell phone out and shows Nikki that she has a secret recording of her fucking her son by the pool earlier that day… She blackmails the two of them in to having a threesome with her and in to making her cum hard. Nikki starts to freak out over the thought of other people finding out that she cums on her son’s cock. She continues to fuck her son and cum on his hard cock for another time while the horny blonde stranger watches and rubs her clit. “I didn’t want to say anything but I fuck my son’s cock everyday!” Nikki exclaims. She keeps jerking her sons hard cock with her hands, then sticking the tip inside of her pussy, back and forth… he eventually cums all over his mommy’s tits, and then the blonde stranger licks the cum off of her tits… and now it is time for him to make his mommy’s new friend cum…

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Spying on a Milf Working in Cutoff Jeans - Sammi Starfish

Spying on a Milf Working in Cutoff Jeans – Sammi Starfish

38-year-old amateur wife and mother of 4 gets spied on doing chores on her back deck, kitchen, and front porch where all of her neighbors can see her flashing her ass in her tiny little cut-off jean shorts. After 10 minutes of spying on her doing her slut chores she gets naked and sneaks upstairs to masturbate on the bed with her ass in the air. The camera man then sneaks in and fucks her doggystyle and gives her a massive creampie inside of her pussy. Close-up shots of the cum leaking out. Now satisfied, she puts her jean shorts back on and finishes her chores outside as the creampie leaks out of her pussy soaking the crotch of her shorts with his cum load. If only her neighbors knew it was a load of cum that was leaking from her milf pussy. Once finished she takes her shorts completely off and sucks every last bit of cum from her shorts slurping it all up. Then she stuffs her entire shorts into her mouth just to be sure she got it all like any good slut Milf would do.

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Mom and Son Morning Play Time Part TWO - Kelly Payne

Mom and Son Morning Play Time Part TWO – Kelly Payne

This is PART TWO of ‘Mom and Son Morning Play Time’ PART TWO. While dad’s in the kitchen enjoying his breakfast you sneak in while moms using the restroom, she sees you, invites you in, pushing you to your knees so you can lick and taste mommys pussy. Until your interrupted again, almost getting caught this time. Feeling slightly frustrated mom encourages dad to go out and take out the trash, and have his morning smoke giving you and mommy just enough play time in the living room before dad comes back inside. Mom comforts you, of course mommy’s not going to leave her sweet boy with blue balls, she takes off her panties and bends down on the sofa so you can fuck mommy from behind, encouraging you to fuck her harder, then climbing on top of you encouraging you to cum inside mommy’s wet and warm pussy. (Virtual Sex POV) Finally your able to cum, and just in time to get you properly ready for school, and just before dad comes back inside. What a Fun Morning with Mommy! PART ONE description: Avalible in my MV Store Mom & Son have been sneaking around all morning behind dads back, starting with son trying to entice mommy to play, mom easily caves and they hide behind the refrigerator and mom sucks her sons cock. (POV dildo) Until dad interrupts them. Mom sends son to his room to get dressed for school, and convinces dad to get in the shower buying them some time to play around some more. Mommy Kelly wants her sons cock, and she encourages you to fuck mommy while daddy showers. (Virtual Sex/Beautiful agony style) Unfortunately time gets cut short again, and mom tells you to finish getting dressed for school. You sneak into moms rooms, spying while she gets dressed. Excited by your spying mom finishes getting dressed for work as you watch, and since dad is still in the shower she gets on her knees and pulls out your cock for some more play time with mommy. (POV dildo). Cut short AGAIN! Since dad gets out of the shower, you encourage your son it’ll be okay you’ll have more time once dad goes outside to take out the trash and enjoy his morning smoke. END PART ONE.

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Jerking Off to Moms Bras Nose Fetish - Kelly Payne

Jerking Off to Moms Bras Nose Fetish – Kelly Payne

Your step mom gets home from work and comes into your room to check on you, and catches you jerking off to her bras. Startled and not sure how to handle what shes just seen she talks with you a bit before excusing herself to her room. Where she checks herself out in the mirror, undressing to her underwear she decides to call you into her room. Teasing you, & questioning you about the stains in her bras, she happens to make a face that seems to turn you on, “oh, you like this piggy nose to?” Mom try’s on various bras, teasing you in each, teasing you a couple times with her piggy nose & rubbing your cock with each bra, in the last bra she strokes your cock with the bra and tells you to cum all over her bra. after you fill her bra with your cum, she puts it on and tells you to leave, she needs to run some errands.

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Mom Needs Her Ass Ate - Naughty Nikki

Mom Needs Her Ass Ate – Naughty Nikki

Mom has been so stressed out I really only need one thing that i know will help, ITS YOU SON! I need you to eat my ass gawd it relaxes me soo much will you please do it? oh thanks, I knew i could rely on you to make mom feel better to let me take my panties off and bend over for you to be able to get right to my pp hole
Im sorry, its a little dirty i just haven’t felt good enough to really clean it so while your there lick it nice and clean,
Mommy uses lots of dirty talks to help encourage you to eat it really good for mommy make mommy feel better such a good boy Mommy spreads her ass and pussy really wide and squeezes her asshole tight for you.

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Mother's Day Massage - Lovely Lilith

Mother’s Day Massage – Lovely Lilith

You’ve grown up with a mother who dresses provocatively. She has the curvy body of a goddess and wants everyone to know it. Even you.
Ever since puberty, you’ve found yourself obsessed with her cleavage. You’ve always felt so naughty about it, but it was almost like she teased you on purpose with those low-cut shirts!
You’ve been haunted by your mother’s body for so long. But… you know something of value. She hasn’t had a man in YEARS. And now that you’re grown, you have the perfect plan to get your hands on her voluptuous body.

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Mommys New Panties JOI - Lady Aorta

Mommys New Panties JOI – Lady Aorta

Mommy went shopping today. You know Mommy really likes shopping on her days off! You wanna see what Mommy bought? I’m actually wearing it right now… But it’s not my shirt or my shorts. Yes, I got new panties! It’s a nice color, isn’t it? I believe these are called Brazilians. I think they’re quite flattering for my figure. You agree? I did try these on and thought “Baby’s gonna like these”… I know you. Mommy knows best, doesn’t she? You’re getting quite excited. Go ahead and take it out for Mommy. Admire Mommy’s big butt. I’ve been learning to shake my ass, you know, watching these videos online. I’ll show you something I learned! It really jiggles, doesn’t it? You like when Mommy does that. Keep jerking that cock for Mommy and Mommy’s big butt… And the jiggles, oh, the jiggles!

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Fucking Mommy POV Virtual Sex 2 - Jessica Starling

Fucking Mommy POV Virtual Sex 2 – Jessica Starling

It’s been a little while since you first fucked your mommy. You desperately want another encounter with her, and have been fantasizing about mommy ever since. You two haven’t talked about that night yet — until she calls you into her room today. She tells you that she thinks it’s a good idea to talk about that night, and apologizes for being nervous to bring it up. Mommy says she hasn’t seen anyone else since you fucked her. She says that no one has ever fucked her like her sweet baby boy did. Mommy wants you. Mommy needs you. She pulls at the drawstring of her robe, revealing an alluring lingerie set. She’s wearing it just for you. Mommy asks to touch her baby boy’s cock outside his pants. You’re already hard from seeing her sexy body in lingerie. As she gently rubs your hard cock, she tells you how she’s been touching herself to the memories of the night you fucked her. She asks to pull your cock out, then starts to jerk you off. Mommy takes off her bra and has you suck on her tits while she strokes your cock. She then lays on her back and puts your head in between her legs. Mommy calls you a good boy while you lick her sweet, wet pussy. She then begs you to get on top of her and thrust yourself inside her. You begin to fuck her in missionary, sending mommy into ecstasy. Her tits bounce with each thrust. Mommy then gets on top and ride your thick, hard cock. She tells you how good it feels to bounce on her baby boy’s cock. Mommy assures you there’s nothing wrong with what you two are doing. She doesn’t need anyone else but her baby boy, and you don’t need anyone else but mommy. You get behind mommy and begin to pound her pussy in doggy, making her ass bounce and jiggle. Mommy says she needs you to cum inside her this time, and begs for her good boy’s cum to fill up her pussy. You creampie mommy, deep inside of her, and watch your thick load drip out. Mommy is settled — she needs to have you every day from now on.

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