Nurturing Mommy - SuzyQ44ks

Nurturing Mommy – SuzyQ44ks

I heard you had a bad day today son. Do you want to talk about it? You can tell mommy anything. I know son people can be so cruel. It’s ok mommy is here to make you feel better. What do you want to tell me? Your dick feels strange? Like how? Oh honey that’s just your dick getting hard and your excited. Let mommy help you. I know this is naughty but no one has to know sweetie. This is just between me and you. Let mommy stroke it for you. How does that feel? Let me kiss it. You like that? Yes mommy is good at this. I love you too son. My baby boy I will do anything to make you feel better. Look let mommy wrap her huge tits around your tit and you can titty fuck me. Feels good?

SuzyQ44ks - Nurturing Mommy

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