Mommy's Wicked Games 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Mommy’s Wicked Games 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

No names used-Mommy sees that you took your “vitamins” this morning! It was my favorite concoction to feed your daddy too before his “tragic accident”! I love that Viagra and Oxycontin combo! Look at you….all ready for me this morning! I just came from my therapists appointment and she told me I need to have a stress reliever and you are it today! HAHA. I think we need to teach you the dangers of fire and smoke darling. This is one of my favorite ways to relieve my stress and also teach you a thing or two! Mommy will light a cigarette and have a smoke. It’s normal to have that raging hard on honey…quite normal! Let me teach you the dangers of fire..just pull down your underwear and let mommy show you just how dangerous fire can be!!!!

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