Mommys Rubber Lover 1 - Sophia Sylvan

Mommys Rubber Lover 1 – Sophia Sylvan

Hello baby, it’s time to submit to your mommy, I made the bed for us all in black rubber. Do you love mommy’s outfit? And you’re wearing the latex thong I told you to, very good. Kneel for mommy and lick my thigh high boots like a good sissy. You’re going to submit to me like a good boy and suck my black heel and lick the bottoms, I don’t care if it’s humiliating, you’ll obey your mother in all things. Rub your sissy clitty, while you kiss your way up the vinyl shaft. That’s a good slut. Now rub in the polish on mother’s red rubber shorts with your whore tongue. Now to worship mommy’s breasts, oops I forgot your pink puppy collar! I shove my tits in your face as I latch it around your neck. Mommy made you, and mommy owns you. lick my rubber, then make mommy extra aroused by licking my nipples. I’ll even motorboat you, my special boy. You used to suckle these, but you don’t remember. Perhaps I’ll train your sister to be a bitch like you too? She’s getting to be old enough. Would you like to be a sissy with your sissy? Now worship mommy’s dirty place like a good slut, get right in my hole, assholes before pussies, always. Mommy is horny, now it is time to get me off. I want to get my juices all over your slut face before I get something in both of our holes. Lick mommy’s clit til I cum, faggot!

Sophia Sylvan - Mommys Rubber Lover 1

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