Mommy Crossed The Line - Naughty Teacher

Mommy Crossed The Line – Naughty Teacher

Your mother is such a hottie and she loves to look good all the time. Now she just came back from shopping and she asks you for your opinion. But oh boy! You just weren’t ready for what is about to come. You expected your mother to wear a very respectable outfit on which you’d then have to give her your feedback. But when she came over, you just can’t help to get uncomfortable. Your mother is wearing the most revealing bikini you’ve ever seen her wear and now she is parading around asking you for your opinion. Like wtf? Does your mother realizes how inappropriate this is? After all, you’re her freaking son, for crying out loud…Still, you decide to play it cool but you just don’t know how much longer you can hold it for. All you can think about is these massive big fat tits wrapped around your cock. Oh gosh, let’s just hope that your mother doesn’t see your raging boner…

Naughty Teacher - Mommy Crossed The Line

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