Futa Mommy Fucks Son - Evamarie

Futa Mommy Fucks Son – Evamarie

Watch me back with my son but this time ive changed my son has been touching it with his finger tips in the night and its made it grow bigger and bigger… I tell my son his touch has made mommy very happy and tingle in places i never knew possible… I ask my son if he wants to explore mommys erection… he runs his tongue over the tip and licks mommys nut sack…. I leak precum and he brings me to the edge but im not ready yet… I tell him to lay on his side mommy wants us to be one… i want to feel us closer… i slowly slide my erect penis into his bottom and my nut sack hits his back… I go slowly telling him how much i love him and that soon hes going to feel a warm liquid inside him but thats okay its perfectly normal…. I go slighty faster and release my load deep inside my son before turning on my back and telling my son to squat above me to get it all out…. Such a good boy..

Evamarie - Futa Mommy Fucks Son

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