Sharing a Bed With Your Sister 1080p - Kitty Leroux

Sharing a Bed With Your Sister 1080p – Kitty Leroux

After your cousin’s wedding and party, you and your sister stumble back to the hotel room you were supposed to share. When you get inside, both of you discover there is only one bed. A quick call to the front desk proves unhelpful because your cousin’s wedding has the hotel completely booked and there’s nothing you two can do. “You don’t mind sharing do you?” You don’t mind- you and your sister shared a bed as , so she’s not surprised you’re cool with it. She stumbles around and is so far gone from a night of partying, she forgets you are in the room. She peels off her tight dress and collapses into bed. Her boobs are huge, her body is so voluptuous and you can’t help but just stare. It’s enough that she was dancing with you so much, but seeing her naked brings all sorts of ‘wrong’ feelings into your brain, and into your swelling cock. You accidentally make a noise and she wakes up, still trashed. She’s being oddly flirtatious after seeing your hard-on and mentions how horny she gets when she’s had a few too many. One thing leads to another and she’s on her knees in front of you, loving the size of your cock, wrapping her red lips around and sucking it. You think it’s all going great until she has second thoughts and gets up and changes into pajamas. That night, she wakes up feeling your hard-on poking her thick ass and levels with you that you should fuck so you can both get some shut-eye. Realizing your parents are in the rented room right next door, she covers her moaning mouth with her hand as you plow your cock into her. Were you supposed to know she wasn’t on birth control? “You didn’t pull out??? I could get pregnant! UGH!” The next morning, you realize she’s left the bed before you, and believes you aren’t awake when she comes back into the room, dripping wet from the shower. You watch her wet body pace around looking for a towel and sneak up behind her for a quicky before your cousin’s breakfast for the wedding party. You bed her over the bed and go at it again, fucking her, watching her tits bounce, making her writhe and clench the bed sheets. You’re so turned on from grabbing her huge hips, that you’re too distracted to remember to pull out again. You’re worried, but then again- you just fucked your sister twice and even though it was so ‘bad’…it felt so good to finally fuck her.

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Finding Brother's Dick Pics - Sub Princess

Finding Brother’s Dick Pics – Sub Princess

After going swimming with my brother Vinny and his friends all day he decides to go hangout with them tonight. But watching my brother’s hot body all day it has gotten me so horny! i decide to steal his laptop since it is the only one in the house, I want to watch porn to help ease these feelings. You won’t believe what type of porn he watches, and what I find on his laptop.

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Cucking my Sister - Sub Princess

Cucking my Sister – Sub Princess

I know you’re going to marry my sister but I know I could please you better than her. Pounding my tiny wet hole until you cum inside of me. I want to be your dirty slut forever. Fucking my pussy then going home and having my sister suck my juices off of it! I think the hottest thing would be having her watch us fuck like the whore I am.

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Brother's JOI - Sub Princess

Brother’s JOI – Sub Princess

So I bought all these new clothes at the store and I thought that my brother could tell me if they look good on me or not. I’ve always been comfortable around you but now that we’re older it seems as if you look at me differently. Are you starting to get horny while watching me change in between these outfits

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Discovering Your Sister's Girlcock - Marceline Leigh

Discovering Your Sister’s Girlcock – Marceline Leigh

As you’re walking past your sister’s bedroom one night you can hear moaning and sounds of pleasure coming from inside. The door is half open, so you can easily see inside. You know that it is wrong to spy on your sister like this, but you can’t help yourself. And what you see shocks you. Your sister is on her bed jerking her cock! Yes! Her cock! You can hardly even believe what you are seeing. You stand there, mouth agape, until your sister turns her head and notices you standing in the door frame. She cries out and covers herself up before demanding that you come into the room to talk to her. OMG! How… how much did you see?! I can’t believe you caught me doing… what I was doing. I am so embarrassed right now, omg. Well, at least now you finally know my secret. Your sister has a girlcock. You probably think that I am a total weirdo… Wait.. you think that it is hot?! You really think that your sister’s girlcock is sexy? Well, I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I’m happy that you like it, though. Because.. well… the thought, the fantasy, that I was jerking off to.. was you. I’ve just, I’ve always thought you were so hot and sometimes when I think about you my dick gets so hard and I can’t help but jerk off right then and there. Since you think that my girlcock is hot maybe you want to see it up close. And maybe you can help me out with this raging hard on. My dick is absolutely throbbing right now. Omg… it is so hot seeing my brother down on his knees in front of me like this while I jerk my cock. I never thought in a million years I’d be in this situation. This is sexier than any fantasy I could’ve ever dreamed up. You want this girlcock, don’t you? Tell me just how much you want your sister’s dick. Have you ever even sucked cock before? No? Well, I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it. Wrap your lips around the head and just do exactly what I say. Mmmm, you’re so good at this. You’re going to make me cum. And I know you want my huge, salty load. Where should I cum? Your sexy face? In your hot warm mouth? Or how about in your tight asshole? If you’ve never sucked dick before I’m sure you’ve never been penetrated before either. I want to be the first. I want to be the first one inside of my brother’s tight virgin asshole. Let me warm you up by fingering you first. I’m going to stretch you out a bit so my thick cock will fit. You’re so tight, I know your asshole is going to absolutely devour my cock and suck it right in. Mmmmm, this feels so amazing. Going in and out of you like this. You’re so tight it’s like a vice grip. I’m going to cum. I’m going to shoot my huge load up your ass and fill it up to the brim with hot, creamy jizz. …That felt absolutely amazing. But, you still need to cum. Turn around and suck my cock again. You see how hard you still have me even after shooting out that huge load? Only you do that to me. Only you can make your sister’s cock this rock hard. I’m going to cum again, and I want us to both cum at the same time. And when we’re done, I’m going to have you lick up all my hot, sweet and salty cum.

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My Little Brother Fucked My Ass! 2 facial cum shots, implied anal sex Oh my God! I’ve crashed Dads car! I’ll tell my little brother, maybe he can help me come up with an idea. My little brother is willing to take the blame, with a condition of course, he wants me to let him fuck my ass! My little brother is such a horny little fuck, he would suggest that, I always see him perving on me! Well, Dad would ground me for life, I don’t have much choice do I?! Maybe I can make him blow from a blowjob and save my ass from my brothers cock, nope, he’s blown all over my face and he’s still rock hard, I guess I’m going to have to let my brother pound my ass while his cum is still dripping off my face! This was a custom order but no names are used, see description for further info.

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Rent Ur Sister Part 3: Slut Punishing 1080p - Little Puck

Rent Ur Sister Part 3: Slut Punishing 1080p – Little Puck

Your sister is getting ready for a trip with her cousins and as she packs up she reassures you that there won’t be any funny business with the family! If she gets horny she’ll just get on tinder and find a cock to use. But the next day when you get a call from her for your scheduled phone sex session you can tell there’s something’s fishy on the other line…you hear her slurping and groaning…she pretends like it’s just her being famished and scarfing down some food but you know something’s up. While she’s on the line you get an email from an unknown address that says “thanks for the family fuck toy cuz, we had a helluva time breaking her in!–” with 5 attached photos…with condoms full of cum tied to her garters and a creampie oozing out of her pussy! You’re quietly furious…she had sworn that NO ONE ELSE would get to fuck her raw, much less CUM INSIDE her! But you let her finish her lies and wait for her to return home so you can punish her in person. When she returns, disheveled and wincing, you command her to undress. She pleads with you to wait but you won’t allow it. As she gingerly removes her garments she promises you that it isn’t as bad as it looks!! You see the writing all over her body and the tally marks…you order her to go to your room and wait there. She sits there expectantly and you hand her a vibrator, you tell her to ride it while she tells you Every Single Thing that happened while she was away. She goes into excruciating detail as she explains how your cousins and uncle completely broke her mind and she had no choice! She was starved for cock and they made her soo desperate to cum, refusing to let her orgasm until they could fuck her raw and cum inside her. As she tells you the story you’re watching her, stroking your dick, and she begs for you to forgive her and to fuck her and forget everything…she’s become the slut you made her to be…right? But when you finally offer her your cock to suck…it’s wrapped up in a condom! She begs for it raw but you refuse. She sucks you off sloppy and hard hoping you’ll take it off, but instead you flip her over and fuck her doggy as she moans for you. Then she lies on her back and you pound her deep until you nut! …..Buy the vid to find out what happens next!!

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Punishment Fucked By Mom & Sister 2160p - Brat Princess 2 - Brianna Beach & Kat Soles

Punishment Fucked By Mom & Sister 2160p – Brat Princess 2 – Brianna Beach & Kat Soles

Ellis must always obey his younger sister. If he disobeys, Mom has given her daughter the permission to punish fuck her brother. Kat will be allowed to fuck her brother as punishment whenever he deserves it. Ellis must serve his younger sister and all her friends, doing whatever they say. If he refuses, Kat will fuck her brother’s ass more and harder! Brianna, Kat and Ellis’ Mother, shows her daughter a few tips on how to fuck a beta, like her brother, into submission. The state has ordered all beta’s to be controlled by their Mothers until such a time as they can surrender to a Keyholder outside of the family. Kat fucks her brother’s mouth with a dildo while his Mother fucks his ass. Ellis squirms and makes a fuss. The fuck hurts, but he doesn’t have a choice. After the fuck, Ellis must thank his Mother and sister for his beta training.

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Lovely Lilith - Invasion Of The Babysitter 1080p

Invasion Of The Babysitter 1080p – Lovely Lilith

When you first met your babysitter, she was a cute innocent looking blonde cheerleader. Apparently, your neighbors had been using her for a while, which is why your wife hired her. She seems interested in you… a little too interested. She gazes at a picture of your family and asks if you prefer brunettes because your wife is one. She appears irritated when you say “yes.” Before you leave for work, she asks if you have a SnapChat. She assures you that it’s the best way to communicate with her, so you agree to downloading the app. While at work, she starts sending you messages… Each one more promiscuous than the other. She’s clearly trying to seduce you. Your wife comes home early and ends it before it can go further… Until… you have to hire her as a babysitter again… And this time, her hair is dyed brown. Now you know you’re in for it.

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Brian does my homework - Maddie Money

Brian does my homework – Maddie Money

My Step-Brother Brian gets great grades at school! So maybe he can help with my issues. I’m failing! I asked the teachers assistant if he could up my grades… in a seductive little way… & That fucker gave me more homework! I Told my teacher, I would do… absolutely ANYTHING to get my grades up…. and he said there was nothing he could do! & I finally went to the principle, who is always eyeing me down… and he even refused…. but thankfully for br0ther Brian and his great grades and being so willing to be seduced…i think my failing grades have come to an end.

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