G/G TABOO Role Play Comforting Daughter - Bea York

G/G TABOO Role Play Comforting Daughter – Bea York

Sarah is dealing with a rough breakup and I just want to be there to comfort her. She’s gorgeous and deserves better, but also is so inexperienced. I know a thing or two so I show her how to kiss and start to undress her. We take turns playing with each other’s tits and suck and lick them too. I can’t get enough so I go down on Sarah to show her she doesn’t need some guy to keep her satisfied. We then trade places and she goes down on me. It’s so good you can see my eyes roll back. Finally, we finish each other off and cum together. It’s all so naughty, but it was so much fun!

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Learning to Eat Mommy's Pussy - Kiki Cali

Learning to Eat Mommy’s Pussy – Kiki Cali

I wana learn how to please my step-mommy in the best way possible and I know how much she loves it when Daddy eats her asian pussy, So I ask my step-mommy if she can teach me how to eat her pussy like a good girl till she cuts. And Mommy directs me on exactly how to do this hehe.

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Sucking Mommy's Titties - Luna Sapphire and Sophie Ladder

Sucking Mommy’s Titties – Luna Sapphire and Sophie Ladder

Mommy saw my report card while I’m home visiting from college, and she noticed I’ve been getting bad grades. “Remember when you were a little girl and you used to suck on my nipples? I think that’s what you need.” Mommy says I’ll be smart and strong if I suck her tits, so I eagerly agree! I lick and suck on both of her nipples with my cute little schoolgirl ass in the air.

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Carpet Munching MILF Mania 1080p - Summer Hart & Alexa Nova

Carpet Munching MILF Mania 1080p – Summer Hart & Alexa Nova

Alexa Nova and Summer Hart have a contentious relationship. Alexa keeps sneaking into Summers place to steal her underwear, and Summer is starting to feel a little uncomfortable. So, when Summer is trying to have some alone time by riding a dildo in the shower, she is pissed to find Alexa licking the pussy juice off of it! She grabs Alexa and throws her on her bed, sitting on her face for a domineering muff munching session. She makes the girl cum over and over, using every bit of her sexual prowess along the way. Then, she assures Alexa that next time all she has to do is ask and Summer will rock her world again!

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Mom said not to use her brush- 1080p - Spoiled Mean MILFs

Mom said not to use her brush- 1080p – Spoiled Mean MILFs

Elis sits on the couch with his Mom’s brush as Vanessa, Elis’s Mom, walks in. Vanessa yells at Elis for using her brush, and tells him not to use it. Elis tells Vanessa he has lice, and doesn’t want to his his brush – and Vanessa is disgusted. Vanessa bends Elis over, and spanks his ass with her brush. Vanessa lectures him on using her things, and being responsible. She pulls down his pants, and spanks his ass in his boxers. Vanessa chews Elis out, and spanks his bare ass with her hair brush. Now, to really punish him… she’s going to take him to the barber to get all his hair cut off.

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Mother Daughter Spat - Vika and MoRina

Mother Daughter Spat – Vika and MoRina

Vika and MoRina… Mother Daughter Spat(ula)… This mother/daughter duo doesn’t get along on the best of days, but in this video they argue over whose spaghetti recipe will be used for the family reunion dinner they are about to make. Vika insults her mom and gets whacked hard with the spatula. Mom trash talks her daughter while she is helpless and unaware, unable to argue back. The silence is golden. She checks that her daughter is actually wearing underwear by lifting her skirt, and moves her helpless body around a bit, threatening to mop her floor with her hair. When Vika awakes, the argument continues and she whacks MoRina. She vents her frustrations while her mother lays there blissfully unaware. She grabs her arms and lifts and drops them, rolls her over and exposes her sheer panties. When MoRina stands back up, she is angry and the two argue more, eventually whacking each other and they both fall to the kitchen floor, to be discovered later when a relative shows up for the family gathering…

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Mommy Spanks Little Jay - Sydney Screams

Mommy Spanks Little Jay – Sydney Screams

Little Jay is caught going through her step mother Sydney’s things. Sydney catches her and asks what she thinks she’s doing. Jay confesses that she was looking for her birthday present. Sydney bends her over and reveals Jay’s slutty underwear! Jay isn’t mature enough to own panties like these. Jay confesses that she stole them from her older sister, only making her stepmom spank her harder!

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