Step Mom Craves Young Cock Vol. 2 1080p - Taboo Heat - Cory Chase

Step Mom Craves Young Cock Vol. 2 1080p – Taboo Heat – Cory Chase

Scene One: Mom Helps Me Study for a Test
Johnny is sitting at the living room table doing his homework, when his step-mom walks in. He is trying to study for his Chemistry test and his step-mom offers to help him study. Johnny keeps getting the answers wrong, so he tells his step-mom to please leave the room so he can just study by himself! Cory offers to teach him a little differently than his science teacher at school does. Once he gets an answer right, his step-mom pulls her shirt off to reward him! “If you get the next answer correct, I will take my bra off next!” she tells him. He gets the next answer wrong, but she stands up and starts to pull her skirt down while she continues to teach him. He gets a few more answers wrong, but when he finally gets one correct, she pulls her bra off and exposes her tits to her step-son. Johnny tries to focus but his step-mom is making it really hard for him! She strips out of her panties next and she tells him that she really wants him to get an ‘A’ on his test! She tells him that if he gets an A, he will get rewarded by having some fun with her sexy, MILF body!

Scene Two: Mom Clears My Head Before Big Test
Johnny walks in to the kitchen before school and he tells his step-mom that he doesn’t think he is going to get an ‘A’ on his test today! His step-mom starts to rub his shoulders and she tries to help him relieve some stress before he leaves for school. She pulls his belt off of his pants and she tells him to stand up so she can pull his pants down. She pulls his cock out and she starts to suck his cock! She wants to make him cum in her mouth so he will be completely stress free by the time he gets to school! She starts to quiz him on his chemistry notes while she sucks his cock. She throws her black, silky bathrobe on the ground and she continues to suck his cock. She takes her big, Silicone-enhanced tits and wraps them around her step-son’s cock. She titty fuck’s him while teaching him about silicone and the other elements in the periodic table! She jerks his cock with her hands before she goes back to sucking his cock. She tells him how she really wants him to cum down her throat. She titty fucks his cock some more, before he cums down her throat and she swallows all of his cum! Johnny starts to get nervous that he will be late for his test now… He quickly puts his pants back on and runs off to catch the bus!

Scene Three: Reward for Good Grades
Johnny is sitting in his bed when his step-mom walks in to his bedroom. She is eager to ask him how his Chemistry test went, and he is happy to show her that he got an A+ on his test; All thanks to her help! She is ready to reward him with her body since he did such a great job on his test! Johnny is nervous that his dad will find out and get mad at him, but she promises not to tell his dad. She pulls her blouse off and he starts to touch his step-mom’s big tits. “You can kiss them! Go ahead!” she exclaims. He starts to lick her nipples, and then she pulls her panties off. “We’re going to have so much fun and relieve a lot of stress today!” she tells him. She pulls his cock out from his boxer shorts and she starts to give her step-son a blowjob. After sucking his cock for a few minutes, she asks him “Should I sit on your cock?” He tells her to suck it for a little longer first! Then she hops on top of him and she starts to ride his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Then she flips around and rides his cock in the cowgirl position while she kisses him. She licks her pussy juice off of his cock and then she asks him if he’s ready to fuck her now. She lies down on her back and her step-son starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. He leans down to kiss her and thank her for all of her help with his test! “Fuck mommy nice and deep!” she whispers in his ear. She hops back on top of her step-son in the reverse cowgirl position and he fucks her pussy hard. “I want you to feed me your cum!” she tells him. He fucks her in the missionary position until he gets close to cumming. Then, he pulls his cock out and jerks it off in to her mouth and on her face. She swallows as much of her step-son’s cum as she can!

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MILF Nut Busting Lesson 1080p - Perv Mom - Kylie Kingston

MILF Nut Busting Lesson 1080p – Perv Mom – Kylie Kingston

Bodacious blonde MILF Kylie Kingston and her stepson have a special relationship. So, when she catches him jerking off, instead of freaking out, he tells her all about his problems cumming. It always takes a really long time for him, so Kylie teaches her boy how to properly bust a nut. Later, when Kylies man is out of the house, she and her stepson seize the opportunity to have a secret bone sesh. He pounds her MILF pussy and makes her cum all over his dick! A couple days later, Kylie finds some panties lying around the house and gets super jealous. To ease her mind, her stepson sticks his cock in her mouth and then squeezes her tits while he strokes deep inside of her cunt.

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Weekend With Mom Pt 1- The Couch - KCupQueen

Weekend With Mom Pt 1- The Couch – KCupQueen

You’re not supposed to be home this weekend, but you decide to drop by anyway while your stepdad is out of town.. You open the door to find your smoking hot, big titty mom snoozing it up on the couch in a tiny little robe, and after a little investigation you find that she’s only wearing panties under there! She wakes up startled to you playing with those gigantic boobs and kind of starts to freak out, but you keep at it and she starts to get into it, sliding her hand down her panties to play with herself while you knead her boobs and play with her perfect nipples. You want to make mommy feel good, so you put your fingers insider her and give her a couple screaming orgasms, covering your hand in her juice! Mommy says it’s your turn and you climb on top of her huge tits for her to jack you off, but it feels better when you do it so Mommy plays with her tits and licks your cock until you make yourself cum all over her! This is gonna be a great weekend 🙂

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Bad Friends: Mom is Forced to Fuck Son & His Friends, POV - Forced Sex, Crying - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Nikki Brooks

Bad Friends: Mom is Forced to Fuck Son & His Friends, POV – Forced Sex, Crying – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Nikki Brooks

An intense taboo fantasy – not for the faint of heart. VERY EXTREME! Created for those interested in something far more than your typical family video.
Mom let out a big, tired yawn when you and your two buddies entered her bedroom. “Hey boys,” she smiled, “how are you? I’m not an old lady! What time is it? Okay, maybe just a little. What’s up, babe?”
She had ordered you boys three pizzas and a movie to watch, but now you guys were finished and bored. “I don’t know, what do you guys want to do?” she asked. “Stop! Stop jumping on the bed, I’m tired guys.”
Your buddies brought up watching an R-rated movie and Mom immediately shut down the idea. “I’m sorry if that makes you look uncool, sweetheart…” she whispered, “I’m going to respect what their parents say.”
However, after some coaxing, Mom reconsidered and went to reach for the remote to rent the movie. “Hey, don’t do that,” she said strictly with wide, surprised eyes. “Your friends are here, stop it.” You tried to show off by grabbing your mom’s big tits in front of them. Mom tried to pretend it didn’t happen, but they noticed, and she awkwardly had to explain that that wasn’t okay to do.
“Whoa, hey, you should keep your hands to yourself,” Mom said frightened when your friend joined in and shoved her. “Don’t you think, sweetie, that your friend should keep his hands to himself?” she turned towards you desperately. “Right?”
She could tell things were going in a bad direction, so she threatened to contact everyone’s parents about their behavior. That was a bad move on her part. “Excuse me, what did you just say?” she narrowed her eyes at your other friend, then turned towards you. “You’re going to allow your friend to say I’m dressed like I’m some slut? Really? These are the people you choose to be friends with and bring into your home?”
Mom wanted the party broken up – everyone needed to go home. On top of that, she made it clear that you were never going to hang out with these guys again. “Watch your tone,” she snapped at you. “You’re grounded: 1) for not standing up for your mother, and 2) for letting your friends disrespect you in your home.”
“What’s gotten into you?” Mom pulled back from your violent grab. “No, I’m not going to show you my fucking tits. I should slap you across the face for the way you’re behaving. Who are you right now?” You were beyond embarrassed for the way she talked to you in front of your friends and for the way she was treating them.
The three of you were going to teach her a lesson. She was practically begging for it with her little, slutty nightgown. You and your buddies would grab her, touch her, shove her, and force her to stroke and suck your cocks. You’d each have your turn penetrating her tight, pink pussy and fucking her as she begged for you to stop.
“Sweetie, tell your friends to stop, please,” she cried and screamed. “Do something!” She tried to fight it, smacking your hands, but it was helpless. “Baby, please listen to me, these are not your friends. Let go of me!”
The three of you would break her. Traumatize her. Take advantage of her. She’d never be the same again. She’d never disrespect you again.

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Mommy's Little Soldier - Sydney Harwin

Mommy’s Little Soldier – Sydney Harwin

Oh son, are you still feeling unwell? I just hate seeing you like this! Let me feel your forehead… You still have a fever! Do you trust Mommy? You do? That’s good, son… Well I want you to take your clothes off, your too hot! Mommy knows best… Oh look at it sticking up for Mommy… That’s great son, Mommy likes to help… I guess it’s up to Mommy to make her little soldier feel all better again…

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MILF Stepmom & Taboo Step-Sister JOI - Roxy Cox

MILF Stepmom & Taboo Step-Sister JOI – Roxy Cox

Roxy your mom knocks on your door “Hi, can I come in”… she gets no response so eventually just walks in. “Look, I know you aren’t happy with us moving in but for your dad’s sake, I hope we can all just try to get along, OK?” She leans in squeezing her cleavage. “I want to introduce you to your new step sister now… I really hope you’ll get on together” She calls Eva in “Eva, Come in and meet your new brother darling” Eva walks in and joins Roxy at the desk. She says “Hi big brother” Mom says “I can see you’re not convinced but I think you’re going to change your mind about this new living arrangement, maybe one day you’ll even call me mom”. “Why don’t you sit there and you can get to know us both a little better?” The two of them start making out, licking each other’s faces and kissing. The girls break off the kiss and turn to the camera. Mom says “See, we’ve always been very close to each other, haven’t we Eva?” She nods. “And now that you’re going to be part of the family, I think we should really be close too”. “Eva, go and get closer to your new brother. Your cock is pressed up against her round ass “Holy fuck, what are you…WAIT…oh wow…he is so so hard…that feels…naughty and good.” Roxy and Eva start making out again and your cock is starting to drip pre-cum” Roxy encourages your new step sister to strip off for you and she takes off her clothes while telling you to stroke and jerk for her. Mom “See how much closer we are already”. Eva “Yeah, are you going to treat me like a real sister now… wanna play a game?” She smiles and looks up at him. Eva starts to jerk you off and Roxy encourages her to give you JOE. Ava: “I can feel him getting ready…he’s going to cum soon.” Roxy: “Let me squeeze his balls, I want him to completely empty his balls for you when he blows.” Ava: “Wait, where is he going to cum?” Roxy jerks you off over Eva’s face and mouth, then rubs the cum on her face. Now we both will have to get you hard again and Roxy is now stripped off for you too, your hot Mom and sister naked in front of you. Now they both share your cock and lick the shaft and take turns sucking you off. You want to cum again in your sister’s filthy mouth don’t you. Eva sucks you dry and loves the taste of your cum. They both are still horny and want more cum. Eva sits back and plays with her with her wet pussy and is such a greedy cumslut for you. She’s making you rock hard again isn’t she and you love every second of her playing with her tight little cunt. Roxy ties a blindfold around your sister Eva while she continues to rub her pussy.Eva is so horny thinking about your cock deep inside her. Mom whispers to stepson “listen to me, you’re not going to cum in your sister’s mouth, you’re going to cum inside her pussy, OK? You nod and she smiles. Eva asks “What are you two talking about” Mom “Oh… you’ll find out soon enough” Roxy whispers “Eva is expecting it in her mouth, but I think a warm cumshot in her pussy would be better to finish her cumslut training”. Roxy licks and sucks me till your nice and sticky. She teases Eva’s pussy with your cock and and starts fucking her with it. Eva moans in shock and pleasure together.”That’s it, spunk in your little sister, let’s be real family. You fills Eva’s pussy with a big creampie.

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Taboo Valentine's With Mommy - Daddy's Rozay

Taboo Valentine’s With Mommy – Daddy’s Rozay

Happy Valentine’s! Well it was suppose to be… Your favourite MIlF planned a super special night for your father. She knows how much of a bad cheating slut she has been, so tonight she really wanted to make it up to him. But, of course, he’s working late! So she asks you to take a few photos of her all done up to send to him. Things start to get a bit heated between you two. One last time won’t hurt.. right? She sucks you off, while you taste her wet pussy, squats on your cock, and so much more. Making sure this is a very memorable Valentine’s Day for you both!

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Son Ass Grinds Mom in Kitchen Dad Nearby - Brittany Lynn

Son Ass Grinds Mom in Kitchen Dad Nearby – Brittany Lynn

A sexy blonde MILF in a satin nightie and robe is in her kitchen and trying to reach the top cabinet for something. Her son comes in asking if he can help. She tells him she needs him to reach the top cabinet and he comes in behind her, rubbing his cock against his mom’s ass as he does. She questions what he is doing and he just keeps up with the ass grinding. She reminds him that his father is in the other room and he promises to be quiet. Mom tries to resist, but she loves how her son’s cock feel son her satin covered ass and remarks at how much bigger it is than his father’s. He keeps ass grinding her and then takes her satin robe off and starts in with the titty squeezing. Soon he is undoing her top and exposing her big tits, which just makes it easier for him to do some hot titty squeezing. Mom loves this too and moans, as quietly as she can, in pure taboo ecstasy. The two go at the taboo ass grinding for some time. At one point he lifts him mother’s satin nightie up to expose her naked fat ass and he then grinds all over it. Soon he grabs her up and she wraps her legs around him backwards as he lifts her up and humps her ass hard. This leads to mom cumming and her son saying he is going to cum. She encourages him to do so and he cums right in his own boxers. The two then share an awkward moment as mom tries to get her satin clothes back in place and her son saying he has to go clean up. She reminds him one last time not to disturb his dad and he walk off as she continues to get dressed and recover from the naughty taboo action that just took place.

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Caught With Moms Panties- Handjob - Viera May XXX

Caught With Moms Panties- Handjob – Viera May XXX

My son has been kinda lazy recently, I had to ask him several times to put the laundry away. When he finally did his job he happened to find some of my panties in the laundry basket that I had forgotten about. Apparently this turned him on so much that he couldn’t help himself and started jerking off with them. When I walked in the door he was really embarrassed, but I calmed him down and told him it was no big deal. Actually it was kinda cute lol. I decided I would help him out and started jerking him off with my panties wrapped around his cock. I was very supportive of him through the whole thing and really proud of him when he finished!

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Evil son turns mommy on. |20weeks pregs - Atomic MILF

Evil son turns mommy on. |20weeks pregs – Atomic MILF

Scripted TABOO Role-play| FHD 24FPS| Multi angles/Lots of talking/Penetration by Large dildo Hubby has been out of town for over two weeks and I decided to order a special outfit for his homecoming. I’m getting myself prepared, doing some makeup and light masturbation. A few mins go by and my son decides to walk in unannounced! He clearly catches me in my outfit and he tries to cop a feel not once..but twice! The evil twin inside me seduces the little bugger into fun and enjoyment! Hubby is left with sloppy seconds..AGAIN Mirror Mirror on the law..who has the largest cock of them all.

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