Jealous Daughter Wants Daddy's Cock 1080p - Ana Victoria

Jealous Daughter Wants Daddy’s Cock 1080p – Ana Victoria

This is an extremely TABOO video, if that’s not your niche feel free to skip this video 🙂 You daughter is jealous…you give all this attention to her friends when they’re over and it just bugs her so much. She wants that attention directed towards HER. She wants to be your little cock whore…and she doesn’t care if its wrong or how much convincing it will take, she’s going to get what she wants…and that’s Daddy’s load straight down her pretty little throat. “Daddy, we need to talk, I mean it! We have to talk about how you act when my friends come over…This isn’t a joke Daddy! You act like a total pervy old man when they’re here and it makes me so mad! You know what I’m talking about….like when Tanya was here and you kept complimenting her, even telling her she had a “fuckable ass”…and I just had to sit there and pretend like I didn’t hear it! Daddy, that’s so wrong! You’re not supposed to be flirting with my friends that way…they’re half your age…and the worst part? When they’re over here you ignore me and hit on them constantly, I want you to quit! Besides…I dress up too Daddy! I do all sorts of stuff to make myself look sexy and pretty for you…and you don’t even notice me! You act like I’m not pretty and it sucks! Daddy, look at me! Aren’t I even a little bit attractive to you? I don’t care if its wrong to look at your daughter that way…..You do it anyway…only you pretend that you don’t. I see you do it…how you leave your bedroom door cracked at night to see me walk out of the bathroom in only a towel…or listen to me masturbating in my room at night all alone….You really don’t like seeing me in sexy clothes? Or in a tight skirt that shows off my ass? I dress that way for YOU Daddy! I dress that way so you’ll look at you’ll stare at me…But when they’re here you make me feel so unwanted! I saw you grab Mandy’s ass in the kitchen yesterday…Is mine not as good as hers? I don’t care if its wrong Daddy! I want you to grab MY ass when I’m not looking…I want you to tell me I have squeezable tits or that my lips are the perfect shape for sucking cock. And Daddy? If you did that for me…I might do more for you. Don’t you get it Daddy? Your own daughter wants you! ? Who cares! I want my Daddy to take me and make me his little slut! Come on Daddy, you don’t need to fantasize about them anymore! You can have ME. I don’t care if its wrong…I don’t care if you don’t want me to be a dirty little slut..I already am one Daddy, I became one for YOU. I dress this way and learned to be nasty just for you! Do I do a good job rubbing your cock Daddy? Can you imagine how good my mouth will feel wrapped around it? Please Daddy..I wanna suck the cock that made me…I want you to cum straight down your baby girls throat!”

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Wanting to Share my Friends With Daddy - Sub Princess

Wanting to Share my Friends With Daddy – Sub Princess

My friends at school are telling me that their jealous of our relationship Daddy! I love pleasuring you Daddy so imagine what two or three more Little Girls could do for you. They’re my best friends and you’re my Daddy. I want you both to be happy. Listen to my sleepover idea Daddy and let me know what you think.

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Thinking of Daddy - Sub Princess

Thinking of Daddy – Sub Princess

No one is home when Princess gets home after school. She’s been thinking of Daddy all day and could barley focus while at school. She needs to use her favorite toys to have a hard intense cum before everyone gets home.

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Telling Daddy My Naughty Dream - Sub Princess

Telling Daddy My Naughty Dream – Sub Princess

Daddy I know I told you and Mommy that I was scared, and I needed Daddy to help me back to bed. But I really just needed to be alone with you Daddy. I had a naughty dream about you Daddy. I need to tell you about it, badly. And Daddy I want it to happen. I can’t wait any longer. Please Daddy.

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Spoil Me & I'll Spoil You Daddy - Sub Princess

Spoil Me & I’ll Spoil You Daddy – Sub Princess

Daddy since I’m your Princess don’t you think I should be treated as such? Princess’s deserve gifts and attention. But don’t worry Daddy when you spoil me I won’t be able to hold myself back from spoiling you in my own way. I love the relationship we have but Princess’s don’t work so that’s your job Daddy

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